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  1. Jacqui66

    Addicted to chocolate need help

    Have brought some magnesium tablets and taking 1 every night. Seems to be helping. Now to try and keep busy enough at work to stay away from the vending machine. I think they should remove the chocolate and chip one from work and if we really need something like this should walk to the shop. Our job is a sit all day job so to keep healthy they should remove them.
  2. Jacqui66

    Addicted to chocolate need help

    Thanks guys. I'm definitely addicted if there is no chocolate in the house I raid the kids LCM bars. If I didn't have to buy the kids junk I'm sure it would be easier. Leya if I have a block of chocolate in the house I can't just eat a bit either. My other weakness is Magnum ice creams. I will try the magnesium tablets.
  3. Hi I've been banded 4yrs in Dec, first 2 were great lost 20kg but the last 2 I have put 7kg back on and it keeps creeping back on. I know I am eating the wrong food but how do you break this bad habit of eating chocolate every day. I try not to but it gets to 3pm and I'm over work and bored with still 3hrs left before knocking off. What can I replace the chocolate with that will stop the sweet cravings. By the way I don't like fruit. Would appreciate some advice. Thanks Jacqui
  4. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Weighed in at 75kg today. Not moving but have had a bad year eating chocolate and no exercise really need to break this cycle I'm in.
  5. Jacqui66


    Well done Trish. Have just read and liked your Facebook page. You have done a wonderful job as always. xx
  6. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Angel Butterfly your so funny. I haven't liked my scales for 12mths. Weighed in at 75kg so up. Doesn't help when I'm sitting here eating chocolate while looking after my autistic son who has the bad flu going around. My daughter and I have also caught it. I also became a nanny for the first time Saturday 18th July to Grayson. No cuddles for me while I'm sick
  7. Jacqui66

    Feedback on new site

    I miss the columns on the right hand side. Latest status, blogs, birthdays. Had trouble with logging in until I read beebop status saying not to use email.
  8. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Still sitting around the same this week, 74.5kg. Have a great week
  9. Jacqui66

    Updated pics

    Have a great time, you look gorgeous
  10. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    112kg. Barely eaten or exercised for a couple of days due to a bad concussion received on Sunday afternoon. Rest is on the agenda this week until I don't feel like a crash test dummy anymore (or kinda look like one lol) ouch hurts to laugh or smile. Hope your feeling better soon Angel. Weigh in this morning was 74.7 kg. have been so good today have had no chocolate, just have to keep it up.
  11. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Well I think my scales have broken! Not sure what is going on, last Wednesday was 75kg, then jumped on scales Saturday and was back down to 74.1kg, then today jump on and it's 74.8kg. Wish it would make up its mind. Have a good week everyone
  12. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Up this week to 75kg. Must be all the comfort food. Not happy.
  13. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Yes Trish it is. I treated myself and hubby to a glamour photo shoot. Thanks for your comment. ☺
  14. Jacqui66

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Welcome back Kate, you are so close to goal. I am with Trish, I'm not playing this week. Jumped on the scales this morning and jumped straight off will try to be good for next week lol. Hope everyone has a good week
  15. Jacqui66

    Before and after photo shoot

    What a great idea.