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  1. sailorgirl

    Fills in Adelaide

    I am banded and have recently moved to Adelaide from Victoria. I need to get a fill and was looking for the holy grail - a doctor who is great and bulk bills. I am living in port Adelaide.
  2. Well done HaysieJo. It sounds like you have made many improvements in your life apart from losing a significant amount of weight. Good girl!
  3. sailorgirl

    OMG... Eating like I'll never eat again... Help

    A lot of us spend our energy on what I call 'the Last Supper Syndrome'. "I am going to get banded, everything is going to change, I am not going to have the same relationship with food again and I am very afraid." Like everyone, I am sure, I spent the last few weeks before my pre-op diet started, thinking about, stressing about and eating .....FOOD. There is also the issue that you are undertaking major surgery which will change your life - probably for the better. First of all, good on you for making a lifestyle enhancing decision to do something about your health and well-being. Secondly, the world is not going to end. You will still be eating food and I will guarantee that you will enjoy it more than ever before. Thirdly, it will not be a smooth gentle stroll along the beach at sunset. It will at times be the scariest roller coaster known to mankind, and at other times so slow that it is as frustrating as being caught in a traffic jam. You are very normal! When it comes time to start your pre-op diet, you will realize that you want the best outcome for your surgery, and you will do your best to make that happen. We are here to help you through this. I am not going to lie - it is very hard, but ultimately you will feel great for having succeeded. Don't be hard on yourself. Focus on all the good things that are coming your way. It is great that you can acknowledge you have a troubling relationship with food, some of us are slow learners! It is something that you can work on down the track. For the moment, it doesn't matter if you put on a few kilos, you will soon be able to take them, and a whole lot more off. OK. Good luck, relax and use us up as much as you like Sailorgirl
  4. sailorgirl

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Hi guys, I have been MIA lately when it comes to my weight loss. Haven't put on any but haven't lost. I have been doing hydrotherapy twice a week and making great progress, but making poor food choices. Last week I decided I have had enough. Time to get serious about this lovely band that cost me so much money. I decided to: 1. Track everything that I eat or drink in 'my fitness pal' for at least 3 weeks 2. Have no more that 1200 calories per day 3. Make those calories good food value ones 4. Lose 5kg before Christmas 5. Enjoy the journey. Well, I have been at it for a week and I feel great. In control and once again enjoying the food that I am eating. Getting a lot of support from the support group here in Warrnambool, and from Sailorboy. I have been really honest with myself. I even managed to work in (calorie wise) a Rum and Coke yesterday after an energetic and fantastic day sailing in Bass Straight - I DESERVED IT! I only weigh myself when I go to the banding doctor so I wont know what the scales say until 22/12, but everything is indicating that I am on track and fabulous. I hope everyone is going well, if not, get on here and see if we can get something happening, or send me a p.m. Let's all look forward to a happy and healthy Christmas. Sailorgirl
  5. sailorgirl


    Love toast but I tend to eat it too fast and get problems. Bread is almost impossible for me! I try to slow down and take small bites but it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Add the fact that I only have toast in the mornings, and I don't do mornings very well. OK, here is a new trick for you. I am ashamed that I didn't think of it myself. Cut the toast into 1/9 pieces if it is sandwich bread, and 1/16 if it is a toast slice. Small pieces - small bites - and I don't have to think. Easy peasy. Off topic a little bit. My partner and I enjoy breakfast in bed on the weekends. Trying to avoid bacon so this morning Sailorboy made me a smoked salmon omelette with 'little soldiers' of toast. Winner on many levels, lower calories, better than bacon and he made the effort to be band friendly. I am having a very good weekend Sailorgirl
  6. sailorgirl

    2yrs out and can fit a big mac, this normal?

    Maccas steak taster wraps $3. Calories 299, fat 15.5g. Sailorgirl
  7. sailorgirl

    Nervous wreck

    Hi Wolf, It can be daunting in the lead up to having this, or any other surgery. Re-visit the reasons why you chose to have this surgery. Has anything changed? Think about all the positives that will eventuate. Plan well for the post surgery period, and browse through this site and read the real life stories of those who have travelled this path before you. It is not a totally smooth road ahead, there will be some difficult times, but I can tell you that there is no better feeling than an average weight loss of 1/2 kilo per week over a 12 month period, and a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. You have done well to come onto this site and tap into the collective advice and experiences. You will be OK and you do not need to be a lone wolf! Good Luck Sailorgirl
  8. I am a side sleeper and there were no issues for me. Initially you will need to be careful with twisting and turning (no gymnastics in bed!) but you should not have any problems. Good luck with your journey. Sailorgirl
  9. sailorgirl

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I have been seeing a Physio, working out at Hydrotherapy twice a week, working in the garden a fair bit, and the sailing (racing) season has started. This is a lot more exercise than I have done for years. Go me! Today I went for a fill, and my Doctor commented on how much firmer my stomach muscles are - much easier to inject into my port. I am very pleased with myself. Sailorgirl
  10. sailorgirl

    Shoulder Pain

    I am 15 months banded and still get minor shoulder tip pain (2/10) but only if I eat too much or too fast. I don't mind at all as it is a gentle reminder to do the right thing!
  11. sailorgirl

    Any horse riding banders out there

    Congratulations on your new horse - that must be very exciting. Also congratulations on your new band, that will be life-changing - and your new horse will appreciate the healthier you I am sure. I am not a horsewoman (I am a Sailorgirl), but I suggest that you talk with your surgeon/doctor before doing anything extreme e.g. Man from Snowy River re-enactments. This time is about recovery and healing, and getting to know your new body and new horse. Enjoy this time and take it easy. I hope some horsey people can get on here and share their experiences. Sailorgirl
  12. sailorgirl

    Hi from a hopeful bandit

    Welcome aboard BHgirl14. Good on you for taking a positive step forward, hope it leads to a healthier and happier you! Sailorgirl
  13. sailorgirl

    Absolutely terrified, optif***ed and now this....

    Don't drive to the hospital on the day of your surgery - walk there. Statistically you have a much higher chance of dying in a car crash than whilst having surgery. Stop worrying about things that you can't change, and look forward to a healthier and happier future.
  14. sailorgirl

    Anyone tried GARCINIA CAMBOGIA

    If you go searching for scientifically based studies to investigate the efficacy of these so-called miracle treatments, you will more than likely draw a total blank. The people that make money from the product will provide all sorts of important sounding jargon, will have 'real life' stories from very thin and healthy looking models, will supply people in white lab coats stating how good the product is blah blah blah. What you wont find is any science to back up the claims. There will be no validated studies, no papers published in reputable journals e.g Nature or Lancet. The Placebo effect is not to be under-estimated and has had numerous studies done about it. The honest thing for the manufacturers of products like GARCINIA CAMBOGIA is to re-label it PLACEBO, and hope people will still buy it. Good luck
  15. sailorgirl

    Band pain - 7 months post surgery.

    Thankyou Mumma Poss. I have been really worried about secret Bandit and knew there should be a solution. Hope this is it.