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  1. SydneySinger

    Band gone - being sleeved next week..a few questions..?

    I had to wait 3 months from having the band removed to having the sleeve op. The surgeon was very supportive and explained everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend him. No idea about the pregnancy issue
  2. HI there I was sleeved on 21 Jan and have had reasonable recovery, apart from one bout of exceedingly painful constipation at the end of week 1. Saw the consultant at the two week mark on Wednesday and all good. Since then (only two days) I appear to be regaining weight - could this be a result of dehydration? Wednesday and Thursday were really busy work wise and as I get so absorbed in what I am doing I probably didn't drink enough - very focussed on this at present. Perhaps I ma expecting too much but I had expected to lose quite consistently in the early weeks after the sleeve...can anyone share a similar experience?
  3. SydneySinger

    I made it!

    Well done nb79 ! What date were you sleeved? Mine was 21 January - two week check up tomorrow... It was a very different experience form being banded, I also had a rotten day 2 with a lot of vomiting, but soon perked up and travelling well. Very keen to start the purée stage tomorrow, although I did start tonight with puréed roast chicken, carrots and sweet potatoes, and lots of gravy! After two weeks of liquids it was yummmmmm
  4. SydneySinger

    Purée stage - yuk! Any ideas....?

    Thank you all for the great ideas! I'm going to try roast chicken, sweet potato mash and carrots tonight, that way I can add as much gravy as I like! And it is only for two weeks! Checked the scales this morning and have lost 5kg since coming home from hospital 9 days ago - woo hoo!
  5. Help! I am just moving into the purée stage post sleeve and have tried two options so far, both of which I found disgusting in term so texture. I've tried puréed bolognese (home made) and puréed chicken and vegetable soup (Campbell's) - both were very pasty and I really struggled to eat them as I have two more weeks before soft solids it would be great to get ideas from people about how they've coped and any recipe ideas?
  6. Well done Kazbo - a great achievement and milestone!
  7. SydneySinger

    2015 and the new me!

    One week post surgery and having a few bowel issues - constipation and then diarrhoea - very unpleasant! Its challenging to stay hydrated. Other than this I am feeling pretty good. Still a few more days n liquids before going onto purees - really looking forward to the baby food! The way I am feeling it is tempting to try something puree'd sooner but I know I need to be patient!
  8. Thanks missy_belle, although I hadn't taken any in the 48 hours prior to having this issue, haven't needed much in terms of pain control luckily. The extreme constipation has now "developed" into diarrhoea which is almost two days now - difficult to keep hydrated. Has anyone else had similar problems after the sleeve and if so, what did you do?
  9. One week post op for me and was having a dream run until yesterday. I have had the worst bout of constipation, very painful an dkept me up most of the night. Nobody warned me about this.....and never had anything similar with the band. Feeling very tired this morning and washed out - going to have to be very focused on re-hydrating today.
  10. SydneySinger

    2015 and the new me!

    Hi Hutch, I did miss a huge chunk of time in my blog but I had posted elsewhere. I had the band removed in November 14 after continually struggling to get the fill right - too much daily vomiting. I had the sleeve done last Wednesday, 21 January having had a three month gap to help heal from the band. Now in day 6 and came out of hospital on Saturday.
  11. SydneySinger

    2015 and the new me!

    Out of hospital today having had sleeve done on Wednesday. All good so far, needed the three nights in hospital - day two was pretty horrible with nausea and pain, although shoulder tip pain subsided pretty quickly. Stomach still gurgly but managing to get plenty of fluids down. Went for a short walk this afternoon which was enjoyable even though it was 30c outside. A quiet evening watching the tennis methinks.
  12. SydneySinger

    Band to sleeve veterans

    I've just got home from hospital after having my sleeve done in Wednesday. The band was removed in November so it was done it two stages which my surgeon recommended. I was grateful for the 3 nights in hospital - day one was good but day two I was very nauseous, picked up on day 3 and feeling pretty good today, just local soreness around the major incision. Early days but I am going to start a blog today.....still a little tired though so may need a rest first!
  13. I'm being sleeved on Wednesday Carly so I hope I have the same experience. Although I've been told 3-4 nights in hospital. I saw my surgeon today and he is happy that I have maintained my weight since the band came out in early November. I think I will start a blog to share my journey as I have found reading other peoples really helpful!
  14. SydneySinger

    Any one recomend any surgeons at St Vincent's sydney?

    Don't know about St. Vincent's but the O Clinic in Crows Nest is excellent - the two surgeons operate at the Mater and the SAN
  15. SydneySinger

    Band gone - being sleeved next week..a few questions..?

    Hi Ladies, thanks for the advice - it makes it much easier knowing others have "been there, done that" and are happy with their choices. One further question - since starting Optifast I have had issues with my eyes - difficult to focus and constant irritation - do you think this could be linked to changes in diet or blood sugar levels? Has anyone else experienced this?