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  1. LeanneJ

    Op tomorrow feeling emotional

    Good luck with it all and looking forward to seeing your photos when you're ready
  2. LeanneJ

    Christmas Banders

    I had my checkup and have had my 1st fill of 4mls and feel pretty darn good, well done with how your going but you need to be careful your band doesn't slip if you keep throwing up and go us Yay!!
  3. LeanneJ

    Christmas Banders

    Finally I'm under 110kilos - 109.6 and I have my 2nd appt this Wednesday so i'll have to remember to ask what size etc and hopefully they'll put some fill in this time. I have sat between 110 - 111kilos for 6 weeks but my body shape was changing and adjusting so I still felt things were moving I hope you are all going well and feeling great
  4. LeanneJ

    BandedJules progress photos

    Well done, you're looking great and I think we all dislike our before photos
  5. LeanneJ

    My First Fun Run (WHAT !?!?!?)

    Well done with this and you did look like you'd been doing fun runs for ages.
  6. LeanneJ

    Christmas Banders

    Okay I'm glad things are going in the right direction for you now, um I've got an appt on 19/3 and they might give me a fill (my 1st one) as I'm sometimes peckish in the afternoon.
  7. LeanneJ

    Pre Fill query

    I have my next appointment at 10.40am and am supposing they will do a fill then as I'm starting to get hungry in the afternoons but I don't think it's real hunger. So i'm intrigued as to how mine will be done Thankyou Ang77 for asking this as I hadn't even thought about if there's any preparation required
  8. LeanneJ

    Christmas Banders

    Are you feeling okay with this amount LMD and are you feeling tighter ?
  9. LeanneJ

    Christmas Banders

    I'm still sitting on 29.6 kilos been on this for 4 weeks but I have an appointment on 19/3 so hopefully they'll give me a fill i hope you are all going well.
  10. LeanneJ

    Pre-op cost of drinks they recommend ?

    That's Optislim 2 for $50.00 not Optifast which is what is reccommended but I ended up alternating between the 2 Opti's after comparing what was in both. It's hard to find Optifast products cheap. I asked my dietician and she said they know Optifast has everything in it that we need but they hadn't looked into Optislim or other brands. Good luck with your journey
  11. You need a Dr you can talk to and who will explain all options and talk to you, sometimes the sleeve or band are recommended if you live a distance away due to fills/unfills etc. Always remember to write any questions down so you can get the answers you need. I was 140 kilos now I'm 110.1 kilos so i've exceeded those expectations but remember we are all different and are there any medical issues on why the band isn't suitable. I agree with Kimmykay that maybe you need a different Dr. Good luck with your journey
  12. Thankyou, I've just enrolled as this looks interesting as do some other courses
  13. LeanneJ

    a general day of food with lapband?

    I eat lamb but had a problem with slow cooked beef (I think it was to dry) but will try it again also eat beef mince. It's all trial and error and what goes down one day may not another.
  14. LeanneJ

    Wedding Chatter

    Take a step back, take a big breath and look at the whole picture and it'll be fine
  15. LeanneJ

    a general day of food with lapband?

    I have 1 weetbix with milk for breakfast, 2 ryvitas and toppings for lunch, meat or fish or egg + veg or salad for tea and couple of snacks e.g diet jelly, small protein bar, fruit, smoothie good luck.