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  1. nanny

    Meal Replacement shakes

    Kate Morgan have some nice flavours :)
  2. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    94.4 today (96.5 last week) down 2.1. I've been fairly strict with myself so happy with that. On Monday after a weekend away I felt my motivation going but this weeks weigh in helps :)
  3. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    96.5. Down .2. Would like more but happy it's down!
  4. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    96.7 down 2.1. Gotta be happy with that :)
  5. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    98.8. Down .8. "Only" about 30kg to go ;)
  6. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    After a long and piggy absence I'm back to weighing in. 99.6. Not quite back to pre banding weight but damn close. Hopefully it happens this time!
  7. nanny

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    A few days over my 6 month anniversary and I've finally lost 20kg! About 15kg to go. Was hoping I would lose the weight a bit quicker but I guess life just got in the way! Hope everyone else is doing well and happy!
  8. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    85.9. Down .5 I think but over 2 weeks. I feel like I'm never getting out of these 80's had a small fill last week so hope that helps. Ps - don't be tempted to try malteser bunnies!
  9. nanny

    Magda Szubanski

    As she was paid 1.2 mill from JC first time that was pretty good motivation but good on her for trying again. There's only one way to lose weight and keep it off - never give up!!
  10. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    86.4 up .6. up down up down I need to get my jaw wired shut next!
  11. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Could we please postpone this week???
  12. nanny

    Approved! Eek!

    Good on you it's by far the best thing I've done for myself! BUT you still have to do the hard work!
  13. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    85.8 minus 1.3. Happy happy happy
  14. nanny

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Good work Jenna! I've lost a similar amount to you (18.5) but I seem to have stuck on that for ages. I'd better get some exercise happening
  15. nanny

    Weigh In Wednesday

    87.1. Down .1. Slow going but at least right direction