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    Part time photographer, My Banding date was November 30th 2012 but my journey started 5 years ago when I decided to get myself on the public waiting list for this operation, its been a long journey so far especially mentally and there is a long way to go
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  1. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!

    Hi thanks, I am only occasionally lurking on here these days. Still have my band, lost and regained but losing again. I've only managed about 8 kilos in the last year but at least its going down. My sister has some multiple issues some sleeve related some not but she is due to go into hospital to have her stomach dilated, hoping it works, she still throws up most meals, Her oesophagus is stuffed basically now and sometimes the muscles dont push the food down so it just sits until she throws up, sometimes it goes down. She has been told that some of the surgery they want to do will help but basically as time goes on she will end up on an all liquid diet. we are hoping that will not be for a long time.
  2. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    looking for advice

    David Yong in Joondalup is awesome, he did my band. cant go wrong with him
  3. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Problems with your lap band? Speak up or shut up!

    have not been on here for ages. My sister has been totally stuffed up by her sleeve (she never was banded) she spends most of her days vomiting, is heading back to the city for more appointments to see what they can do about it. seems there are issues with all WLS, none are immune to issues. Had my band now for 5+ years, so far so good but just wish I could lose more weight. sort of staying around the same, have managed to stay the same weight for ages now, prefer to go downwards :-) Only commenting because people seem to think its only bands that have issues. My sisters issue is pretty bad but I guess like your band experiences it just happens to some and not all people
  4. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Trying again!

    good luck Jossie , Im in the same boat as you. Last fill was a pain, they had to send me down to radiology to do it as for the first time my doctor could not find the port. anyway after a lot of jiggling around by him radiology did it and supposed to have put in .4 of a mil but ever since Ive been able to eat more. I have gained a bit I think (my scales are broken, need new ones) and Ive just got myself back into the mindset and eat well. Going back to the Doc soon hopefully, just have to have hotel money etc and its been a bit hard to save the cash
  5. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Surgery scheduled April 2017

    good luck, Im in WA, had my surgery at 53. I hope you have a lot of success
  6. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    November 2012

    Hope all is going well for you, after my last fill I was able to eat even more, strange, looking to head back to the surgeon soon, Im still trying, I live in hope that I can get my act together and still drop this weight, Id be happy just to be under 100KG
  7. ladyfortythree AKA Julie


    Thanks, still battling on. I cant have the sleeve on public system as WA government says once over 54 no extra surgeries, My doctor can only work with the one I first had. Still trying though, still in the same place. Had a fill and the doctor had issues getting the port and sent me to radiology. supposed to have put in .4 of a ml but from that time on have been able to eat even more. That was a few months back now and I need to go back and find out the issue. Its just organising to stay in the city and affording it as well.
  8. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Sister - The Sleeve is not "magic"

    what I dont get is how my sleeved sister has lost 70 kiols without any real major work and eats icecream nightly and at least a couple of bars of chocolate a week yet is maintaining her lower weight. I on the other hand dont touch chocolate, cut back a lot of what I eat with a band and gain weight very easily and have gained back weight although working my way back down, so its little wonder people think its a magic operation, I dont know any sleeve failures, only band failures and Im stuck with my band
  9. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    can eat more after a fill

    fill was done down in radiology after the surgeon (my usual one who has been doing fills for ever) could not seem to find the port. I think he was trying too high up. It seems i still have restriction, however I no long chuck up, I can now eat salad which I could not before, all very strange. That said I just keep ploddling along and plan to revisit and get a little more fill in in a couple of months
  10. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    band to sleeve public question

    good luck with whatever you do, as a public patient Im stuck with the band because as Im over 54 the government in WA says my Dr can do no more further procedures, he can only work with the band, or take it out. sucks really but I will just work with what I have, so far no major issues with the band and hope it stays that way. weight loss is slow, I have regained a bit and lost a bit but I do know that without the band Id be probably 20 to 30 kilos heavier than what I am today.
  11. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Weigh In Wednesday

    gained 200 grams, seriously cheesed off since I worked my butt off this week at the pool for 5 days ...oh well
  12. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    can eat more after a fill

    Not sure what I should do, had a fill a couple of weeks back and to be honest I've been able to now eat things I could not before such as scones, macaroni in larger amounts etc. Cant say Im actually feeling more hungry on the whole but Im wondering what happened to my restriction, The only time I've felt uncomfortable was when I ate a mandarin a couple of days ago, even then it eventually went down and I never threw up. Im kind of enjoying NOT chucking but dont want to slack off portion wise. Wondering if I should troop up to the city again or wait a while and see how I go
  13. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Any one had success with Rebanding. Band number 2

    it seems so many people having issues with bands seem to have had them too tight, my sister always had hers with way more in it than I have and ended up getting it out. maybe my doctor is right, he is super conservative with fills, the highest I've ever had in my 10 mil band is 2.2 mil almost 4 years banded now, no issues. I hope you can get it sorted, if you dont go to a new band Id look at bypass, apparently more success after a band compared to sleeve
  14. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    November 2012

    Hi Luce so nice to see someone back, Im in a similar position although I have regained in total about 14 of the 32 I lost. Have just had another fill of .4 of a mil taking me to 2.2 mil in my band. My doctor has always been on the conservative side with fills. I was having issues before that fill with the band being up and down but something changed this time and its been really good so far. I went through a lot of depression over my lack of loss and asked the Dr about going to a sleeve or bypass but Im a public patient and as Im over 54 the WA government states my Dr can only now work with the surgery he has done so it means the band is here to stay, my sister had hers out and has gained 4 kilos pretty much straight away., Im working on getting my head in the right place at the moment, doing a lot of swimming as I have some serious ankle issues and Drs want to fuse the bone in my left foot for starters, so I cant walk far like I could when I first was banded. The swimming is great and I hope to be a lot lighter before any foot surgery happens. So I was pretty stoked to see I had lost 2.7 kilo in a week this morning. I honestly dont think it would matter what surgery I had, I will always have a problem with food and its a constant battle with with my brain Im afraid :-) I often wonder whats happened to all the girls in here and how their weight loss is going. When ever i feel like crap I still remind myself Im still a lot lighter than I was before the band and try to remember how excited i was when I got to the weight Im at now PS I have never been able to eat bread so dont try, Im still a secret bander as well. Some of my friends just accept that I have food allergies that can sometimes cause me to avoid food or make me sick :-)
  15. ladyfortythree AKA Julie

    Weigh In Wednesday

    A bit early but just weighed myself and somehow Im down 2.7 kilos since my fill 6 days ago, admittedly I also have been putting in a lot of laps at the pool as well. so heres hoping I can at least keep up a kilo a week, trying to relose what I have regained over the last year