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  1. Size10dream

    When Food Gets Stuck

    I was watching this as I was sitting here stuck myself! I can't believe you were able to talk through it! Brekky looked so nice too
  2. Size10dream

    Sharp stabbing pain at port

    Eating too much actually gives me pain like this in my port...bizarre...maybe it's a full stomach pulling or pushing the port? if you were feeling no restriction and over ate? Maybe?
  3. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Hi everyone....I'm really struggling... Banded in Sept. I lost 12kg (30%) of my total very quickly but have not lost anything really since Nov. I don't understand it really. I have about 6ml in my band which should be enough. I'm not able to exercise (aerobically) due to a knee problem which is lingering, should be ok in the next 6 weeks though. My food intake has dramatically dropped by more than half I'd say since banded. I am getting the occasional stuck moment when I eat way to fast, generally maybe once a week, but generally I don't have any problems eating anything. Does anyone have any ideas, am I the only one not having huge numbers? Could it just be the lack of excercise? I am 83kg and 160cm tall, I'm still a size 14/16 but I really was expecting more. I'm so happy for the others on this page, just a bit down about it all....feeling like I've failed.
  4. Size10dream


    Good on you Ang! Deciding to make the appt is the hardest part I think. Totally agree with the others. Trust your surgeon's advice. You're no stranger to PT and that will help you! Stay in touch and once you have a date join a group for the month your surgery is set for - this will give you a group of people who are at the same stage, you can share experiences, it really helps! Good luck!
  5. Size10dream

    2.5 months post op - Not much different.

    I must add, today's food intake is not indicative of my usual, I had planned to have salad, but couldn't eat it and then planned fruit after dinner but realised I couldn't fit it in either....will have to get used to managing this volume of food and balance it accordingly.....what a terrible problem to have hehe!!! Loving the band!
  6. Size10dream

    2.5 months post op - Not much different.

    Hey tandykins, I know exactly where you're at, I'm nearly 4 months banded and until yesterday did not actually have any restriction like you Yesterday I had my 3rd fill, I'm behind the others from Sept, and I found it quite dishearening. Well....wonder no more! I now have 5.2mls in a 10 ml band and finally I get what this band is all about. I had a cuppa which actually got me through til 2pm!!! Then I had 5 rice crackers with hommus and that was lunch, then at 7pm I had 2 tiny bits of chicken.....restriction at last! Its a shame you didn't get your fill, but these things are always going to get in the way...that's life! In the meantime, 8kg is fantastic! And you've worked hard to get it, you'll get the next 8 quicker and with your eating and exercise you're training youself well for when the band actually kicks in....hang in there! Remember 70% is what you put in your mouth, and every bit of movement is exercise so even if it's not what you'd like to do....just stay active in the meantime
  7. Size10dream

    56k gone reached first goal...another 4k to go

    wow! well done, you look amazing! Can I ask what sort of gym junkie, weights or cardio or both? Do you have any tips for those starting @ the gym
  8. Size10dream

    Dad - little rant

    I know EXACTLY what you mean but with my mum. Vent as much as you need, so much better than eating!!! If only I could take my own advice:)
  9. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Wow MJ that's awesome! I'm sure you'll do it!! Can I ask how many fills/mls you have in?
  10. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    hmmm not sure what the above posts are about MJ76 thanks for sharing that, I'm looking forward to another fill already! So I've had my first fill (3.1ml) and my first real stuck moment/s, it's not fun is it?!!! Is anyone else finding they are not eating in the morning and then ravonous at night? I'm having a couple of cups of tea and about 10 cashews til 1pm. Then light salad for lunch, then not hungry til 6pm when the hunger catches up and I'm eating way too fast, then I'm hungry again at 8-9pm, where I'm finding I am actually hungry but then when I eat it seems to be too much and I'm stuck again.....I vaguely remember the dietician saying the pattern in the morning is normal but I didn't think I'd be so hungry at night.....surely it's not good to eat in the evening. Any tips?
  11. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Wow some of you have had amazing results and the blood pressure is awesome! I am 2 months banded and have only just had my first fill (3.1mL) yesterday....so I feel like I'm quite a bit behind you all, but your stories are inspiring me! I've lost 8cm off my hips/butt and 30% of my total weight, hoping the band will help me feel less hungry!
  12. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Wow Bandaid, scary on a freeway! I was just wondering what a stuck moment was like and now I know! I completely overrate and way too fast last night and had the pain, but no regurg, thankfully but I have no fill, so I'm def going to work on my rules before my fill. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Wow Lanners that's an awesome target!!!!
  14. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Can I ask what everyone is eating? I am desperately after some ideas for a typical day... I'm pretty sure I'm eating too much?!
  15. Size10dream

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Good luck Lanners! I'm 4 weeks off and struggling with my hunger!