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  1. MJ76

    Experiences with Dr Dolan Please!!

    He did my lap band in 2012, last year he removed my lap band, after 6 months he did my sleeve. dr Dolan also did my husbands sleeve. Later this year he is doing my abdominoplasty. I would say that's good enough feedback, just make sure you have lots of questions and don't rush the decision. The team at WALOS are very helpful. Goodluck
  2. Hi forever me and no more tank girl, wow time has certainly flown. For me band has been fine but I did plateau. I recently went to my surgeon to book a abdominalplasty and ended up coming out booked into to have band removed and sleeve done. I was actually 9kg heavier than I was at my lightest so band was starting to fail. I visit gym 5 times a week so thought perhaps it was muscle I was gaining, anyway as he didn't recommend an adjustment to my band as I would be to tight and have complications, I also need to loose at least another 15kg before he would remove excess skin. I am very happy with the decision and in 3 weeks will have band removed and soon after that get sleeve. Maybe next year tummy tuck:-)
  3. Congratulations Hasyie Jo you are a legend go girl:-) MJ
  4. Hello September bandits, well today is my 1 year bandiversary. (Is that how you say it....)This morning I weighed in at 81.4kg, had a recent weight gain due to being unwell for a couple of months and had to get 2.3mls of fill removed and still at 4 mls in my band. My goal was 75 kg so I'm absolutely thrilled with where I am at considering winter has felt like a lifetime, yeh to warmer weather coming on and shedding some more kg's, so far I have lost 32.6kg. It's been an amazing year that's for sure. Can't wait to hear how everyone else is going ? MJ xx
  5. MJ76

    Weigh In Wednesday

    It's been awhile so thought I'd better say hi. 80.5 this morning been up a little these past few months had a few things going on medically and way too cold to get out of bed so my relationship with my treadmill has been a bit lonely. Hopefully next weigh in I can get back off the 80s :-)
  6. MJ76

    Bandiversary - updated June 2014

    Congratulations you look great. MJ
  7. Hi everyone, well since my last fill I am still dropping the kilos but not big amounts, nice small amounts but I haven't done any serious exercise now for 2 weeks since I got this lung infection. As soon as I am well enough I will definitely be back on the treadmill. I have just registered for my first ever City to surf, very excited. I am 78.5kg in size 14 jeans and even there getting baggy. I am so thrilled with the success of getting the band it has truly changed my life, I hope you are all still having positive changes and brighter more healthier future as well. Take Care MJ
  8. MJ76

    Exercise buffs!!

    Hi, I have recently used footsteps free app and pacer app, they are both easy to read and count. Calories, speed, distance, this is for iPhone not sure sure if you want that or android. I have recently purchased the fitbit tracker and it's great it syncs with the my fitness pal. With all the apps out there the sky's the limit. I usually try out a few then keep the one that's easiest to use. MJ
  9. Hi Lanners and congratulations. I am sure that most of us are feeling amazing we all should be proud of ourselves. Well I have been sitting in the 80s for sometime know and am keen to finally hit the 70s (79.9 anyway)especially with my birthday this week .I am nearly there so with some serious exercise hopefully the scales will be kind :-). I am in desperate need of a pair of jeans and told myself not until I get into a size 14 and I am going to a concert in 3 weeks so hopefully I will get there, my size 16s are getting baggy but don't want to squeeze into a smaller size and feel uncomfortable, been there done that Lol. Never again!! Feel like I need a little fill, eating more than usual mainly in the evenings it seems it takes all day for my band to loosen, its fine when I work weekdays but weekends can be hard depends what's happening. Take care everyone. MJ xx
  10. Here to downsizing ladies. I have been wearing dresses lately because I am sick of pulling up my pants. As for jeans I did the same tried on 16s in just jeans a little baggy yeah but decided to wait till I drop 5kg more before going back in there. It's such an awesome feeling I am getting comments every day off people saying how great I look. MJ xx
  11. MJ76

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Hi guys, thought I'd join the Wednesday crew, I'm 80.1 and after a 8km jog today I am expecting to finally hit the 70s in the morning well 79. something. Tried on some jeans today and size 16 was too big. Didnt buy any just wanted to see how they looked. Awesome to see everyone's progress. MJ :-)
  12. MJ76

    Travelling Overseas with the band

    I definitely agree with others to get so some fill out, you want to be comfortable, or thinking about oh here we go again and running for the bathroom. Maybe take shakes for when your flying, I usually stick with soups or a noodle dish, foods that are easy to eat. Goodluck with It hope you have a good trip. MJ
  13. MJ76


    Congratulations on making the right decision Goodluck with recovery and your new life ahead. MJ :-)
  14. MJ76


    Hi Ang, I have a band 4 months ago and love it. I never hesitated was ready as soon as I booked initial consult. I haven't looked back. August 2013 I was at my heaviest 114kg and today I am 85kg and feel fabulous. There are pro and cons for each surgery. You will need a referral from your GP first so maybe do some research first on which surgeon you will want to use. Keep notice with this forum, there is plenty of questions answered but remember we are not doctors so please do ask you surgeon anything you are unsure about. Also everyone's case is different and recovery is also different as well as the weight loss and what we can and can't eat. Lots of things to think about. All I can advise is do what's right for you but please try not to read negative, it is important for people to share their experiences but it may not happen to you. Food will not be your nemesis anymore. Goodluck with your decision. MJ :-)
  15. Hi daisy, yes definitely. If you are not hungry don't eat. For me breaky is around 10, lunch 2 - 3 and dinner 8 and since my last fill I am at 6 mls I don't eat much at all. Mornings I am very tight I can't even have my vitamins but should really try in the evening when I'm a bit looser. Everyone is doing so well, reading their results I'm sure we are all very happy with our decision to get the band. Although we all have had some hiccups along the way it's been a big change in the way we eat and think about food. My biggest change is the quantities and not having that obsession like I use to. I'm not denying I don't love food and tasting it, I just don't have that want for it anymore. Another change for me is exercise, I hated it, the thought of it was exhausting and now I can get on my treadmill and jog out 5 ks no worries. My biggest goal now is to tone up, I am finding my arms getting floppy and the tops of my thighs the same, but with some muscle toning exercises that should make a difference. I can't have fizzy drinks like before, just wondering how everyone else is with drinking, and drinking big amounts at one time is also a struggle. Sometimes I would love a big skull of fizzy but it hurts too much.