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  1. tinytanny

    wanted to say hi

    Hi Cass I was banded last year at 38 years old. My kids are 4 and 6. I have lost 20kg since banding in June last year so it has been quite slow for me. I love what the band has done for me, a bit quicker loss would be better! Good luck. Tanya
  2. tinytanny

    Eating after banding

    Hi Debbie I can eat steak but only the good tender stuff but I have to chew it really well and I have found that it doesn't have the same appeal as before and I loved my steak!! I can eat toast well done but not bread. i can also eat wraps, so maybe a bacon and egg wrap. I dont tend to eat much bread or steak anymore. i can but they take a bit of effort and they don't seem to have the same appeal to me, dont' know why, it is not a conscience decision!! Good luck with it. Tanya
  3. Just a little bit of useless information you may not know about the port used in Lapbands!! They are the same ports used to administor chemo to some cancer patients. Chemo is really hard on your veins and if you have small veins like me, or are due to receive chemo for a while, a port is recommended. My chemo went for 24 weeks and prior to chemo and during a lot of blood tests are done. Secondly, I am having reconstruction later in the year and a port (same as lapband and same as chemo one) will be inserted under my armpit that will be filled with saline every couple of weeks to expand the skin so an implant can be inserted on my mast scar (probably too much info again)! I will hopefully able to access this port myself to inject the saline on a regular basis to save the travel into the next town. I read on another forum that a lady was in a lot of pain from a overfill and she couldn't get in to see for surgeon/dr for an unfil for days and someone said that as a last resort to see a chemo nurse but did not know the reason. This is why!! The are very experienced at finding the ports. I am not recommending seeing a chemo nurse just passing on some useless info. Take care. Tanya
  4. tinytanny

    Banding tomorrow

    Well done Monique Take it easy. Are you ready for the new you?? Glad surgery went well, you are off to a great start. Tanya
  5. tinytanny

    Happy now!!

    I am with you Linny on the banana's!! I can eat most things but banana's are painful!!
  6. tinytanny

    over fill

    Just on the overfills I had an overfill the other day and wanted to note my experience. When I first had my fill I was able to get water down and had some mushie tuna and mushie avacodo for lunch, headed home (2 hour drive) thinking all was good. I felt tight and everyone commented that I sounded like I had a cold. Tried to eat some soup for dinner and couldn't get it down or water. I perserved overnight and even water came up. Took the 4 hour round trip back to get some out and all is good now. So speak up. Tanya
  7. tinytanny

    Happy now!!

    Hi Eveyone I just wanted to post. I have been on this forum whinging and moaning since I had my band in June 09 that I still had no restriction. I was starting to think I had a problem or leak or something. But I went in the other day and she drew everything out and I had 8.6 ml in my 10ml band, so there was no leak!! hooray!! She then put .5 ml in and I felt restriction for the first time!!!!!!!! again, hooray. I had too much restriction and couldn't even swallow my own saliva (too much info) so took .3 out and I am great and am so happy that I have finally got restriction. So to all the newbies, remember everyone is different and sometimes it takes a while to get it right. It took 7 months for me, I was just about to give up hope. Tanya
  8. tinytanny

    9ml in a 10ml band

    Hello Haven't been here for a while, not great company I guess. I was banded in June 2009 and to date have only lost 11kg. I have 9ml in my band and still have only a slight restriction. I have to travel for fills and every trip I take I think to myself that this is the one that will give me restriction. I am now questioning if I did the right thing having the band, it was a lot of money to spend for a little return. Please don't shoot me down, I am not bagging the band and I know that it is only a tool. I am going in again next week and will hopefully get another fill, after 8 months I am slowly losing hope that it is gonna work at all for me!! Tanya
  9. tinytanny

    New Member saying Hello!

    Hi Libby I am from Townsville and I had the band by Dr Baker in June 2009 and my Aunty had the sleeve with Dr Bovie in July 2009. I was the same start weight as you before surgery and have only lost 11kg to date. I now have about 9ml in a 10ml band and still very little restriction. My Aunt had a few complications initially but is doing well now and has lost about 23kg. Good luck with it all, happy to chat. Tanya
  10. tinytanny

    11ml in 15ml band

    Hey thanks for posting princess. It is great for you to put it into practical terms that I can understand. When I say understand, I have not had any real restriction to date, yes if I eat too fast I feel it, but generally speaking I can eat whatever I want and a fair amount. I have 8 mls in a 10ml band and am wondering if I have a leak too?? I am back next week for another fill, so here is hoping I get some restriction. Thanks again for posting. Good luck no that you are on your way again. Better luck this time? Tanya
  11. tinytanny

    attaching before and after photos

    Hey I tried to attach mine, but said it was too big. I am a bit technology challenged. Can anyone tell me how to make my pics smaller??? Thought it only right that I put up my "work in progress photos" so in the years to come we can look back and see how far I have come!!!! Wishful??? Tanya
  12. tinytanny

    attaching before and after photos

    Wow Thanks for posting, awsome weight loss, you look great. Thanks for giving up hope and motivation. I will post my pics soon. I take terrible photos!! It is also great to put a face to a name. Tanya
  13. tinytanny

    Photo section

    Hi Dave I dont want to request a group, but didn't know where to post this request. Can we have a place to post before and after photos visable to members only? Probably a big ask, I am a bit of a technology gumby! But thought I would throw it to you anyway. Tanya
  14. tinytanny

    Not happy Jan!!

    Wow Peppa 9ml after your second fill, that is fast!! But obviously is working well for you judging by your loss. Keep up the good work. Tanya