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  1. thunderthighsnomore

    Choosing your weight loss goal

    Wow skeeter, great work! I'm so inspired, thank you.
  2. thunderthighsnomore

    Weigh In Wednesday

    First week on Opti and I'm down 5.4kg - woo!!
  3. thunderthighsnomore

    Optifast - yum.

    Back on the intensive wagon now but seriously craving hot chips today (I won't have them don't stress haha)
  4. thunderthighsnomore


    The term "plus sized" should be banned altogether.
  5. thunderthighsnomore

    Wedding Chatter

    We're starting to plan now, aiming for autumn 2016 excited!!!!
  6. thunderthighsnomore

    Wedding Chatter

    My goodness Fresh Start 2 your wedding was gorgeous and the bridesmaids dresses are almost exactly the same as what my girls and I looked at (great minds). I also love the guys suits and your dress - stunning!!!
  7. thunderthighsnomore

    Wedding Chatter

    I'm having purple shoes too
  8. thunderthighsnomore

    Holy shit!

    WOW - you looked lovely then but look even lovelier now!! Great work!!
  9. thunderthighsnomore


    Hee Hee Hee love it.
  10. thunderthighsnomore

    11 months and 46kgs later...

    You look stunning - well done!!!!
  11. thunderthighsnomore


    Saw these 2 images on Facebook today and thought I'd share on here - enjoy
  12. thunderthighsnomore

    Pre-making shakes

    Personally I wouldn't because they settle and go a bit funky. If time is an issue maybe grab a bullet type blender - it's quick, simple and gives the shakes etc a milkshake like thick consistency.
  13. thunderthighsnomore

    Healthy (besides being obese)

    Thanks for the responses everyone
  14. thunderthighsnomore

    Healthy (besides being obese)

    I don't mean to brag or sound like a prat, but was anyone else relatively healthy before surgery (besides being overweight or obese, of course). For me, I feel very fortunate to have no existing conditions like say high blood pressure or diabetes, which both of my parents have. Of course, I know that if I continued the way I was before making the decision to change my life and get a gastric sleeve, I may not be so lucky. Do you think it comes down to a good childhood eating habits, genetics, or just plain dumb luck? What are everyone else's thoughts?
  15. thunderthighsnomore

    Exercise music

    Thanks guys