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  1. hereigo

    Advice please!

    CWLS is in Hawthorn on Cato st, have been very happy with the doctors and staff. Highly recommended.
  2. Optislim or optifast both taste OK in any flavours but also much better if you blend to make very frothy, (I just used a stick mixer), if you use just a shaker not so good. Chemist warehouse has best price.
  3. hereigo

    Lapband diet

    As you said everybody is different so you take it slowly until you get to know which foods are your no no's. My usual ones are rice,(risotto ok) white soft bread, hamburgers, need to take them apart, dry chicken breast, any tough steak, can't remember any more. Most foods are ok esp. If you cut them up into small pieces. cheers anna
  4. Arnah you should be okay. I didn't add tax either, Drs letter states how much you need so centrelink will calculate tax on top of that.
  5. hereigo

    Throwing up

    Maybe mucous.
  6. hereigo

    Changes to Medibank!

    What a bother, I changed from HCF to Medibank last July because HCF stopped covering wls on their basic cover. Guess I shall be shopping around again for the best cover.
  7. A1 I was 100kg when I was assessed for surgery that put my BMI at 40 as I am only 158cm tall. I did not have BP or diabetes issues YET, though I have family history of such. Hopefully I can avoid these probs or delay the onset by healthier eating, weight and lifestyle. At present I'm hovering around 80kg. Having a few issues, but do NOT regret anything. yes there are side effects of the band or any weight loss surgery, main one being you lose weight! all surgery has risks that you need to discuss with doctor. You need to also consider that weight related issues such as diabetes type2 and hypertension also have very serious consequences too. if this is something you want to do get a referral discuss it with surgeon, get as much info as possible and decide if it is for you. cheers good luck anna
  8. hereigo

    Wife of new bandit - how to support?

    The first stages post op don't have to be boring and tasteless most normal meals can be blended with a stick mixer to the right consistency. Eg. Chunky meat and veg soup pured thin enough to go through a straw just add more liquid. I even mushed up rice with chicken/veg stirfry for mushy stage, it tasted sooo good at the time. So you don't necessarily need to cook different meals . i think it's great that you are being supportive, that is important to be successful. cheers Anna.
  9. hereigo

    Cost of Anaesthetist

    I would expect a cost difference between sleeve and band because there may be a difference in timing. The longer you're under the more they charge. I agree that you probably can't choose the anaesthetist, whoever is rostered on that particular day, is who you'll get. I had to postpone my band op luckily I ended up with the cheaper anaesthetist, rebate same, gap was less. Ask the surgeons office I would expect they would have some idea of which anaesthetist charges more/less. good luck.
  10. hereigo

    Am I doing it wrong?

    Hey! I also didn't mind the shakes especially chocolate and vanilla, not so keen on the bars a little chalky but I used to sip a cuppa with little nibbles. Of course veggies and lean meat for dinner was the best part of the pre surgery diet. Cheers enjoy.
  11. Hi Goldilocks, I have band not sleeve but that shouldn't make a difference at that time of the month. I too freaked at an extra kg+ thinking I had over eaten a couple of weekends ago , few days later a big drop. YES code red = bloating, weight gain. I think I never noticed this in the past as I did not weigh myself (didn't own scales) and my clothes were already either tight or baggy to cover up. Cheers Anna.
  12. hereigo


    When I was planning on getting banded my hubby was not supportive. I just made it clear that this was something important that I was doing for not only myself but our kids as well, to be healthy to see them grow up and have the energy to keep up with them. He was not happy about cost, he smokes so I just pointed out that he spends EVERY year the same amount that I am spending one off for said operation. Whenever I think about it, it upsets me that he is slowly destroying his health whilst I am trying to improve mine. I have had a few negative comments from some family members which I have let go in one ear and out the other. I don't hide the fact from anyone and have shared with many. After all we are adults and make decisions and choices in our life that are best for us, as long as we are not hurting/ affecting others it's our choice. I haven't let anybody's opinion affect MY exciting weight loss/ get healthy journey. BooHoo to them if they don't like my method. Good luck to you all on your journeys. Anna
  13. hereigo

    Drinking and the band

    The few times I have had a drink at a party I have found it difficult to eat, for what ever reason food just did not want to go down. It may have been the choice of food, salad/ chicken? Next time will eat before I start to drink alcohol.
  14. hereigo

    Stitches still showing

    Same here steri strips only , probably stitches in the layers underneath.
  15. hereigo

    Stitches still showing

    Same here steri strips only , probably stitches in the layers underneath.