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  1. Hi I had by lap band done in Hobart and have just moved to Canberra. I phoned Canberra Bariatric to get an appointment and had no trouble getting an appointment. I had to wait a few weeks to see one of their surgeons and bring a copy of my operation report. I went this week and the doctor was friendly and also the receptionist. I was also told that they have a regular fill adjustment doctor once a fortnight who ran a clinic and after seeing their surgeon first, I was then able to attend that clinic. I think if you decide to go to Sydney to have your surgery for lower costs or any other reasons, it is reasonable to return to them for all your follow up appointments. If you move to Canberra from another State, then it is reasonable to expect Canberra Bariatric to take you on as a patient. I also had to have fluid taken out of my band on a visit to Melbourne and had to pay over $300 to see a clinic and have fluid removed.