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  1. maryjane293

    Anyone from Brisbane?

    Hi Everyone, I've decided I'm doing it, I want a sleeve. No PHI- so I'm going to withdraw from my super, went to GP today and she gave me a referral so off to Brisbane Obesity Clinic next week. Questions: - Anyone been to Brisbane Obesity Clinic? - How long did you need off work? - Will I need someone to help care for me if I live alone? - Did you have any issues getting super to cover it all? (I have enough in there) - Did you hide this from friends and family? how did that go? (I don't want any negativity and want to keep this to myself, I live 8 hours away from family so think I can get away with it for a while) - Any good TV shows, Movies or Youtube Bloggers that cover any of these topics you would suggest watching? - I go away in June for a month, back on July 8. Do you think I would have enough time to get it done before and is it risky going overseas after having it or should I wait and get done straight after I return in July? any advice?
  2. maryjane293

    Brisbane Self Funding

    Hi, I have made the decision to do it. can anyone tell me total costs in brisbane/gold coast/sunshine coast? I will be self funding and want the cheapest price. also how long did you have to wait has anyone tried endobarrier? Thanks