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  1. For anyone interested. I'm new to doing the weight loss pictures/videos but I'm going to give it a go......

    YouTube: http://bit.ly/2dXPlle

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fit.amy88/

  2. I joined the local 24 hour gym last Tuesday. I've never joined before cause of the cost of joining (around $130 upfront) but they were having a "Join with a mate and pay just $1 upfront" deal, so I joined up with my brother and it will only cost me just under $30 a fortnight with no lock in contract. Since Tuesday I have been to the gym 10 times and plan to keep going. I actually look forward to it. I normally do only half hour on the treadmill but I'm working on increasing that time. On days I work (I usually work nights) I only go once in the morning, on days I do not work I go morning and evening. Proud of myself so far.

  3. Have fallen off the exercise band wagon.... No motivation to exercise at the moment.... Need to get back on track.... :mellow:

    1. tishtish


      Whenever I feel like this I remind myself that this is when I need it most.


  4. amy_agatha

    Slow Cooker?

  5. amy_agatha

    Food Porn :)

    Probably not the healthiest thing to have but this is my version of Ceasar Salad. Lettuce, a boiled egg, a bit of cheese and Ceasar dressing (and sometimes some steamed chicken breast but not on this one)
  6. amy_agatha

    Slow Cooker?

    I was recently given a Slow Cooker / Crockpot thing (are they the same thing or different?) and was wondering if anyone had any good Chicken or Potato recipes that I can try? I've found a couple but not many so far. Thanks Amy
  7. Just logged in for the first time in awhile.... I LOVE the new lay out =D Now to have a look around and see if anything else has changed ^_^

  8. amy_agatha

    Thoughts of the new FITBITS!

    They range from $80-$350. I have a flex which I love. they cost around $120 (unless on special, where you can sometimes get for $99 or less). I'm saving for a surge, which is the $350 one. each one counts steps, then depending on what u get you can get sleep tracker, stair tracker, heart rate monitor, silent alarm, etc. heres a link to the fitbit site and the comparison page where you can compare the different models. https://www.fitbit.com/au/compare you should be able to find the manuals at the below link that will tell you how they work, etc. http://help.fitbit.com/ hope this helps you.
  9. This is a good website if you like challenges and stuff. Have fun and get fit. https://www.leap4life.com/challenges/welcome?rc=5631&rt=social_chal

  10. fell off the path the last few days, especially today... but back on track tomorrow, fingers crossed.

  11. amy_agatha

    Tummy Tuck Worries

    Hey all hope all is going well on everyone's journeys. I was speaking to my mum today and she suggests I go on the waiting list to see the specialist that comes to town every now and then to get my name on the public waiting list for a tummy tuck. she says it was 10 months before she saw the guy after putting her name down to see him and it's only today she got a call from the hospital, 12 months after seeing the specialist (she is 3kg to heavy atm to get it done but they will ring her back next month to see if shes there yet.) I'm going to get a referral next I go to the doctor. I was 96.9kg on Sunday morning so I have a way to go but if its gunna take almost 2 years to get there then guess its a good time to put my name down. Problem is, Lap band was my first ever surgery and I hate the idea of surgery. Lap band was key hole but this tummy tuck is way more so I'm a bit worried. but I keep thinking of the end result.... I dunno... Has anyone else had a tummy tuck? how long does it take to heal? how painful is it (I'm no good with pain)? any advice? I know its a year or two away but I'm a worrier lol Thanks & good luck to everyone Amy
  12. 96.9kg this morning

    1. Belsie


      Nice work !!! :-)

  13. amy_agatha

    Christmas Challange

    Thanks Lanners It was hard for me to start but now I can get up and do 20 minutes of walking easy and getting better each day. As of this morning I was 96.9kg so I feel I'm going well, I'm going in the right direction at least. lol Dr Leong will be pleased, he wanted me under 100kg by next visit (late november).
  14. -_- I really need more self control. Weighed this morning (only meant to every Sunday lol) but on the bright side, I'm 97.1kg now =D still going in the right direction ^_^
  15. 98.4 this morning..... gotta stop weighing every day =/ back to weekend weighs now.... hopefully ^_^