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  1. Hi all i need help deciding what to do, i have the band in for just a little over 2 years, first couple of months it was brilliant i lost 15kg but weight loss stop and its been 2 years and still no weight loss im so frustrated and upset, so now im looking into going from band to sleeve i just need some input from people who have done it, did u lose weight? Because i was told my my doctor that people who have done the band and didnt get good results arent as successful with the sleeve and ill probably wont get good results from that either, so can someone please shed some light and tell me what happened and did you lose weight and do you recommend it, thanks
  2. Amo

    The night before

    Good luck, try not to worry too much everything will go smoothly.
  3. Happy New Year, Making 2014 the first day of the rest of my life

    1. kas-rock


      All the best with your new plans for 2014. Kas

  4. Amo

    November 2013 Bandits

    Hi all, went in for my first fill on Monday and same as Kath I felt nothing, I guess we've been worried for nothing, I was told to go back to liquid and soft food for 36 hours, im not sure about everyone else who's had a fill but I have found it made no difference, im still as hungry and still no restriction, and the worse part is I cant see my doctor again till the beginning of February, I only had 1ml put in, I asked for more but was told that for the first fill they cant put to much, im not too happy with the slow process of it all and especially not happy that I have to wait so long to see my doctor, how is everything one else going with the fill? Getting any restrictions?
  5. Amo

    The Old Me and the New Me

    Nothing more I can add, I think pervious comments said it all..well done
  6. Amo

    November 2013 Bandits

    Hi all, I was banded on the 15 Nov, im going in for my first fill this afternoon, im noy sure what to expect im hoping after today I will get some restriction because at the moment I can eat normal and I dont feel I have a band at all, and im also hoping I can find out why I feel nauseous all the time especially in the mornings, its like morning sickness all over again (and no im not pregnant), I also lost a bit in theffirst couple of weeks after my surgery and since then nothing at all, its been nearly 2 weeks I haven't seen a change on the scales so hopefully after today things can get moving.
  7. Amo

    November 2013 Bandits

    Hi all, I had my surgery on the 15th so its been 9days and im feeling good, im off pain meds and dressing is all out, im still a bit sore and swollen, im also still on liquid but im hating it so much I really cant wait to have food, im so sick of those shakes and im not sure about the rest of u but im hungry all the time I do have my a doctor appointment on Monday so im hoping they can put some fill and I can start to get some restriction and also get to see if I have lost weight and how much I've lost, how is everyone else going?
  8. Amo

    November 2013 Bandits

    Good luck everyone getting banded in the coming days.
  9. Amo

    freaking out

    Hi Clmit, you can stop freaking out, I had my surgery on Friday the 15th and I wss meant to do opti for a week and I probably managed to do it for 5days and I had a slip everyday of those 5days and even on surgery day I told my surgeon that I didnt do to well he said its all fine, he still did my surgery, now im day 6 post op still sore all over but other then being hungry all the time feeling good , im sure u will be ok.
  10. Banded yesterday and in alot of pain :(

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    2. Amo


      Thanks caughtbetween, im actually staying at the hospital for another night because im to worried to go home, my pain is real bad and im also getting nausea and dizzy spells, hopefully things get better by tomorrow coz as of today and what im feeling I keep asking myself what the did I do to myself. I just want to feel normal again.

    3. Caughtbetween


      Hope you had a good night.

    4. Amo


      Yes thank you, im back home, today was alot better then pervious days, hopefully things just keep getting better.

  11. Surgery and everything else paid and finalised today, so nervous only 4days to go.

    1. -Kath-


      That's so exciting!

    2. Amo


      Yeah exciting and nerve racking, only 2 more sleeps :)

    3. -Kath-


      All the best! Look forward to hearing about your experience :)

  12. Amo

    November 2013 Banders in Sydney

    Hi Lani, I'm having my procedure done on the 15th at St George private by Dr Talbot and im nervous as hell about it, im just on my second day of opti, how you feeling being so close to the date.
  13. Amo

    November 2013 Bandits

    Congratulations to all that are already banded, im having mine on the 15th and it just hit me that its less then a week, im so scared but excited as well, when I think about I get sick from anxiety so im trying not to think to much about it but I honestly never been so scared, I truly cant wait for the first day of the rest of my life, oh and good luck for everyone else who is yet to be banded.
  14. Amo


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