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  1. RubyDoo


    I too am agreeing with B and Denise, the "sweat spot/green zone" is very different for each one of us. No 2 people are going to be the same. I also agree that we each have to listen to our own surgeons, they are the ones who know what they are doing and talking about. Personally I only eat 2 meals a day, usually around a cup of food each meal but there are some days that I can eat more but guess what - I am still loosing weight and that is the reason for the band. Having the band is a journey and everyone ride is going to be different. It is up to you how much you get out of the band to how much extra effort your going to put in. I am sorry I get on a tangent about this kinda thing but really I was led to believe this forum was for us to all chat about band related things, not try and get direct answers about things, we are all individuals therefore our bands are going to be as well. And as for the comment of we will get sick if not eating brekkie (or something similar) if you have the right variety of diet then you should be fine. I dont take any medication, no multi vitamin no nothing, I was banded in Sept 2009 and have lost 54kg, I had bloods taken 1 week ago, they are all fine, i am not low in iron and now for the first time in my life healthy! Bec xx
  2. RubyDoo

    Excess skin after banding???

    Hi Lauren, I too have excess skin and will have more to come. I have only lost 40kg and still have over 30 until i am at my goal. It isnt worrying me that much at the moment except my arm - that is one places that is bothering me I have major bat wings. I know people that have had some skin removed before reaching their goal weight eg arms but I personally dont see the use of having it removed before you reach your goal for some time. I am seeing my dr on saturday and am going to talk to him about my arms then so if i get any different info I will post it for you. Good luck with your decision and good luck with talking to your dad. Bec
  3. RubyDoo

    is there a Tassie group?

    Hi Minipony, YAY another tassie person, I am from Launceston! how are you going with things? Bec
  4. RubyDoo

    My Belt!

    I am exactly the same, I have a belt that i wear all the time with new holes punched in to it. Ill never get rid of it it reminds me where I have been and how I am doing! I like it better then looking at past photos! Bec
  5. RubyDoo

    The To Do List

    well done guys for writting these lists fantastic idea. things I noticed as I have lost some weight are: sitting in the movies comfotably, painting my toes nails with ease, not wearing extensions on my bras, no longer shopping in big peoples sections of shops, I too want to be a mum and am able to do that now, washing and drying my body seems so much easier and I can reach parts of my back etc i couldnt do before, I have collarbones!!! my feet dont boldge over the top of some shoes, I am no longer wondering if i am too heavy for things, I am lighter then my partner now, I can cross my legs when sitting, I can lye down and not feel as though I cant breath. Its all abit random but its how I thought of things! hehe Good luck guys, all the best, and you will get there, I still have along way to go but I am getting there. I have just past my half way mark!! Bec
  6. RubyDoo

    no pre-op optifast

    I was banded before i new about this forum, I never did the opti-fast prior to my operation either, i went and had a week of "last suppers" and enjoyed a few really nice meals I new I wouldnt be able to eat after the band lol, I new nothing about doing it until I came on here. I also never had to see a dietitian nor a psychologist or anything like that. I would do as your Surgeon wants you to. Everything is very different from Dr to Dr. good luck. Bec
  7. RubyDoo

    Portion sizes still too big

    I agree with what Denise said! It will be very different for everyone. personally I have a 10ml band and had pretty good restriction at about 5.5ml I however eat 1 cup of food twice a day if not a little more then 1 cup. The best way I coped was I complained to my surgeon and all he said was "let your band tell you how much you can eat" since then I stopped worrying. some days I eat more, some days I eat less but I am loosing weight and keeping healthy, to me that is the most important thing. Good luck, keep your chin up!! Bec
  8. RubyDoo

    After banding?

    Hi Rosie, congrats and good luck. I was banded on September 1 last year! It is a very individual thing depending on your age and type of work etc you do. Personally I only had 1 week off work, I work as a nurse in a ages care facility. I had no issues with pushing and pulling hoists etc but was carefully with my lifting. I had no issues at work because i am always on the move. The trouble I had was the union from my port as it was healing I got pain if I sat for too long and had to apply pressure to my union (cut) when standing. I too went for regular short walks before or after work and also on my days off in the first week and tried to start becoming more active without over doing things. Good luck with everything, I hope this helps. I am 26 so one of the younger ones on this forum but if you are an older person things might be different. Bec
  9. I was exactly the same. Before being banded I had PCOS, and my period was not much, 3 weeks after my band everything went back to normal clock work. then 2 months ago i started having a period every 2 weeks! I had to come off the pill which didn't worry me so much, I feel great now, however i get heaps more pain at period time but easy to control with pain relief. I feel more human since coming off the pill and in general just feel so much better. It is because your loosing weight it is effecting your hormones and being on the pill adds more hormones into the mix. My GP suggested staying off the pill for a min of 6 months and review it then
  10. RubyDoo


    trimkim, it sure does!!! Then when they change tracks and put a new one in it is a bit easier because you kind of know what to except but it still makes me feel unco but i still love it!!! I would give it a go for a few months before you decide in my view!!! Bec
  11. RubyDoo


    I have been doing Zumba since it came to my gym a few months ago, I love it. Lots of fun and you soon learn the rhythm, i cant dance or anything but I give it ago and do my best
  12. RubyDoo

    Health Fund Rebate

    most health care funds will have some support for gym memberships, I am with MBF and they cover $100 every 12 months for me. It will change depending on who your fund is with.
  13. RubyDoo

    PRE and POST Banding PHOTO`s in HERE

    you guys are doing a fantastic job, well done everyone!!! I haven't up loaded any pics for 2 reasons, 1) I don't really have any from when I was at my biggest, I hid from the cameras or always took the photos and, 2) I don't know how lol. my facebook is most likely the best way to see my changes as hard as it is because i hide my body! Bec
  14. RubyDoo

    June Goals - what's yours??

    I too have reached my June goal, I cant believe it, I have lost over 30kg and am now weighing in at 99.4kg - finally in double digits as I have wanted for such a long time!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! bec
  15. RubyDoo

    8th fill

    I had my 8th fill today, for the last 3 appointments, I have lost around 6kg between visits, by visits I mean 6 to 8 weeks is the gap between visits to my surgeon. I must admit I woke in a panic and though I had gained weight but it turned out I haven't. I have felt for the last 3 weeks I have needed a fill because I had been feeling more hungry but I wasn't giving in, the band is a tool so I chose to not rush out and get a sooner appointment I held off and just tried to manage on my own which I am really proud of. I did have a fill today of .3ml which will ease my hunger as I had noticed I was grazing a lot through the day which isn't recommended. I am 2kg off being into double figures, and I am not a easy size 18 with some things getting a bit loose!! I got great feedback from my surgeon which made me feel excellent. I am so lucky to have a wonderful surgeon Just thought I would share, Bec