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  1. nats1978

    10 months post opp

    Yesterday was exactly 10 months since I had my lapband op. My weight loss hasn't been as great or as much as others but after taking a picture of me with an old pair of faithful's I can see a difference. It was nice to see how far I've come and what everyone else has been seeing. At last weigh in (5 weeks ago)I was down 22kg. I have been feeling flat and frustrated at myself for the slow weight loss. Wondering if I was ever going to loose the weight but after seeing the photo I'm convinced that even though the scales may not be coming down as fast as some I'm doing okay. I managed to tackle a big task the other night while watching my daughter at netball training. . near where she trains is a place they call 100 steps (in Altona for anyone who wants to know). Its 100 steps to the top of this hill and is sourounded by walking tracks. I hate stairs with a passion. .flat ground I can walk on for hours throw in a few steps and im stuffed. Lol Wed night I decided to tackle it.. to my surprise I made it all the way up and back to netball without any problems. 2.1kms including the dreaded 100 stairs. Was just a little bit proud of myself. Seems for me slow and steady may just win this race😊
  2. nats1978

    almost 7months post op

    Its been awhile since I posted. Ive been busy with life... so over Christmas (actually Christmas day!!) I had my gall bladder removed. I had had 3 attacks previous to that but my one at 3am Christmas eve was by far the worst. But I survived and now have 4 more belly scars to add to my lapband scars.. lol ive told my friends that if they need a kidney or anything I have plenty of holes to take one out. My reason for posting today is I have finally reached 20 kgs lost since pre op. Wow I was so excited when I weighed in today. Im feeling fabulous and can't wait to loose another 20kg. I cant believe how much of a difference 20 kgs makes. I would say to anyone who is thinking about doing it.. dont let another 10years or 10kg go.. do it now! Your body and life will be so much better for it. A friend of mine who had it done 3 years ago told me "I should have done it 10 years ago". My thoughts were I am her 10 years ago (8 years age difference). I didnt want to be her in 10 years. (I was at 134.7kg she was 162kg) I knew that was where I was heading. She is now around 75kgs 3 years on. She is my biggest inspiration. So I am hoping that I can be her now!! Only 40kgs to go!! Im a 3rd of the way to my goal weight! Im off to get a new tattoo to celebrate. It says "happily ever after" cos that is what I am determined to be.
  3. nats1978

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I love reading this thread. . Ive managed to have a few nsv over the past 3 months but by far the best one came the other day.. my 10year old daughter can wrap her arms all the way around my waist and can clasp them together. I don't think in her whole life she has ever been able to do that... either her arms were too small or my weight was too big. Im loving all my hugs!!
  4. nats1978

    almost 3 months on.

    I haven't posted in a while but things have been going well. In total I am down 14.7kg since 3 weeks pre op. My last 5 weeks have been a bit slow only loosing 1.5kg but every appt I have always lost. Im up to 5ml in my band and im feeling quite good with everything. I only have issues with fresh bread so that part I like. Had a big party on the weekend (hubby turned 50) and most of the guests had only seen me pre opp so everyone was full of praise. Also shopping for a dress was sooo much easier. Some people have said that I look soo different but I look at myself and see how far ive got to go rather than how far ive come. I have lost 11% of my starting body weight!! It sound amazing when you put it in those terms. For the first time in her life my 10year old daughter can wrap her arms all the way around my waist. That brought a tear to my eyes. Im loving my journey so far and im looking forward to seeing how my body changes in the next 3 months.
  5. nats1978

    7 weeks & 3days post op

    I know im on track but ive been pretty good loosing about 1kg a week so 1kg over a fortnight i was a bit disappointed but I caught up this fortnight.
  6. nats1978

    7 weeks & 3days post op

    Well Thursday I had my 3rd post op appt. Last appointment I was a bit disappointed that I only lost 1kg.. this time I was scared I hadn't lost anything. My mum came with me this time and I had prepared her that it was ok if I hadn't lost anything. . I didn't want her to lecture me on my lack of motivation these past couple of weeks. (My mum went from 97kg to 56kgs on pure will power and determination after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 8 years ago . She's been med free for about 3 years). Its been too cold to want to go for a walk... anyway I took off my new runners and jumped on the scales and as the doc adjusted them she announced that I had lost 2.6kg. I was shocked and felt excited.. and I looked around at my mum who was smiling and was so happy for me.. its my biggest fortnight loss since the opp. I had noticed I had more energy and was not so tired but 2.6kg wasn't what I expected. So now I have lost 12.7kg since 3 weeks pre op (or in 10 weeks). My next appointment should see me under 120kg!!which I haven't been for about 4 years.. and after my 2.4km walk today with my mum she hugged me and said how proud she was that i had done something about my weight before I had health problems! I'm excited!!
  7. nats1978

    My present to myself for loosing the 1st 10kg...new heels

    I will lend them to u Mel . provided you take them off before you get too "ambitious"
  8. I love heels and have always wanted a sparkly red pair... so my present to myself was my new shoes that just arrived. . I may never take them off!
  9. nats1978

    4 weeks 6 days post op

    Today I had my 2nd post op appointment. Down 1kg since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. I was disappointed at the difference. I started back walking and even spent a whole day walking around sovereign hill and didn't complain (although I was a little bit sore the next day). My phone app said I walked about 4kms up and down hills. So only loosing 1 kg was a disappointment. In the car on my way home I went over and over in my head what I had done wrong. Then it hit me. Im still 1kg lighter than I will ever b again and that is what makes it all worth it. I have to remind myself that it took me 17 years to get to the weight I was... why am I mad that I only lost 1 kg in 2 weeks. Why are we so hard on ourselves when it comes to losing weight but "ok" when we gain a kg in 2 weeks? By the time I got home and excitedly told my family I was a kg lighter. Who knows I might even loose another one next week.
  10. nats1978

    4 weeks 2 days post op

    I always joke that I was 17 when I had my now 17 year old,lived out of home and kept house and then finished yr 12 with a 2 year old!! So passing her last year of school should be easy and no excuses for bad marks.. she cant even look after her 10yr old sis for more than a few hours let alone a baby!!! I guess they wont starve but I cant help but fee guilty and "hair band" ur mother is a wise women.
  11. nats1978

    4 weeks 2 days post op

    Ive had my first fill of 2ml at 3 weeks post op appointment. Im due to go back this Thursday again.I'm hoping things get back to "new normal" soon.
  12. nats1978

    Introduction and Pre-op difficulties

    I love how how honest you are. Anyone who says that looking better didnt play a part in their decision to have surgery is lying. It may not of been a big part or the reason for doing it but who doesn't want to look great. It feels great to look good.so dont think your being shallow. Best of luck with everything. I'll b sure to follow your progress.
  13. nats1978

    4 weeks 2 days post op

    I was also a little excited the other night with a NSV.. I actually got out of the shower and the towel wrapped around my whole body and didnt gape at the bottom. Hubby was a little bit disappointed that he no longer gets flashed!! Lol.
  14. nats1978

    4 weeks 2 days post op

    Well things are moving along quite nicely at the moment. Im eating almost every thing back to normal. The only thing that I am having trouble with is the in ability to burp!! I was never able to burp on command (I needed something fizzy) but not being able to has been really weird. I know its quite normal but sometimes I wish I could. Its taken to coming out the other end..lol. my husband and kids think its funny but luckily for everyone its sound only!!! (TMI) I had subway for the first time yesterday and im happy to say that provided I eat slowly it was fine(1st couple of bites wasnt so slow and gave me the hiccups) I toasted my 6inch as I know most cant eat fresh bread. I didnt even finish it!! Was full. Im struggling to cook every night because im not hungry. Its hard to get motivated to cook for everyone else knowing im probably not going to be eating it.. I feel horrible about it and my husband is usually not home at a decent time to cook for the kids.. my 17year old even said today that she wants to start cooking dinners., but I feel terrible that she feels she needs to. Isnt that my job as a mum? I study hubby works and the kids go to school. I feel like im letting the team down by not wanting to cook as much. Hubby has 1 meal he can cook ( he left home at 35 and ha always been single )and the girls arnt overly in luv with his tuna spaghetti.i also find im extreamly tired alot. Im guessing its the change in food intake and trying to be more active. I dont know. Im hoping it is just a faze and soon I'll be used to my "new life" but its not all easygoing. Im hoping I can get my act together over these school holidays and back into some resemblance of a routine. Fingers crossed.
  15. nats1978

    day 21 after surgery

    Thank you so much. .. I had lunch with a friend today and I havent seen her in a while (probably be 6 months. We live in Different states) and her reaction to seeing me was the best. I hadn't told her about my surgery as I wanted to do it in person and knew we'd be catching up on school holidays. Her reaction was great so I cant wait to see her later in the year!!. Risotto has become my best friend when eating out as I haven't had any problems with it and it helps avoid the comments about why im not eating as much or wjat can/can't I have on the menu