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  1. Hi, I’ve moved away from the area where my regular clinic is and I need to have some fill out. I seem to tighten up over time and I’m at a really uncomfortable point, vomiting almost every meal. And the pain, argh, I’m over it! Removal of a ml or two always brings relief. So I’m too far from my original clinic and due to new business, I can’t get back that way for the foreseeable future. Does anyone one know of a gp or clinic close to Lilydale that can remove some fill? I could prob travel as far as Ringwood or Yarra Glen going the other way. Anywhere in between! I domt have any other issues with the band so thinking a gp would be fine. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hugs Melissa. I hope he has come to his senses. You are a saint putting up with this. I hope he realises that. Although my ex's issues were nothing to do with food (mostly alcohol), I can relate to the 10% you speak of and after 30 years of it, it was finally enough for me to open the cage and fly free. God how I wish I'd done it sooner.
  3. jay

    Eating socially and anxiousness - help?

    I don't think you should have to tell them about your WLS if you don't want to. I still haven't told anyone beyond my husband. I don't understand why people are so fixated on others' eating habits. I think something along the lines of what kazbo suggested would go a long way when it comes to dealing with your inlaws. I often feel the same way as you and get anxious if I eat out. I like it when my kids are with me (and they also don't know about the WLS) because if anyone says anything, they are first to jump in and roll their eyes and say 'she always eats slow' and 'can I have that if you aren't going to eat it?' Gets me off the hook! I've always been an average/fussy eater though, although at home I could go back for seconds which I won't/can't do now because of the band and I ate too much chocolate pre-band. So it isn't a hell of a lot different to how I ate in public anyway. That husband mentioned above and I split late last year and I've been seeing a nice guy for the past couple of months and he did make a few comments about me not eating much. I haven't told him about the WLS. Not sure I'm ready to go there yet. But I did tell him early on that I feel anxious and can't eat much when I'm nervous - which of course I really was especially those first few weeks. He is good now and either ignores it or really doesn't care and I feel ok eating with him. Best of all, HE COOKS FOR ME!!!! I've never had a guy do that for me, ever!
  4. jay

    At 50 % weight loss my colleagues have finally noticed

    I haven't had all that many notice or comment but I've only lost just under 20kg - maybe 10kg to go. Until the past week anyway! A really lovely client (young guy prob close to half my age with the most beautiful blue eyes that I always notice!) said to me 'you look like you've lost a lot of weight since I saw you last...have you?' I got a bit embarrassed and replied 'well, a bit, my clothes are looser'. He said, 'you look great! Not that you didn't before mind you, but you are glowing now'!!! Made my night! My co-workers all just stood there with their jaws hitting the ground because all the young girls comment on how hot he is when he comes in usually!! Then my gorgeous niece-in-law came up to me at a family gathering on Sunday and said 'you've lost so much weight Jay, you look beautiful, I just wanted to tell you' Usually it's difficult for me to accept any sort of compliment but these were said to me sincerely and made me even more determined to get this done and dusted!
  5. That's a fab opportunity Nessa! So happy for you! Can't wait to hear about it! Report back ASAP!
  6. jay

    Who's getting banded in SA by Dr Teague soon?

    good luck Sarah..hope you are all done and dusted now!
  7. jay

    Eating and Drink at the same time...

    Haha rumplebear! Don't you know that we are dumb or stupid because we can't control our eating and need it spelt out slowly?! I saw this sometime ago and my surgeon has no issue with sips of water being taken during eating. But typically for me, it depends on the band's mood for the day....or at that moment! I usually drink beforehand and sometimes I'm fine to have small amounts of water soon after eating or at other times, I need to wait.
  8. jay

    Desperately Need Suggestions

    I also think he's being overly cautious. That seems to be outdated info. Even everything you read online (as well as most here say from advice they receive from their surgeons) say liquid diet for 1 to 2 weeks (depending on the surgeon) of which the liquid should be smooth and of a consistency that fits through a McDonald's type of straw. IMO, he is setting you up for failure at this crucial point in your recovery. Normally I would never say this, but I would ignore his advice and research online. Many of the clinics have their guidelines on their websites.
  9. Was just reading your OP denzel and thought to myself, this lady is a nurse or something! And then read in the other post that you are a midwife Hope you are feeling better now. The early days are a distant memory for me now. I think I got off lightly.
  10. jay

    Any sleevers started mushys early?

    Far out, I should stop reading here. I'm hungry AGAIN!
  11. jay


    Congrats Kirsty! What an achievement! Do you have a permanent job now? I'm considering a midlife career change. I'm not sure if I'm stupid or not to be considering it. I'm going to take a nursing subject this semester to see how I go and if all goes well, I would love to apply and be accepted into Midwifery! I'm really scared about anatomy and physiology though! Not a science brain here at all!
  12. jay

    Any sleevers started mushys early?

    nb79, I was banded but what I was doing at the stage you are at, was slow cooking things like goulash and lamb shanks for double the amount of time I normally would and the meat and veggies were practically disintergrating. I then ate (!) the liquid! Was soooo good! Much better than soup but was just like a thick soup. I also had really, really, really runny mashed potato - fat straw sucking possibility. Making me hungry thinking about it
  13. jay

    Pasta Cravings? Here's a Pre-Op Alternative!

    I've been making zoodles for years now Got a zoodle making thingy from overseas because I could never find one here but they are all the rage now and in kitchen shops everywhere. The past few months I've also been using a julienne peeler when I just want to do a smaller amount of zoodles for me. I prefer the zuchinni to wheat pasta.
  14. jay

    Husband BIG problem

    Brenden, get over it. It was her husband that was telling her to shut her mouth. It's nothing to do with being sexist. I think you have things confused. It could have been her brother, mother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, daughter....NONE of which would have been sexist. Weightnomore was just stating a fact. Congrats Weightnomore and I'm so happy for you that you feel so good about yourself and your husband appreciates the new you.
  15. jay

    band to loose? ??

    I know with mine, there is no consistency to how it feels after fills. Sometimes I barely feel it and one other time in particular, it was quite tight for about 3 weeks and I was about to go back and get some out when it eased up itself.