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  1. daisy1971

    November 2012 bandits, anyone still around

    Hi aka , i was banded in sept 2012 and remember your name from the site. it was so good getting all the info for banding. how are you doing with the band
  2. Hi John John, i think you can I work with a lady who like yourself got the band and never got fills for whatever reason and never lost weight...until she got serious about it and now is so slim it's unbelievable . So if she is anything to go by its very possible good luck
  3. daisy1971

    Weight gain

    had no sliders today and just ate a bit of casserole and it was fine. I have an appointment next week with the clinic so for a week I am eating no sliders and see if I can eat more healthy before getting any fill out. Thanks for replying eggzy
  4. daisy1971

    Weight gain

    Does anyone think if you eat sliders they can fill you up and when you go to eat something like rice or chicken you cannot eat it because you had too many slider foods , I am realising I am eating a lot of sliders(yougurts .custard ,icecream ,chocolate) because other food is not staying down, I am nearly at my ideal weight and wondering should I have a bit of fill out so I can eat healthier and stop with the sliders, I eat when I am not hungry (wish I didn't)
  5. daisy1971

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Sorry to hear of your fathers death . You are doing great , I see from your ticker you have 19kg gone , that's a huge amount of weight ,you must notice the difference in your clothes. I am losing about half a kilo a week, some weeks a little less some weeks a little more but its in the right direction. Going on a cruise will keep you motivated , enjoy it
  6. Thanks for all the replies , I wouldn't even dream of getting the band out lol, I feel the band has done all the work so far I am 72 kg and would like to get to 65 ,but I need to walk and exercise now , I am losing about Half a kilo a week so if this increases with exercise I hope to be at my goal weight in a couple of months . The last fill I got was January and it was a half mm and what a difference that made in what I could eat , so I guess I wait and see I wouldnt want to go below 65 as I am 175cm . I am so grateful for all the support on banding together, its the best thing I ever did for myself getting a lapband.
  7. Hi I am nearly at the weight I want to be. I am wondering is some fill taken out of your band or is it taken out only if you are still losing weight and you don't want to .? What has happened to other people when you reach your ideal weight.
  8. daisy1971

    53 Kgs Gone!

    You look great and must feel great too well done
  9. daisy1971

    40kgs gone! Yay.

    you look great well done
  10. Hi BandedBrittany, I was a bit confused as I have this fill since January and never been as bad but it does seem to be getting better. Does it happen you more when you get a fill or even if you have it a while?
  11. Hi Natasha, I can eat a little more but still vomiting a lot, but fluids going down easier so that's something. I will give it a few more days and see how I go , I weigh myself tomorrow and know I will be down a bit don't know if that's good or not lol
  12. daisy1971

    BandedJules progress photos

    you look great amazing weight loss well done
  13. Thanks for the replys I think a bit of stress may have caused it I kept some food down today and most liquids will see how tommorrow ,weird how stress affects the band
  14. Hi Jay no it's not that time ,this never happened me before did it happen to you?
  15. Hi All, I had my last fill at the beginning of January , for the past 2 days no food is staying down even soft food and sometimes fluid comes back up ,not all the time though any ideas what the cause may be I don't think anything is stuck because I have had to vomit a lot over the past couple of days