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  1. Hey! Missymoopooau here. Remember me? lol Its been 14 months since I was banded! Hope that this finds you well, healthy and happy!!

  2. mazzles

    Maz's progress (so far!)

    Hey guys, just wanted to share with you another pic that shocked me (and made me smile too!!) Haven't been in the forums for awhile , and just wanted to add by the look of everyones tickers, we're turning into big losers! Ha ha, well done bandits!! xx
  3. mazzles

    Brisvegas Bandit-to-be

    You won't regret it! I'm 6 months post banding and in just a short amount of time my life has improved dramatically (and no doubt yours will too!) Keep us updated, and welcome!! x
  4. mazzles


    What a great idea! Feel free to add me too! Maz Carter (I think my profile pic is the same one I used on here, not 100% sure off the top of my head) email addy: maz@mysoul.com.au (not an email address I use anymore but I cant change it with facebook!!) Looking forward to some friend requests!
  5. mazzles

    Not long - 8 Days

    Hey Tash, yeah, I read that statistic too, and freaked out. But then I remebered that if I keep going the way I'm going, then I'll surely die of some obesity related disease, so it's now or never! Just remember the anethsetist (spelling??) is there to make sure you're ok through the whole op, you'll be in very capable hands! And girl, you're superwoman in my eyes---5 kids? You got nothing to worry about! And sounds like you've got a gem of a hubby-you'll breeze through this love. Best of luck, 6 days is going to fly by, and before you know it, you'll be waking up with your new little band and a brand new you!
  6. mazzles


    Wow, I wonder what else also causes them, coz I've never had kids. Maybe something to do with overeating? Should google it and find out!
  7. That's awesome Brooke! I've always been a sucker for yummies, especially savoury stuff, and now at functions when the bulk of the spread is fatty, greasy grub, I'm happy munching on some rice crackers, or having a cup of soup (6 months ago I probably would have gone back for 2nds and 3rds!!) Even now at work, the girls will order in for lunch, but it doesnt faze me-I'm still amazed how much food I used to eat then, and how little i eat now (and am always satisfied!!) So good on you, and your 10 kilo loss is FANTABULOUS! xx
  8. mazzles

    G'Day from Kalgoorlie

    Hey Chris, I used to live in Kal, man I miss that place! Been back in Perth for bout 5 years now-would love to go back for a holiday sometime soon. I should make time for myself to go! Welcome to the forum, it's nice to have a place you can come where you can share your experiences, your fears, you highs and lows. I've found this place so helpful since being banded-the people here are so lovely, it's like a big extended family! Best of luck for your upcoming op-you wont know yourself after a few weeks!
  9. mazzles

    Hi fellow Perth lapbanders and wannabes.

    Hi Suzie! I was banded by Kevin also, he's a lovely little fellow who I credit this massive change to (although he always say's it's not him, it's me whos doing it!) My aunt was also banded by him, and 2 years later shes gone from the 130's into the 60's and she looks amazing. I would highly recommend Dr Dolan to anyone in Perth, only because he really knows his stuff and he even said himself he could do the operation standing on his head. Will you be having the op @ Joondalup do you think? The staff there are really lovely, I was in a room with another lady who was banded by Kevin, which was nice because I could share the experience with another! Best of luck with your op, definately keep us all up to date with your progress! Here's to a healthier, slimmer you! Maz x
  10. mazzles

    How much fill?

    I have 5.5 mls in a 10ml (I think its 10!!) band-and that was after 2 fills-I do have to say after the second fill I noticed a huge difference in what I could and couldn't eat, and the amount I could eat. I go for my next fill on the 18th of Aug, not too sure how much more he'll put in, but always look forward to the next one. A 9 kilo weightloss in 8 weeks is awesome-thats just over a kilo lost per week-thats fantastic! You may find with exersize that you could be building muscle, and apparantly muscle weighs more than fat (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong !!). The best indicator (for me anyway!) for weight loss is in our clothes-for example, about a month ago I couldnt fit into a pair of pants, and then after only loosing a couple of kiols, they fit beautifully! Go figure!! Have you noticed much of a difference in your clothes? Yeah--the sweet spot---I'd also be interested to know how much other people had in their bands when they found their sweet spots?
  11. Hey Chris I'm guessing you're from Kalgoorlie (from your name and being 6 hours from Perth?!) I used to do the drive to and from Kalgoorlie all the time (lived up there for about 3 years) so I know the trip...I'd say the same as snas, break it up-do the usual stops, I'd say the longest stretch was between Yellowdine and Bullabilling (for toilets that is!!) but I think with plenty of stops (and plenty of rest) you should be ok. When are you driving down for your surgery?
  12. mazzles


    Hernia repair done here also! I didn't have any idea--might sound a little crazy, I still don't really know what causes a hernia (and what the surgeon had to do to repair it!!) It's great that you can claim it back--thank you Medicare!!
  13. mazzles

    Denises fat pictures

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Marion! Denise, looking at your pictures inspires me and makes it real in my mind that being slim is a goal that is completely achievable in all of our futures! Thankyou for sharing your pictures with us. You look amazing, so gorgeous, and yes you're beautiful smile is still the same--congratulations!
  14. mazzles

    I can see the pot of gold!

    I love the fact that we all seem to be at different stages of our journies--especially being able to hear from people who are so close to reaching their goal! It makes us ones who are just starting out see there will be that pot of gold at the end (awesome analogy non-blonde!!) Cant wait!! This entire group inspires me-everyones courage, determination and perseverance blows me away, and I feel quite honoured that you all are so open and willing to share your experiences with one another. Keep up that fantastic work bandits/bandettes!
  15. mazzles

    Rosie is joining the band

    Welcome to the both of you! I hope you find this forum helpful and as uplifting as I have since I joined! Rosie, I too am single, no kiddly-winks (as yet!!) and live in Perth-it's nice to see other local people on here! Where have you decided to get banded? I'm reasonably new to the whole banding experience, just shy of 6 months since my op--but I would have never imagined how much my life has changed since getting my band-and all in a good way! Would definately recommend it to anyone who was considering being banded. And like Marion, I wish I had done it sooner! Again welcome, and look forward to hearing all about your journey! Maz x