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  1. columbia

    Clothing for larger sizes

    My niece's shop http://curvyisbeautiful.com.au
  2. Hey there, Im in Maryborough! would love to know if there is a catch up here on the Fraser Coast as I know two women in Maryborough who have had lap band....

  3. columbia

    am sure i have put on what I have lost

    Sorry Buckets (and Janine), if I sounded a bit harsh - re-reading it I sound like a cow! It's just that I've had so many problems with mine I don't want anyone else to go through what I have, you know? And being over-filled is what caused all of my issues from the start. Eight or nine surgeries later, I'm a little more cautious... lol
  4. columbia

    Well well well... I'm going under again!

    I've gone back to work four days after a port operation - but that was one wound, no gas, and ten mins out - in all seriousness, I would recommend two weeks off if you can take it - particularly since you are getting a hernia done and I imagine will have all the incisions & gas etc... I mean, I'm sure you could go back earlier, but anaesthetic knocks you around...
  5. columbia


    I actually think you should make a formal complaint about her behaviour. Workplace bullying is serious and should be treated as such. You have the right to be safe in your workplace and not have those kinds of comments directed at you - no matter what you are eating, and even if you were eating a bucket of chocolate! Seriously, I'm sure there are policies in your workplace regarding this kind of behaviour - don't let any of them get away with it!
  6. columbia

    Maybe a TMI quesion

    I had my period on one of my surgeries (I've had so many I can't remember which!) - it was a band surgery.... anyway I actually didn't tell them - just wore a tampon. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I figure if I had something go wrong and ended up in ICU or something, they would want to put a catheter in anyway and would find a little string... lmao!
  7. columbia

    am sure i have put on what I have lost

    Fills are different for everyone - there is no right or wrong amount, and it's not about being 'daring' - it's about what is right for you. With my first band, I couldn't drink water at 3mls of fluid. With this one, it was 4mls and I couldn't drink. Every one of us is different. And we don't all have a dietician, let alone weekly appointments at one. Every surgeon has slightly different ideas and different requirements - it's no use making assumptions about other people based on what you know about your band. Yes there are some things that are general - but there is also a helluva lot that is individual
  8. columbia

    Hospital Stay: How long was yours?

    Overnight for me. Can't understand why they would want you there 4-5 days? Seems excessive.
  9. columbia

    scared of starting mushies.....

    That's an assumption that she has a dietician...
  10. columbia

    Pouch Dilatation

    If you have no fill and are experiencing discomfort swallowing liquids, I'd recommend you talk to your doctor straight away. I don't think it would be pouch dilation - if you have no fill food should pretty much go straight through... something doesn't sound right however, particularly since you have had an infection, please get it checked out ASAP...
  11. columbia

    first drink?

    diet lemonade is better than diet coke - i can drink the coke, but if i do i end up with a wind pain in the gut - i reckon cause the air gets in, but gets trapped below the band... i have heard people say they feel the effects of alcohol quicker, but that's not been my experience. no differet to pre-banding.
  12. columbia

    Band Size

    My band is 10ml. That is the 'small' of whatever brand it is. My doc says the majority of people have small, it's generally only very big men that have large...?
  13. columbia

    Clothes shopping

    My gorgeous niece has just started an online clothing store for curvy women...if anyone wants to check it out... http://curvyisbeautiful.com.au/ feel free to pass it on PS - the girl on the right side with dark hair is my niece - isn't she gorgeous! lol
  14. columbia

    Male vs female bandits

    I don't believe this is specific to banding. I've been a member of many weight loss groups (both real-life and internet) in my life and I would say at least 90% of members are women - stands to reason that a similar amount of people on this forum and as bandits would be the same mix of male/female. Women worry more about their weight, girls/women are targeted by weight loss products earlier and much more, the media is much harsher on women's weight and looks. Women are much more likely to yo-yo diet than men. I think some things are slowly changing....
  15. columbia

    What Did You Eat Today?

    Love the pilaf recipe in pictures! lmao