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  1. shay_87

    sternum pain

    Hi all, I'm a little bit distressed as I woke up this morning with pain (achy)in between my beasts down to below my bra. It seems more painful when I take a deep breath. Has anyone experienced anything like this.. I live a fair distance to my surgeon so I dont want to travel all that way if it's something normal.. thanks
  2. shay_87

    Dilation problem

    Hi I have a similar feeling in my throat but was told it's caused by reflux.. try anti acids for a couple of days and see if the feeling goes..
  3. shay_87

    Going Backwards

    I had check up appt today. Lost 4 kg since December which I'm happy about. Thought for sure I'd put on weight.. only think now is I think last fill made the band too tight.. I'm having symptoms of acid reflux and pressure and pain when having the tinest amount of food.. does this sound like a tight band?? Or a band slip??
  4. shay_87

    Going Backwards

    Thanks everyone for the responses.. I am over due for a fill. I haven't been back because I feel so disheartened in my progress and stupidly don't want to feel like a failure by not looaing weight.. I have lost good amount don't get me wrong I'm happy with what I've lost so fair but dont understand why with my hard work the kgs aren't falling off. I guess that's where the nemesis potato chips came in.. I domt eat a lot of protein as I'm a vegetarian... I just have to keep pushing on and find the motivation and get onto the healthy eating again..
  5. shay_87

    Going Backwards

    Hi all.. I need some help as I feel I'm sabotaging myself.. I had my band put in just over 6 months ago and have lost about 12 kg with 15 to go . But I've not lost anything in the last 3 months or so.. and this has caused me to loose motivation and starting eating crap ie chips.. I don't believe I've put on weight but I'm not loosing anything either.. I'm begining to get very disheartened .. does this happen to others?? What can people suggest..
  6. Hi i was banded 15 July 2013 and have only lost 8 kgs. ive been excersicing 3-4 times a week with a trainer, eating small amounts etc. but just dont seem to be loosing weight. I know people say a lose is a lose but im getting very frustrated by the lack of progress im making..
  7. shay_87

    July 2013 Bandits who is getting bands this month

    Hey, I was banded on the 19th . Slowly getting there.. no shoulder pain thank god but slot if pain in my wound site.. still havebt weighted myself since the day of the op. Think ill wait til the end of the month..
  8. shay_87


    I'm paranoid that I am going to stretch the esophgas above the band.. how does it happen?? And how do I avoid it????!!