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  1. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    Just had a fill today 6.5 ml in a 10 ml band ....doc told me im going to hate him same as you bring it on !!
  2. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    So how is everyone going all good I hope
  3. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    19KGS down yeehhhaarr... Went out for dinner with the family my meal cost me $13.00 woohoooo Im such a cheap date can only order a entrée...My hubby even had to help me finish my meal. I have had a couple of moments this week trying new foods but its all trial and error
  4. hurricanesky

    Travelling Overseas with the band

    By the sounds of it you have everything under control ...go and enjoy your holiday and you are going to USA where Lapband is as common as bread wouldn't worry about a thing
  5. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    Yep no more shopping at "TENTS ARE US " for me hehehehe
  6. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    HAHAHAH going to have to buy knickers this week just pulled them up over my boobs there that big .....Sorry had to Share
  7. hurricanesky

    November 2013 Bandits

    Maybe Doc moved the needle to much while in there ....I have to inject medication for Arthritis and only time I get bruising is from doing such a thing
  8. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    My start weight was 122kgs... now 105kgs ...goal weight 75kgs
  9. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    Second fill today 5.5ml in my band now ...17kgs down in 2 months woohhhoooo !
  10. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    Finally letting go ,went though my wardrobe today and the things that I normally would place in a storage crate that I have done many a times because I felt they where to good to throw away and what if I put my weight back on I may need them again ...well I finally got rid of them for good this time !!! And the storage crate with the clothes ' well one day I may get into them ' I have just put half of them back in my wardrobe so feeling pretty positive today
  11. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    I have 4ml in a 10ml band I finding I can eat pretty well ,have had a few moments when food has gone down a bit rough . I haven't vomited which I think is excellent means Im behaving and doing well so far. Next fill is 13th Feb. I do think I need it though Lost 1.5kg since fill im so damn impatient ...I have to understand took me years to put this weight on so it wont be overnight to get it off
  12. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    I cant do undie shots I see that sight every morning and it scares me haha I have plenty of fully clothed before photos so that will do me , each to there own though
  13. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    easy as Sammy the first fill
  14. hurricanesky

    Christmas Banders

    ohhh just had a bit of chicken went down a bit rough ...friendly reminder to my self ' You have a band you idiot!!!
  15. hurricanesky

    Any Jan 2014 Bandits?

    Don't worry to much about your weight yet your still in recovery mode....I didn't start seeing much change straight away I have only just had my first fill that should get the ball rolling for me ...hang in there