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  1. cherie11

    Ken chao Geelong

    Anyone had lap band done by ken chao??
  2. cherie11


    Surgeon or someone who has had it done
  3. cherie11


    Anyone from Geelong I can talk with about lap band ?
  4. cherie11

    lap band victoria

    How long did you wait? Where did you go? Did you get it out of your super?
  5. how long did you have to wait to get yours done? did you have a good experience at the essendon?
  6. wanting to talk to someone from victoria who has had there band done. starting process !

    1. bellasmum


      Feel free to pm me

    2. hair band

      hair band

      happy to talk to you

    3. KeepStrong2012


      Also happy to talk

  7. cherie11

    lap band victoria

    hello i am looking into getting lap band done but looking at public i have a few questions where can you get it done not privately ? how much will it be ? (can it be bulk billed?) how long is the wait ? any recommendations doctors ?