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    Long Time

    Me... Life has a way of getting busy just wanted to pop in and say hi ! all is still goung well with me maintaining my weight and loving life. . Have taken to cruising and am heading off on a 14day cruise to NewZealand and back from Sydney on the 7th...will celebrate my 67th on the trip... My son is now considering WLS ...I hope whatever choices he makes it works for him.. Posted a couple of new pix in my album. . Wishing all bandits a great successful 2015... Marion
  2. luvmyband

    Long Time

    Thankyou both.. I can't believe I have been banded for 5yrs... The time has flown , I don't regret a moment...
  3. luvmyband

    Tonights Dinner..

    Lets share.. This is one of my favorite meals a grilled chicken Kabab and salad... Its on a small plate and I am so full... Salad...cucumber , tomato,capsicum,advocado all diced I ususally have Feta cheese crumbled on it but forgot it in my groceries.. Marion..
  4. luvmyband

    oh my god :-)

    Thats Great Greg , I am sure you will feel heaps better with the new look ..as well as a few kilos lighter again.. Bet your excited....
  5. luvmyband

    My Big Fat Operation - ABC2

    The first time I had a ultra sound thing just hand held moved over the port , then the doc. marked on my records exactly where the port was situated and all the following fills he just stabbed me in the correct spot... no drama`s...
  6. luvmyband

    My Big Fat Operation - ABC2

    Yeah sh really had a phobia with needles didn`t she ..a great loving supporting hubby....
  7. luvmyband

    Hardwork....but it is worth it

    well done looking wonderful..
  8. luvmyband

    Just saying "Hi"

    welcome to a great group and congrtz on taking this step to get healthy.. All those thoughts are normal....best move I have made , you will not look back... Good luck on yur Journey.. Marion
  9. luvmyband

    I just have to say it...

    A Great friendship started with a common goal whoo !!! way to go Bandits..
  10. luvmyband

    My Band & Me

    Sorry to here you have been unwell , I understand what your going through as my sister suffers and is on sickness benifits for Fibromyalgia its a terrible illness.. I wish you well with the management of it and with your continued weight loss journey;;; Marion
  11. luvmyband

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi, Welcome to the group and good luck with your journey..Late and I m off to bed but wanted to say Hi ! before I switched off, looking forward to following your journey come back and let us know how you get on ..
  12. luvmyband

    Donation info for BandingTogether

    Done ..will try to remember to donate each year...Thanks Dave... are you a P plate doc now up=graded from a L Marion
  13. luvmyband

    my new tattoo

    how cute ...
  14. luvmyband

    Sleeved booked for the 5 th Feb

    I am a Bandit but just wanted to say Good Luck on your proceedure and on your weight loss journey... and welcome to a great group of likeminded people... Marion
  15. Anyone get addicted to excersize......??
  16. luvmyband

    November 2012

  17. luvmyband

    January 2013 Bandits

    To All Members being Banded this month..
  18. luvmyband

    December 2012 Bandits

  19. luvmyband

    At Surgeon's Goal weight

    lol OOOps better put my glasses on......
  20. luvmyband

    November 2012

    PS our Samoyed has now passed and we have 2 more cats
  21. luvmyband

    November 2012

    When I first joined I use to make members (and myself signatures just hought I would share one of mine)
  22. luvmyband

    November 2012

    To all members ....
  23. luvmyband

    Pics with my parents :D

    You and your parents must be so proud you have done GREAT congratulations and I am sure your 2013 will be a fabulous year...WELL DONE.. Marion
  24. luvmyband

    At Surgeon's Goal weight

    You look Fabulous...(different man ?) congratulations you should be proud of yourself... Marion