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  1. snas77

    I am in tears.

    I have been M.I.A for some time now, for many reasons and Dom, its great to hear from you, but I am sorry some drop kick has an inferiority complex and gets off making others feel small and insignificant and has this time aimed it at you... I have been overwieght my whole life and i don't care what anyone says the stupid petty comments hurt even if you think they shouldnt... as do the oh so funny "do you want a box of tissue"comments above. Dave started this site as a place for those of us with weight loss surgery or thinking about it to get support from each other, from people who really know how we are feeling... and if you feel the need to use this as something else I think you should go elsewhere. I have sat here today and read comments like you should be able to laugh at fat jokes and not take yourself seriouslu etc etc, but you know what I dont find jokes that look at anyones differences as funny I find them in poor taste. Its really not so hard if you dont have something nice to say keep your mouths shut or better yet get off line and come back later when you can be nice. Dom you have done a great job with your weight loss and should be so proud of yourself, and you have always been a great friend to lean on in here ofr anyone who needs it, you are a great guy and you desevre to feel comfortable to say whats on your mind, as do we all Just to remind everyon the first rule ion the chat page is that you shall not "verbally abuse, attack, embarrass, or threaten anyone else in the chat room, no matter what they might say to you"\ Sorry if this upsets anyone, but i really miss the BT site as it used to be, and if noone speaks up we might not ever get it back Lots of hugs Dom Cass xx
  2. hey Helen and Brooke, Congratulations!!! we made it through 6 months with a band... It has certainly not been easy but we are still giving it our best and are lots healthier than we were 6 months ago when we started this... may the next 6 months be better and lighter than the first Love Cass x
  3. snas77

    new & clueless

    hi and welcome... I live in Blackheath at the top of the mountains so not far from you( well not too far anyway) IU was banded almost 6 months ago and have lost 27.5kg so far with another 34 to go so almost 1/2 way. The people on this forum are wonderful, I have never been part of a group that is so supportive with none of that nasty stuff. Its great. Good luck with the self loathing and self restraint- if you make any inroads I would love to know how- i suffer also Cass
  4. snas77

    Queensland Flood Appeal

    dont know what you all think but I now have some clothes that are too big that I was going to put on here for you all to have, but think I will hang on to them for someone in QLD who needs them... if anyone knows of someone who has lost it all in a size 24, 22 ish let me know and I will send what I have to them... otherwise I will send them up later through vinnies Cass xx
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for all your work on the new site.... I was just wondering about a few things. I was wondering if there is a button that allows us to skip to the new posts when reading a topic as there was on the old site? I am a bit worried that anyone can post a link to either twitter or Face book- there are some of us on here who have kept our bands to ourselves, not wanting to tell, but that might not stay a secret if it can be posted on facebook. Maybe I am being silly I don't know but if people are going to find out I should be able to tell them myself, not have to face the questions etc based on what they read on facebook. I don't know about anyone else but I liked thr fact that BT was private and not connected to anything else Thanks Cass
  6. snas77


    Hey Tahnee, I am sorry you feel down in the dumps, I understand completely... I was due for my 2nd fill back in Sep, I changed my date to the week after as I wanted to go out with some friends and dont often get the chance. My mum hurt her back 2 days after I went out with friends and I couldnt get to see my doctor till the end of Nov. I desperatly needed some fill back in Sep and it was awful having to rely on my ever draining will power... just try and stick to the rules- no more than 1 cup of food, eat slowly , if you are hungry have a drink of water(I know you know all of them) and be nice to yourself.... its a marathon not a sprint if today is a bad day try again tomorrow- baby steps. I am here if you need someone to vent to, I can send you my mobile no if you want Cass xx
  7. Hi everyone, This is really long so I understand if you don't wanna read it all, but I needed to get it out and I know you giuys would understand have been MIA for a while- my mum is still living with us, and has added to her list of sickness and injuries which is stressing me out and making me think that i won't ever see my old life again "SIGH" anyway I went back to the old me who ate when sad, happy, angry, bored, and since my last fill I have managed to put on over a kilo- now before you tell me its expected until I get to my sweet spot I get that but I have not yet been at my sweet spot( unless you mean that spot where I devour a whole block of chocolate) and I have lost weight all the way through... in fact until October 1st when my mum first went into hospital I had lost 20kg since July ... and I had managed to meet 2 of my major weight loss goals which is something I have never been able to do where my weight is concerned... since then for a myriad of reasons I have stopped putting myself first with the attitude of "what does it matter" and "I am so used and abused woe me" that my weight loss journey has pretty much stopped, and then over Christmas I saw all the food and pressies as an excuse to eat it all... but the thing is as I have been doing this the sad and angry unhappy Cass has come back. I am cranky at my kids, short tempered with Julian and cross at the world in general ( do not cut me off on the road cause at the moment I will not be held responsible for my actions just ask my hubby) So obviously not coping and have no new strategies to put into place to fix that . When I started this journey I was so proud of myself- the weight loss and how none of the junk food in my house interested me, that I had a good handle on this journey and mentally I was keeping up with the new me. NOW just 5 months later I feel like a failure, and many times over the last week or so when I stopped mowing through all of the food in my pantry long enough to think about it I have no idea why. Even as I put it into my mouth I know I don't need it and most times I don’t even relly want it but I eat it anyway I dont want to fail, I dont want to be the fattest person anyone knows anymore and I want to be skinny, healthy and happy more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. That is the one thing I used to wish for as a kid who cried herself to sleep cause the other kids used to laugh and pick on me- to be skinny. So if that’s the one thing I would give up almost anything for why am I sabotaging myself from getting there??? Maybe its because I am scared of the unknown. If I am not the fat friend /sister/daughter/mum/wife then who am I ??? Does that mean the skinny version of me has to stop hiding from life behind my weight and start to really enjoy what I have. Stop using how much I weigh as an excuse to stay home, and am I really worth it??? After some serious soul searching and self lecturing I have discovered a few things… 1. What bandsters say about the band not being a magic cure really is true )(Bugger!!!!) I did know that in my head but I was hoping( LOL) but it has given me another chance and probably a hundred more chances to not go too far backwards until I come to my senses again 2. I have no right to gorge myself silly. I borrowed the $$$ for this to happen and until I have paid it back I have to do what I am supposed to do, or I am wasting someone else’s money. Which I have no right to do. 3. I am lazy by nature and I don’t want to exercise, but I don’t have to like it I just have to do it. No one else is physically stopping me from doing it nor are they physically forcing me to eat crap I am doing it all on my own and have no right to blame or be cranky at anyone else if I don’t exercise or eat right 4. My goals have not changed and I do want to be thin and healthy… I have to try and curb my need for instant gratification ( yum) and look towards what I want for the rest of my life not just what I want for dinner 5. I am being tough on myself, but I think with so much riding on my attitude I should be, I have spent my life telling myself its ok cause I am a nice person… and look where it got me… 131.4kg and desperately unhappy… it didn’t work then and it wont work now 6. I am not just punishing myself I am punishing my family by being cranky and moody and unhappy when I have the means to make it better. For that I am truly sorry and I need to fix it quick!! 7. I am teaching my girls bad bad food habits that they will carry with them through their lives. I don’t want them to have the emotional baggage I have and to have life long issues with their weight, and I have to do something about my baggage now so that they wont follow in my footsteps 6.Stopping my weight loss journey because I am scared of the future and how I will cope is just plain dumb.. Whatever it is it has to be better than this unhappy wife and mum who I have become- my family deserve more than that and I think so do I 7. I do deserve to be happy, and I do have the right to have my dreams come true… all of my friends and family and all of you here believe in me then the least I can do to repay all those people( and all of you) is to believe in myself, be kind to myself when I stuff up and make myself happy so after a day of soul searching, back on shakes and 34mins of exercise completed I am going to be kind to myself and jump back on the part of the wagon I didn’t devour and try again I cant guarantee to be completely perfect but I owe it to my family and more importantly to myself to give it my best shot Sorry this was so long but life epiphanies take a little longer Thanks for listening Cass xx
  8. snas77

    Sydney Catch up?

    Dom, comonmg from the Blue Mountains and Chezilla even farther west so thats good for us
  9. snas77

    Kristy's Getting Married today

    hey Kristy, I hope today was all you dreamed it to be, and that your life together is full of happiness Cass xx
  10. snas77

    Sydney Catch up?

    hi guys, Parramatta suits me, but I will travel where ever If we need to move it. Thanee would love to meet you while you are here - i am guessing you wil be on public transport so maybe somewhere closer to the city would be better... Dom, we don't have to wait till after you are banded to get together but Jan/feb is probably the best as Chrissy is almost here and life is hugely busy is everyone happy with the 2oth Feb? Cass
  11. snas77

    My Intro

    hi and welcome I have been banded since July and I have lost 328.5 sausages LOL that is a greta way to look at it. your weightloss is amazing- you must feel so empowered. Congratulations Cass x
  12. snas77

    Where are all the Sydney People!

    hey domonic, I am not sure there are too many of us here- I haven't come across too many. I think ATGREG, and Celtic and myself are in Sydney but not sure of who else. I live in the blue Mountains I would like to know if there are more of us- maybe a catch up before christmas cass xx
  13. snas77

    Newbie from Qld

    hi and welcome- all of us here at banding together are a wonderful bunch of people who are only here to support- not to judge, so no matter what your journey is or what bought you here we are all here to help Good luck Cass xx
  14. snas77

    Another Newby.....

    hi Cazza and welcome. Glad to hear you are on the improve. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey Cass x
  15. snas77

    The Scales!!!

    I weigh in everyday- and I try and fool myself by telling myself that by getting on them everyday I am getting to know my body better LOL I have however since being banded started and having a few disappointing wigh ins I take less stock in what they say- but its a habit I can't break Cass x