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  1. Hey everyone. I was banded in September 2013 with a starting weight of 160kg. By 2015 I was at my goal of 80kg but then life got in the way. In 2016 my husband got extremely jealous of everyone I talked to which resulted in him kicking me out of the house, leaving our 2 children with him and him refusing to let me see them most of the time. Fast forward 2 years and a custody court case later I have gained 20 kg. Every time I go back to my dr to get a fill I end up not being able to tolerate fluids at all and end up getting the fill taken out 2 weeks later just so I can eat again. I feel so disappointed and disgusted in myself for allowing such a massive weight gain after getting down to my goal. Now I'm struggling to lose that 20kg . I need to and want to be back at my goal. I was happy then. Gaining weight is starting to take a toll on me mentally. I'm always making and thinking negative comments about myself which just puts me in a downward spiral and makes me want to eat everything in sight that's bad for me. I need a reset but dont know if I can mentally do it. So at 101kg I've gone back and gotten more fill put in (dont know what size band I have or how much fill I have in but I'm very restricted atm) and am struggling to eat 1 x half cup meal a day and really struggling to keep up with fluids so I dont get dehydrated . I can already feel a dehydration headache coming on. But I have to stick to it. It's hard but I think I'm going to have to go on the pre op optifast diet to reset my system and start over get back on track. The hardest thing is knowing that I have to cook and prepare meals for my kids knowing that I wont be able to eat any of it . I have a new partner now but I dont think he fully understands how mentally hard it is to be obese. Even once i lost the weight in my mind I still thought of myself as fat and disgusting. He doesnt like that I've gone and gotten fill put in. He sees it as torturing myself that we should just eat right and exercise more. For me it's not that simple. I can eat right, live on salads and still gain weight. Once I can eat I mentally have no self control, if I'm bored = eat, upset = eat, happy = eat. I cant win. For him it's easy to lose weight, it's not fair. We keep saying to ourselves that we will join the gym or walk more. But we never do. I'm time poor. If I'm not at work I'm looking after my kids. Reality is that the only time I'm going to be able to do either of those things is at 4 or 5 am when the kids are still asleep and being a single mum I cant leave them at home by themselves whole I got to the gum to work out. So what do I do ? Please help. Any advice would be appreciated Em85
  2. Did you find a Dr? My Dr is in Wahroonga and all my adjustments are bulk billed as long as I have a valid referral from gp. I have been with him from day 1 and I'm in the blue mountains. Sometimes he travels here other times I have to drive the 2 hrs to see him.
  3. I have had reflux tests and a gastroscopy (last yr) and both came back negative. No slip or blockage or any problems at all. I will go see him when he is in town next which won't be until after Xmas.
  4. I occasionally wake up due to vomiting in my sleep but my surgeon has assured me that it's not a slip or reflux. My ultrasounds have all come back clear so have my bloods. I do a lot of lifting at work so I think I have just pulled a muscle that my port it attached to and that's why it hurts so much and it taking longer to go away. If it still hurts when my surgeon is in town next I will go see him and see what he says.
  5. I need some advice/help. I have had a stitch like pain in my left side near my port for nearly 2 weeks now. I have been to my gp and had 2 ultrasounds and blood tests and so far everything has come up clear. I still have to wait for 1 lot of results. It if they come back clear (as I suspect they will) my next step is to contact my band dr and see if he can give me any answers. I am a little worried it could be a slip or torn muscle at my port but the stitch like pain is my only symptom. Has anyone else had this and what was the cause ? I have been banded for 3 yrs now and have lost 79 kg. Gone from having a bmi of 55 down to a bmi of 28
  6. Thanks. I definitely meet the bmi requirement. I have gone from a bmi of 55 down to 30 so all sorted there. Thanks for the dr recommendation , I will look them up
  7. My excess skin isn't causing me any physical medical problems except for a rash from my apron in summer when it's really hot and I get sweaty. I just get really down and hate the way I look I only like the look of certain parts of my body, the rest I can't stand to look at even though my husband tells me I look fine. My band Dr does tummy tucks too at a discounted rate for his band patients but I feel I need a full body lift not just a tummy tuck. I am yet to speak to anyone as I want to get my health fund sorted out first.
  8. hey everyone. I have lost 70 kg in the past 3 years and as a result I have a lot of excess skin. I currently have a lower level of private health which covers the band but I'm thinking of upgrading my cover to include the reconstructive/cosmetic surgery needed for the excess skin removal. Do do I need both top hospital and top extras or is just top hospital enough ? Also so recommendations for surgeons in Sydney would be great. I need full body lift ( tummy, back, buttocks and thighs) arms and breasts.
  9. I was banded in 2013 with a starting weight of 160kg. Nearly 2 yrs later I have lost 65kg / 80% of my excess weight. With another 15 kg to go until I reach my goal I'm going to need a lot of cosmetic work done once I have reached my goal (or close to it lol ) to remove excess skin but I wouldn't change anything I would do it all again in a heart beat
  10. Em85

    advice needed about fill

    Thanks, I never usually have problems with any foods unless I dont chew properly and i definately chewed everything really well as I can feel the adjustment this time. I normally dont feel any difference when i have an adjustment. I will give it till friday (6 days since fill) then I might give my dr a call and see what he says
  11. I had a fill (0.5ml) on Saturday and ever since I have not been able to eat, if I do eat it just comes straight back up again ( scrambled eggs, mash potato, toast, doesn't matter what it is it comes straight back up) My dr said that the fill might make me sick for a few days but should then settle. I can have fluids but only a little at a time and I have a constant gurgling sound coming from my stomach that even my partner can hear. Should I wait a few more days and see if it settles or should I ring my dr?
  12. Em85

    First fill attempt- epic fail

    I was banded in September 2013 and I didn't get my first fill until November. My dr attempted to do the fill while I was laying down but couldn't find the port but was successful when doing it standing up. Ever since then I have had all my fills standing. While standing my port is easy to find, even I can feel it now but as soon as I lie down it disappears. Maybe ask your dr to try it standing.
  13. Thanks everyone. I just wasn't sure if I should be doing more. I'm thinking if buying a fitness tracker to help me keep track of calories burned and steps taken / distance walked.
  14. I started off walking(on my treadmill) at just 2 km /day (4 months ago) and have been working my way up to 5 km/day (takes me 1hr). Is this enough exercise to loose weight or should I be doing more like some sort of ab and arm workout aswell? I am currently half way in my weight loss journey. I have lost 40 kg and have another 40 kg to go. What exercise does everyone else do? TIA
  15. Em85

    Early morning Reflux/Nausea

    Hi, Congrats on your weight loss. I am not at goal yet but I have been experiencing reflux of a morning also. . I had a Gastroscopy/Endoscopy done a month ago to see if the Dr could see what was causing the reflux, all results came back negative so he has just put it down to the band being too tight and that loosing more weight should fix the problem. Hope you find the cause of your reflux soon