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  1. higgik

    What No One Told Me About Losing a Tonne of Weight

    My total congratulations to you for your amazing success. It was refreshing to read such an honest account of the highs and lows and I'm sure many of us didn't quite realise what some of those lows could be because we're so much more focused on just losing the weight. I've found recently that I've become hugely unmotivated and reading your account has sparked a fire in me to get back into the swing of things. For me the exercise is the biggest problem, or should i say the lack there of. I still feel overly self concious in a gym and find it very off putting. Maybe now i'll get stuck into it. Good luck with continuing on your successful weight loss path.
  2. higgik

    Any Feb 2014 Banders?

    Hi all, Thanks for the kind words & encouragement. Was banded yesterday. Was back in my room by 12pm & discharged by 9.30am this morning. Haven't had any shoulder tip pain but do have pain in my chest when I breathe deeply which they say is normal. Otherwise I'm feeling pretty good. Doesn't take much to get sleepy but I'll make the most of having naps :-) Starting to think about the next thing I can swallow that's not water or apple juice (and yes, the first sip of apple was amazing). I have a great book here leant to me by a fellow bander called knife fork & band which has some great looking soup recipes in it. I think I'll be sending my folks to the shops for some of the ingredients tomorrow. For now I think it'll just be miso and an optifast shake. Good luck to the rest of the Feb banders and also everyone who frequents this site. You're all a great support xxx
  3. higgik

    Any Feb 2014 Banders?

    Hi all I'm being banded tomorrow. It's crazy. I'm not at all worried about the procedure and life after it but for some reason I just can't get to sleep tonight. Got a million things running through my head. Keep wondering if I'm fully prepared for when I get home in terms of meals etc but I have my folks visiting to help me out for the first few days so I'm sure it will all be fine. I've lost 4.9 kilo's on the 2 weeks of Optifast. Have to say I'm pretty happy with that & hopefully when I Di my final pre op weigh in tomorrow it will be over 5 kilos. Looking forward to the journey :-) Good luck to all of the other new bandwrs out there xxx
  4. Some great tips in there. Things that I hadn't thought of. A huge help for someone starting out. Thanks so much
  5. higgik

    Pre op - 19 days to go

    I read your post and I totally understand what you're saying. I get banded in 22 days and I too hope to be able to look back one day and see how successful I have been. We can do this. Others have done it before us. There is a world of support out there and from what I have seen, this site is one of the best forms of support. Do your blog and follow your own success. Good luck :-)
  6. higgik

    Gastroscopy results

    My understanding is that it was to check the lining of the oesophagi s, stomach & duodenum & to look for hiatus hernia. I do know that not all bariatric surgeons insist on it (I have a work colleague who didn't have one) but my surgeon Mr Ahmad insists on that as well as dietician & psychologist appointments prior to surgery.
  7. higgik

    Gastroscopy results

    Hi all. Have just gotten home after having my required gastroscopy prior to banding & the operation note I was given had a note under findings. Unfortunately I didn't see the surgeon afterwards & was probably still a bit dozy to ask the right questions anyway. I've been googling to find out if what it says will affect whether or not I can have the band done. Under stomach it says- distal gastritis, bile stained fluid in lumen. Has anyone else had results like this? And if so, were you still able to go ahead with your banding as planned? Hoping someone might be able to put my mind to rest. I will of course be seeing the surgeon hopefully in the next few days where he will give me the update but wanted to ask others while I'm thinking about it.
  8. higgik

    Banding before travelling

    Thanks to both of you for your replies. Makes me feel a little more comfortable. Now to just try & lock in that surgery ...
  9. Great posts. I'm hoping to have the band done within the next 6 weeks and you e given me loads of ideas & inspiration. Thanks ☺
  10. Hi folks, I'm in the process of going through the prep appointments prior to having banding. I've seen the dietician and have my gastroscopy on Tuesday. I then don't have my psych appointment about 2 weeks later. My surgeon is Mr Ahmad at Waikiki and I'm really hoping that he'll be happy enough to book me in asap after that last appointment. My question is how much time would you all recommend after having the banding done before going on travels overseas? I have a wedding to go to in the Cook Islands in the second week of April. In my mind I am thinking surgery mid Feb (being a private patient I'm hoping it can happen that quickly) and then that would give me 7 weeks before getting on a plane. Of course my biggest concern is being in another country and having something go wrong and not being able to get the help that I need. I'm probably overthinking things but would rather be over cautious than under cautious. Would appreciate any suggestions or feedback that anyone has.