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  1. Hagrid76

    Duromine and lapband

    I took duromine for 2 days, i hated the feeling of it
  2. Hagrid76

    "FAT AND BACK" Doco

    I did not see this Doco, but it sounds along similar lines to "supersize me"
  3. Hagrid76

    Feeling pretty happy with myself

    Congrats , you look amazing
  4. Hagrid76

    Any central coast bandits??

    Dr Paul Caska's patient here, no surgery date booked yet until i lose another 40kgs
  5. Hagrid76

    Sore butt

    What size i have plenty to offer LOL
  6. Hagrid76


    I have completed one month opti, two months minimum to go , i tend to find i enjoy salad and veges more now they are one of the only solid foods i can eat.
  7. Hagrid76

    Sore butt

    I still have plenty of spare butt to share around, i could probably make everyone more comfortable
  8. Hagrid76


    I have found the shakes tolerable, the bars very nice, the soups terrible, and the deserts heavenly
  9. Breakfast, vanilla optifast shake snack 2 stalks of celery lunch chocolate optifast bar dinner 2 cups of salad, one small lean porkchop, chicken broth desert if i feel like it, one optifast lemon desert
  10. Hagrid76

    Hi, I am having my Band on the 17 of July 2013

    My advice is just take it step At a time, ignore the big picture, just focus on the next event , you will be fine:)
  11. Hagrid76

    What songs inspire you to keep going?

    post away your favourites here Krees, we are all friends
  12. Most of us use an ipod or iphone for something to listen to whilst exercising , what songs make you push yourself that little bit harder????????????? Most of us have these in playlist, Eye of the tiger - survivor Bound for glory - Rose tattoo Lately i been listening to, Something worth fighting for - Larissa Dolina.......... Kostya Tszyu's fight song Edge of glory - lady Gaga Whats your preference???????
  13. Hagrid76

    Why Are People So Delusional??

    I'll be polite and say try and avoid this woman at meal times, if however it continues , inbox me and ill give you some wonderful non polite comebacks that will level her. I been big all my life so i have learned to defend myself with a razor sharp tongue
  14. Hagrid76

    Weigh In Wednesday

    WOO HOO another 2 kgs down, only 41kgs more and doc will operate
  15. I was fortunate, i had never considered it until the doctor offered a referral, initiially i declined , but when i spoke to family and friends, and found an amazing support network, i decided to see the surgeon, and was put on opti diet. I'm a very private person also, but I started a page on facebook to share with facebook friends, i have found unlimited support on there, so if anyone wants to start a FB page or join mine send me a private msg. in the meantime joanebandit hang in there.