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  1. Feeling pretty dam amazing!

    1. Kimmykay


      Great to see that you're doing so well Kym. Congratulations, you're pics are amazing.

  2. Doing a little dance 💃💃💃

  3. Perky77


    Wow that is awesome! Congratulations on your next faze x
  4. Perky77

    Breakfast - Who has it?

    I'm just having optifast with a banana puréed into it! But sure once I get my fill next week I won't be doing that if history repeats, band was always to tight in the morning but loosened off during the day!
  5. Perky77

    Hit 25 Kgs lost this morning... woo hoo... 5 to go !!!

    Whoo hoo congratulations awesome effort x
  6. Decisions decisions decisions!

    1. dondon


      goodluck!!! You know we arre all here for you!

  7. Perky77

    Starting all over

    Well I decided to have my band fixed because I got a little scared of having the sleeve! Now nearly 1mth on from getting my band fixed I can't achieve restriction! I'm so devastated and frustrated at the moment! Is it now time I head down this path or keep on keeping on the path I'm on! Lost!
  8. Perky77

    woo hoooooo

    Congratulations Hairband what a wonderful feeling it is!
  9. So devoed right now! :-(

    1. Fresh Basil

      Fresh Basil

      What's happened Perky77??

    2. Perky77


      Can't achieve restriction! Now i have a decision to make possible reband or sleeve!

  10. First fill on Wednesday since my port replacement and dramas last week! Excited to be on the right track again:-)

  11. Perky77

    Twenty Five Kilos lost...

    Wow congrats Chick an amazing effort! How nice it is to buy off the rack! Keep up the great work!
  12. Perky77

    11 days post op - disappointed

    Hi Jess from experience I was told to stay on fluids for 2-3 weeks which indeed was hard. I then rang my mother who is a clinical nurse and she advised me to have some thicker fluids like yogurt etc or solids softer solids (mashed veges) and chew chew chew. You will find yourself full with just a few spoon fulls ( Well I did) I confirmed this with my surgeon and he was ok with it as long as I wasn't going over board. I don't believe your in danger of hurting yourself or the band. Take the advice of the nurse and not the manger she isn't a nurse! Hope this helps Kym
  13. Perky77

    Back to the Beginning

    Ok well here goes........my surgery for port replacement went well on Tuesday16/7/13, it was under local so it was a little unnerving being wide awake whilst my stomach was being cut open. I didn't feel anything apart from a little pulling and squirting when the 5 leaks were identified. It was all completed in under 30 minutes and I was free to go. Within an hour the local had warn off and the pain was noticeable but bearable. By the time we arrived home around 730pm I was in complete agony which I expected but not this bad. I took some pain medication and put myself to bed. At 11pm I woke in excruitiating pain I took more pain meds and sat on the lounge trying to breath through the pain. By 2am I couldn't cope any longer I took myself to the hospital. The pain was radiating from the wound site up towards my heart and shoulder. The ED doctors performed an ECG (all was well with my heart) and various other tests. I was unable to keep anything down so I was given something for the nausea and was put on a drip with anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers. By 630am the pain had severely subsided and I was released from ED. Fast forward until yesterday 18/7/13, I had been unable to keep anything down what's so ever since my surgery, my scales loved it but I was severely dehydrated. I then rang my surgeons rooms in Perth and told the secretary what was going on. She advised me to drive to Perth which was not possible for me yesterday so she then told me to present at ED. Again I presented at ED with paperwork from previous visit, I told them what was going on they rang my surgeon in Perth who told them there may be a little fluid in my band so to remove it. They tried several times to aspirate it with no luck so the ED doctor advised me there was nothing he could do and told me to drive to Perth, I was in such a distressed state by this stage and the ED doctor couldn't have cared less in fact has he turned to leave the room he laughed!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I have reported him. I then went my local surgeons rooms who was not available but his secretary was so worried about my distressed and emotional state she called him who in then spoke to me and calmed me down and told me he would call his registra to come help me. His registra turned up within 20 mins and was able to aspirate 6.5mls from band which immediately relieved my symptoms. (Remember I had had no restriction in my band for months now. So to go from 0mls to 6.5mls was huge). So it brings me to today........its the first day I feel normal still some pain around incision site but I am 3kg down. Up and on from here. X