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  1. Breearne

    Melbourne Group

    Hi guys, add me on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/broomhallb) because I'm on there more often
  2. Breearne

    Melbourne Group

    Hi, I'd love to chat! I've been in Melbourne less than a year and would love to make new friends! I've fallen off the wagon a bit with my band since moving here and need someone to talk to that has a band also - do you have Facebook?
  3. Breearne

    Melbourne Group

    Hi guys, I live in Brunswick and have been banded a little over two years. I was wondering if there is anyone nearby who'd be interested in meeting up or if there is any support groups in the area or nearby? Bree
  4. Breearne


    I had my surgery about 10 months ago and have developed a rather horrible reaction to something, the reason I think it's related to my lapband is because my sister also got this about 6 months post op. I developed a lumpy rash (similar to insect bites) between my thighs and on my upper arms and put it down to loose skin as I had lost a fair amount a weight from these areas. It has gradually become worse and is now all over my body - the lumps not so much but the itching is everywhere. I have never had allergies in my life but it almost seems like a severe allergic reaction. It seems to be worse of an evening/night and is bad enough that it wakes me up. I have tried using special sensative allergy washing powder but this hasn't worked. It's so bad that I've scratched myself so hard that I'm worried I'm going to cause an infection as there are wounds from my scratching. The only thing that seems to sooth it temporarily is tea tree cream but it's only a temporary fix... I was wondering if anyone else had experiences this or could help?
  5. Breearne

    Any North-West banders out there?

    Hi Sophie - is this still happening as I'm interested
  6. I know the original question was asked a month ago but I'm only recently banded and just discovered this site! I know the answer about the needle mark and brusing on your arm though! The anaesthetist puts a needle in your wrist which is to help monitor your blood pressure during the surgery - because the surgery goes for a few hours it is easier and more acurate to monitor your obs this way than just with a blood pressue cuff and finger thingo. I have bad veins and was lucky enough to get a kidney stone two days before my surgery so I rocked up with a few bruises as it had taken three attempts to get my blood the first time I was in hospital with the kidney stone. On my right arm I ended up with quite a big bruise (about 3cmx5cm) on my wrist from the needle they used during surgery (and I only had a sticky bandaid dot over the site) and then I had the I.V. on the same arm on the inside of my elbow. My I.V. slipped though and some of the fluids were pumped into my arm instead of my vein and it 'tissued' which means is was so swollen I couldn't bend my arm so that was all fun and games! I'm now ten days post op and although it was so painful in the first few days (and I did have a small moment where I asked myself 'why did I do this?') I kept reminding myself that this is what I wanted and it would be worth it in the long run. I've been lucky enough to have the support of my Mum (a nurse) and my sister who was banded herself a year ago and has lost just over 35KG.
  7. Breearne

    Over Soup! Please Help

    I was banded 11 days ago and have to wait until the 18th before I see my Doctor and get the OK for soft foods. I became sick of the same foods very fast! For lunch I have been eating things like yoghurt, Coles brand custard (the long life one is really nice and creamy), fruit smoothies and occasionally soup. Tea I have found harder as I want something hot and savoury and lots of liquid food is sweet. I did make some roast potato, cauliflower and Parmesan soup but after having that 5 nights in a row I no longer feel like it. A couple of nights ago I had mashed potato and gravy and only had to put a bit of extra milk in my spuds to make them more liquid. I have been really missing veggies so last night I cooked some broccoli and mashed it up and made some cheese sauce and on top had a light sprinkling of breadcrumbs mixed with melted butter and grated cheese (minimal) and microwaved it so the breadcrumbs stayed soft. This was a beautiful change and so tasty! I went to Kmart and bought a set of small square ceramic dip bowls as they had no ramekins and I have been making my food in them. I find this good because I'm not over serving myself and wasting food and as I am able to eat the whole bowl it feels like I've had a full meal from a psychological point of view.
  8. Breearne

    August 2013 looking for others

    Hi guys, I'm Bree. I'm booked in to have my surgery on Monday 26th August - not long now!
  9. Breearne

    Any North-West banders out there?

    Hi guys, I'm Bree. It's nice to know there are others close by! I'm booked in to have my surgery on Monday 26th August - not long now! I'm from Latrobe but work in Devonport. My Doctor is Giresh Pandee.