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  1. Lanners

    Weigh In Wednesday

    80.8 kg this morning, down 1.5 kg. Just 1 kg to 90% to goal weight and only 900 g to get into the 70's
  2. Lanners

    Having some trouble

    I had the same thing happen after my second fill. I was sitting on 4ml after the first fill and then had 1.5ml in on the second one. I couldn't eat or drink and ended up in hospital overnight with dehydration and on a drip. At the hospital they took out 2.5ml so that I could recover. Went back to see the surgeon a week later and he put back 2ml which took me back up to 5ml. Turns out that extra 0.5ml was just a step too far, but I was absolutely fine with 5ml in my band. I would recommend definitely talking to your surgeon, I wouldn't want anyone else going through the experience I had.
  3. Lanners

    The Wait Plate

    My dietician advised getting this plate http://www.greatideas.net.au/diet-plate . I got the plate and bowl and use them every day - wouldn't be without them
  4. Lanners


    I wasn't required to have any psychological assessment prior to surgery. I did have to see a dietician for 1 appointment before surgery and another appointment after surgery. I am also booked in to see them again in December as I am getting much closer to goal weight. I have made this appointment off my own back so that I can get some advice on maintaining my weight loss into the future.
  5. Lanners

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I am so willing you on - when you get there (and you will) it is such a fantastic feeling. But don't forget you have already lost 56 kg that is an amazing achievement, especially as you have done it in just over a year x x x
  6. Lanners

    Christmas Challange

    Wow 10 kg that is fantastic - I am so pleased for you. Just think of all those pretty dresses
  7. Lanners

    Christmas Challange

    So pleased for your scoots, I am so glad everything is back on track again
  8. Lanners

    Christmas Challange

    Small chunks is definitely the way to go. I have always set myself small goals along the way. It could be to get to the next 5 kg, next weight loss band or BMI target. At the moment I am concentrating on getting to 79.8 kg (a further loss of 1.9 kg), then I will be at 90% to goal weight.
  9. Lanners

    Christmas Challange

    How are you going BeeBop, have you had surgery yet? Congratulations on starting your exercise regime amy_agatha, I wish I could find the motivation to exercise. My weight is coming off slowly - weighed in at 81.7 kg this morning, so 6.7 kg to get to goal. I still have a chance of getting there by Christmas but if I don't so be it.
  10. Lanners

    Do people notice you've lost weight???

    Some people do notice and are quite vocal about it, others haven't mentioned it at all. I did have someone say that they didn't like to ask in case I had been ill and this was the cause of my weight loss.
  11. Lanners

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    I cannot believe that I missed my 12 month anniversary - I think my band is just part of my normal life now. I can't even remember what I weighed on the 20th September but today I have weighed in at 82.3 kg, so a total loss of 40.7 kg and my BMI is down from 44.6 to 29.9. Having a band was the best decision I ever made - I don't always like it but I never regret it
  12. Lanners

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Down 1.5 kg since last weigh in (which has been weeks). But at 82.3 kg this means that I have lost over 40 kg and am now down in the "overweight" range. I am doing a little happy dance at the moment
  13. Lanners

    Christmas Challange

    So the first week out of 16 done and this morning I am 83.3 so down 3.3 kg. It's amazing what a week on opti will do. Now to keep the momentum going as I am now just 8.3 kg from goal weight. Glad to have you on board BeeBop. When do you start your pre-op diet? I am toying with doing Opti for at least another couple more days. You got me thinking about dresses - I can only ever remember wearing 2 dresses. One when I was 9 for my Gran's birthday and the other was my wedding dress 21 years ago. I think I may have to look at some summer dresses this year . . . . . . . .
  14. Brilliant topic tishtish, will be really interested in the ideas. As at this morning I have got 8.5 kg so I need to start thinking about that very special day too.
  15. Lanners

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Up 200 g to 84.0 today but considering I was 86.6 on Monday morning this is a minor miracle. I think I celebrated my daughter's 18th a little too well last weekend!! It is amazing what 4 days of Opti can achieve. So 9.0 kg to goal weight - onwards and downwards . . . . . . . . . . .