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  1. Ompster

    Considering Sleeve after Band Removal

    So glad your post was at the top of this forum! This week I found out part of my stomach has come up through my band (I forget the technical name, hernia something) anyways I've basically been told the band will have to come out and any damage done needs to be repaired and healed (it's a big job apparently?). When i was banded around 7 years ago the sleeve wasn't really a thing, the band seemed like the best option. In theory the the sleeve sounds like a better version of a band, one that doesn't need adjusting or have to worry about getting stuck ,etc. I know there are pro's and con's to both but I like you are in the same boat where I have to decide. Do I get another band, do i go with nothing (not really a good idea imo) or do I go the sleeve? Hell are there other options too? I'm currently at 91, have been down to 71, started at 135 and have now been banded for 7 years. Eagerly awaiting people who have been in this position of having to decide another band or other options
  2. Ompster

    Sign In not logging out of the Forum

    A cookie perhaps? I recommend to everyone you install Ghostery (an addon for chrome and firefox) while you're at it get AdBlock Plus also. You will be surprised at how many sites are actually tracking your online movments. I wouldn't be overly concerned about viruses originating from this forum.
  3. Ompster

    Update x

    Beautiful eyes! on another note. very inspirational, I aim to someday have no fill but am so afraid of myself if that makes sense?
  4. Listen to your body. Fasting isn't always a bad thing! I watched a great doco on it actually (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01lxyzc) Really interesting stuff. We all have those days. Your body won't let your starve don't worry. However imho if you have a regular exercise routine gym or whatever then some form of protein (shake, bars, sustigen, etc) afterwards for your muscles to grow. It's great that you and your band are working together! keep up the great work!
  5. Ompster

    Costs of Barium Swallow

    Don't stress, was in a similar situation. my pouch had expanded and was causing all sorts of reflux and swallowing issues. after i had some fill out for a few weeks everything went back to normal. Atleast your taking the right steps in to finding out what is wrong. Slippage doesn't always mean surgery either. some if i'm not mistaken can be fixed with a balloon like a catheter. fingers crossed!
  6. Ompster

    home same day as surgery

    Was first op of the day, on my way home by lunchtime. I did however feel VERY seedy, like someone had been man handling my stomach. my couch and the hospital bed was no different though they give me pills ,etc. if it's free then stay imo
  7. Ompster

    Update on me!

    smokin hot, keep up the great work! I think I have about 4ml in my band. I've had a lot more in there at some point but even now I think it's a little too much at times. Just goes to show that over time restriction vs ml can change greatly.
  8. Ompster

    Costs of Barium Swallow

    Have had one and medicare covers part of it but I was still $80 out of pocket on the day. I was in the same situation as you, turns out my band was just a bit too tight.
  9. BMI is bullshit my doc said ideal weight is prob 70, I got to 71 and was disgusted by my reflection, I could see my ribs and bones it was nasty so I decided 75 and my doc agrees thats perfect. And by the way 70 for me is still overweight going by BMI lol. Someone mentioned to me the other day also you have the usual muscle weighs more than fat ,etc but also any excess skin you may have also weighs you down.
  10. Ompster

    Exercise after banding.

    Walking as soon as you can, I remember walking to the shops everyday after my op to get an ice cold drink and love that feeling when you can feel it going down that was the best! Apart from that as soon as your wounds heal up a bit (you don't want to bleed!) Avoid abs like the ab crunch machines especially if your port is a little tender still. From memory, once I was on solid foods again for about a week I was good to go at the gym. You can also buy those resistance bands and workout on the couch i did that too. Goodluck with your op!
  11. Ompster


    Had the BA swallow last week didn't taste too bad I had to drink nearly the whole cup though! Doc thought my band might of slipped or moved because i've had reflux for a long time now I don't think its from the band though. Results came back perfectly clear but he still wants to do that scope thing in a few weeks, he also took some fill out... still got reflux but I can eat like a truck lol He also said I would be conscious for the scope, it doesn't sound very pleasant at all but what I want to know is, if my band is fine why am I having it done????
  12. Ompster

    GP to do fills cheaper

    Interesting topic, I don't pay for my fills or checkups was included in my price. However I went back recently and my surgeon said that medicare isn't going to cover the fills anymore. To combat this he said he was training his nurses to do the adjustments. Has anyone else heard about this?
  13. As one of the few males on the forum... You might like to look at this! Kinda funny and people are looking :).

  14. Ompster

    Non banded partners just don't get it

    Thanks for all the replies everyone, as you probably guessed we weren't together when I was bigger. We knew each other but never together. She came in about a a year after my op so I had already lost significant amounts. She said she will try and be more understanding which is a start I guess. She also does what many of you have also said and is very judgmental of what I eat. What is worse is that sometimes she will say YOU NEED TO EAT! And i may reply, but I'm full? She will just keep pushing that too despite telling her if I need food i WILL eat I love food lol. Fingers crossed she mends her ways although I guess its pretty naive to think someone will change. She is doing her grad year up in the country next year. So maybe the time apart will do us good. Have been together just over 2 years now.