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  1. Ada added a post in a topic: Experiences with Dr Dolan Please!!   

    He did my band and I've had no issues at all, I found him to be very professional in manner, he doesn't beat around the bush, he tells it how is and personally I prefer a no nonsense approach, i didn't want a fluffy doctor, I want one who does a great job. His team are great and very caring.
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  2. Ada added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    Thank goodness you now know what it is! 
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  3. Ada added a post in a topic: TV SHOW: The Obesity Myth   

    Great show, looking forward to 2&3. It's made me rethink my current diet.... I need to get back to ketosis. 
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  4. Ada added a post in a topic: Ketogenic Diet As An Alternative To Shakes Pre-op   

    Yeah I know, their product just looks really good because of the variety  
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  5. Ada added a post in a topic: Fallen off the Wagon   

    I'm no angel but when I fall off the wagon, I generally go back onto just shakes for 3-5days to reset my stomach. Check out this link, it was shared on here years ago and has always helped me get back on track. In fact, if you want, I will start with you on Monday! I need a boot at the min too  

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  6. Ada added a post in a topic: What a day.   

    I'm very glad to hear you are ok albeit sore. That receptionist is clearly on a power trip, I had a similar thing happen with my ENT receptionists who were actual nurses, I was allergic to some medication after throat surgery incl removing tonsils and asked for an alternative, they refused saying what the surgeon had prescribed me in hospital was enough, just stop taking the one I was allergic too. 7 days later at my check up the surgeon was appalled and couldn't believe I had coped with the pain I was in without additional meds and apologised profusely. He told me to absolutely insist on a face to face consult immediately if that ever happens again and that although he tried to keep his staff in order he struggled with them too. WTF? So my advice is for any future dealings, play hard ball with her, accept only the best, your paying for a service and little madam can damn well serve you properly. 
    I wish you all the very best with your upcoming tests and surgery! Fair winds. 
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  7. Ada added a post in a topic: Ketogenic Diet As An Alternative To Shakes Pre-op   

    This looks awesome, pity they don't deliver outside of VIC yet but hopefully with expansion they will get to WA 
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  8. Ada added a post in a topic: Bad stories on the band???   

    I've lost 25kg with my band and kept it off, sure another 15 off would be perfect but every single day I am so glad I made the decision to get the band, its been a godsend. Yes you need to do the work, but for me, just stabilising my weight has been so worth it. I had been up and down 30kilos three times before I got it and I could never ever keep it off, the band has hellped my portion control which was my overall problem, now it's up to me to give up chocolate to get the next 15kilos off... might take a while, but that's ok, I'm far healthier than I was. Do it for you! 
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  9. Ada added a post in a topic: Perth - Sleeve - Overwhelmed - Anxious   

    I suffer anxiety too... however growing up with a nurse for a mother, she used to say this to me regularly which always helped me go out for a walk, or to the shops etc  when I was feeling particularly sensitive... you're just a passing thought in someone's mind so it's ok..... same goes for a doctor, he/she has dedicated their life to helping people like us, they don't judge our rolls, our stretch marks or flabby tummies, they just look to see how they can help us and while we are in their surgery rooms, they are focused one us, but just until the next person walks in....  xxx
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  10. Ada added a post in a topic: What changed?   

    I never felt full prior to my band being inserted, now I know when I've had enough to eat and still surprise myself at how little your body needs to function compared to what I used to eat. 
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  11. Ada added a post in a topic: 6 years post WLS and 8 months post-plastic surgery   

    Wow! Tip top! Xx
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  12. Ada added a post in a topic: After false starts here I go   

    Best of luck! It's great that you are feeling positive about it! 
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  13. Ada added a post in a topic: Newbie to exercise   

    Just start out with some walks in your neighbourhood, build up the pace as you get more confident. I walk everyday (dog helps) and just put on the headphones and go.  Try a few different classes etc scoopon and Groupon often have some great deals. I'm hoping to start hot yoga again soon as I need to up my game. 
    My mum once told me, 'you need not worry about what you look like as you are just a passing thought to everyone who goes by'  and I put on those trackies and got to it. 
    Best of luck 
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  14. Ada added a post in a topic: Eligibility for lap band surgery   

    i would have a chat to your GP and ask to be referred to a surgeon of your choice.  While my BMI was higher than yours, I researched my surgeon and then asked my GP for a referral. My GP knew that it was something I had wanted to do and that weight really dragged me down mentally. My surgeon didn't even talk about BMI but simply told me all pros and cons and what sort of weight I would be able to get too. I found his staff exceptionally helpful with questions too and they were happy to answer over the phone. Where in Australia are you? 
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  15. Ada added a post in a topic: Back to Basics!   

    I need to join the chocolate ban, I haven't put on weight but I sure as hell haven't lost it either. I was doing really well then got really sick and thought, why the hell am I doing this ban if I just get sick (my excuse to eat chocolate again) so I need to join you! 
    Tracking my food is the only way I stay on track, my fitness pal is my friend when I am being good. Happy to add anyone as a friend on there so that we can keep each other accountable. 
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