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  1. Ashme88

    Fill fail HELP

    I'm ok now must have been just swellin thank goodness
  2. Ashme88

    Fill fail HELP

    Thanks hun that's the plan also read that warm liquids are really benifical might have a cuppa see if that makes NE kind of difference guess having the pain and discomfort over to the man upstairs hopefully he can help me out
  3. Ashme88

    Fill fail HELP

    I can tolerate liquids just not NE thing else like soup I was at 4 cc then they gave me the fill so that would make it 4.5 cc I requested they take 1.5 cc out so I only have 3 cc in there so I don't understand y I'm still like this I'm praying to god its because I vomited like 20 times in 3 hours blah I feel drained and upset can't stop sobbing just wanna feel ok
  4. Ashme88

    First fill attempt- epic fail

    Any veteran Banders On can someone inbox me please
  5. Ashme88

    Fill fail HELP

    So today I had a fill only .5 of a mil and I could even swallow my own spit was throwing up phlegmy foam looking stuff for hours the hospital finally took 1.5 ml out but I still feel like shit I can swallow my spit and just tolerate liquid tried soup for tea and it came strait back up please tell me I don't have to go back I couldn't bare it I was thinking my stomach may be very swollen from the constent vomiting can any one please shed some light
  6. I tried to email and it got sent back happy for you to email me =] ashlea.veal@hotmail.com
  7. Ashme88

    Almost 12 months post up and 20kg gone

    Congrats on the weight loss =] 20 kgs is alot i think its dependent on your starting weight the bigger you are sometimes the quicker it comes off =] i have now just reached 20kgs lost and my op was 7 and a half months ago i also i would have lost a hell of alot more by now as my starting weight was 197kgs hang in there any loss is amazing =]
  8. 2 weeks another 3kgs down =] starting to get a little excited =] cant wait till im able to see a diffrence =]

    1. KeepStrong2012


      I only noticed the difference when I was 30kg down. Funny how you don't even notice. I suggest take pictures of yourself to help notice the difference. I have pics of me with jeans about 5 cms gap to close, then another picture with 2 cms gap to close then another picture with the pants done up.

    2. Ashme88


      I have been taking pics but my clothing still feels tight! gahh i think im failing a tad

  9. Ashme88

    Banding and Pregnacy

    if you dont mind me asking pkaddamo what was your starting weight?
  10. Whats peoples experiences with having the lap band and being preg do u have to have your fills taken out? can u still loose weight and be pregnant at the same time? peoples experiences expesh those who have only had there band under 6 months =]
  11. Ashme88

    Help- Melbourne

    Heyy, i was on the waiting list for like 3 months and i got it done, depeneding on how servely overweight u are depends how fast you get in ect if un have any other health issues as well =] LapBand is slowly changing my life =] extremely happy i had it done it is a life saver, i had a rocky start as i got a fill and it was too much so i ended up having it taken out again so basicly i just have the band no fill and im still looking weight not huge amount but its better then nothing=] Feel the band nope have heard when u loose the weight u can feel the port =] urmmm not sure where the breathing thing comes into it? the only like i struggle is if i eat something that gets stuck and i have to vomit then u gasp a little but its not something major =] life after band is ok lol still learning what i can and carnt eat =] and have to stop having a drink and getting maccas on the way home because i vom after one bite lol miss it all the junk food and all that but i value life more and with out this i would die honestly =] feel free to contact me when ever =]
  12. Ashme88

    Loose skin concerns =[

    Soo i got my lap band as a public paitent and im big so i knw the loose skin im going to have is going to be ALOT just realised that i dont have $1000's to get it removed :/ i knw its better then being over weight but im just wondering if any one has had it done being a public paitent and they have helped you out with the loose skin also?
  13. Ashme88


    I got mine does as a public paitent and Dr Nottle also did mine he is AMAZING =] he works out of the alfred hospital as well so perhaps there are ways around the fee's =] GL <3
  14. Ashme88

    Help- Melbourne

    I was banded as a public paitent but i knw dr nottle does performs the op at the alfred so thats a public hosiptlal =]