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  1. bandwagon

    My updates

    Ironman, if all else fails you can always use the ones for sale in Bunnings!!!. You will know there is a change in weight, just with the fit of your clothes. Best wishes for your surgery and beyond.
  2. bandwagon

    Fills SOR

    Hello Kate, the only doctors I know of are in SJOG Murdoch Stephen Watson or Harsha Chandraratna. Or Gordon Padovan in Mandurah. They would be your closest. Best wishes,
  3. bandwagon

    Vitamin Patches

    I agree jachut. That's why I am looking into it. The patches are promoted in the US, with comments that absorption of nutrients are hampered by bariatric surgery. I would buy some online,( brand is PatchMD) but am not sure of the efficiency. I was hoping some-one might have first hand information.
  4. bandwagon

    Vitamin Patches

    Hello All, I never cease to be impressed by the genuine support given to others on this site. I suppose it is the common experience of struggle of one kind or another regarding our weight and health. A question about multi vitamin patches. Has any-one tried them and if so, how effective are they?. Where are they obtainable in Australia?. Many thanks.
  5. bandwagon

    After hours fills?

    Hello Caris,You could try Dr van Rooyen in Mandurah. he is a GP with band experience. Ph 95354644. Not sure about his hours. You would need to explain the reason for the visit to the receptionist. I have seen him a couple of times. He covers for my specialist when he is away.
  6. bandwagon


    Hello, sorry to hear about your problem. With constant pain, the best suggestion is to get medical advice asap. Go to the A&E and insist on being seen. Wait if necessary, you won't feel like doing much else anyway. It could be any number of things happening,so get checked out and put your mind at ease. Let's know how you got on. Best wishes.
  7. bandwagon

    Lapband diet

    Hello. Don't apologise for wanting information about your plans to change your health for the better. I wish I had known my specialist wants my band emptied every time I go overseas.I have travelled a lot, so feel that I don't have weight loss during the lead up and after my return. I have never gone back to my start weight, but just not lost any while away. He worries about vomiting if I should get gastro while cruising too. Some cruise ships have had huge problems with gastro. When I came home from hospital after surgery I was very frightened to take tablets. I found the best way to take paracetamol was to crush it in honey. I liquid stuff is awful. I read on this site about coca cola being helpful for stuck moments. I always have it to drink while eating out so there are no quick trips to the washroom.. At least fizzy of some kind. It is also useful when I feel uncomfortable at night with regurgitation or just discomfort after eating too late. Also don't be shy to spit out any thing that you think is not going to go down easily. This you will know with time. A discreet tissue or serviette is all you need handy in your handbag. It is certainly better than the pain of some-thing stuck. Now with 5ml in a 10ml band I have about as much restriction as I can handle. I can't eat rice, white bread, fresh fruit of any kind and find steamed vegetables difficult, no pasta or noodles. A couple of times a week I make a mixed veg soup that I vitamise for myself. Others eat it as it is cooked.Usually every day I have a smoothie, made with banana, milk, probiotic drink,and protein powder. Benefiber can go in too if needed!!., Keep reading and as long as you do as the doctor says when having the band filled, you will be okay. As we all say, every-one is different and you will know what is going to work for you. Best wishes as you start your journey.
  8. bandwagon


    Dear Fluffy, Well done with your weight loss. Sounds to me that you need a bit of a reminder as to how the band works and the need for regular checks by your doctor or health professional. You may need some adjustment now. ( More fluid ). As far as I know prednisolone has a side effect of causing weight gain. Some-thing else to speak to your doctor or pharmacist about. There may be some other medication that can serve you better to treat your arthritis. Best wishes for your continued success.
  9. bandwagon

    Newby Feb surgery

    Dear SJB, after travelling o/seas a lot this year I can understand your caution. Six weeks after my band I went on a cruise...no worries. This year before travelling, I checked with Smart Traveller and they have countries listed with health care arrangements with Australia. Worth having a look. I always ask my Dr for his advice about taking out or leaving the fill depending on where I am going. Nepal...all out. UK some out. It is not only the food stuck moments that can cause problems, but any travel bugs that cause vomiting. The vomiting can dislodge the band. May-be my Dr is ultra cautious. Others may have other ideas. A severe Bali belly or Montazuma's revenge can be problematic esp. in 3rd world countries. Just my tuppence worth. Best Wishes.
  10. bandwagon

    Taking fill out whilst overseas

    Hello Natasha, I recently (1 week ago ) went to Nepal and other SE Asian countries for 4 weeks. My specialist insisted I have most of my fill out. Reluctantly I agreed. I had a wonderful holiday, not having to worry about where the nearest hospital might be if I had trouble. I came back the same weight as when I left. Dr was impressed. Just having a band is a constant reminder to be cautious with food. There is so much walking just getting around the airports, never mind corridors in hotels etc. A workout in itself. Take advice from your doctor. Overseas is a completely different medical experience. Happy travelling.
  11. bandwagon

    Any mature age banders here please?

    I am 65 and banded for 16 weeks now. Have lost over 9 kg of the doctor's prediction of 16 Kg. Loving the weight loss, getting used to a change of diet and naughty habits!!. The weight loss is wonderful. I certainly have no regrets. Good luck
  12. bandwagon

    Photos of Chubby Nanna - Nearly Slim Nanna

    Wow Slimmish Nana, So well done. What an achievement. I am 65 and only 10 days banded. I could not see myself managing into older age without losing weight. You are an inspiration, and saying that any0ne can do it. Thanks for the pictures.
  13. bandwagon

    Optifast Day 21... Should Have Learnt :(

    Good luck for your surgery. The change in relationship with food from then on is another learning curve. You're getting there!!Well done.
  14. bandwagon

    And then comes day 5

    I am enjoying your posts too Ashmee88.I am a couple of days behind you, so interesting to hear how another is managing. I am on day 4 today and feeling so much more human again. I am on the thicker fluids as from today and it is much nicer. Tummy is still sore, but I can sleep on either side now. The swelling is slowly going down on my tummy. I admire you with your little people to look after and having a party already too!!. Keep up the good work. Your children will love you for it. I will try the chip licking trick if I get tempted !!. That's what is so nice about this site. Every one says it how it is.
  15. bandwagon

    is it too early to start a September post ?

    Thanks for your reply daisy1971. I am looking forward to my surgery. It will be a change of relationship with eating, and I have learnt so much from this site. The dietitian was more helpful than I expected. My surgery was booked for just 9 days after my surgical apt, but I was confident in my decision, so why wait?. I have been researching WLS for a few years now. My biggest issue is to continue to cook for my dear husband while not being able to eat much myself. Never mind. It will all sort itself out.