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  1. Tezza

    Living in a remote area?

    Hi Freshstart, I had to travel from Alice Springs to Adelaide for all adjustments and follow ups. I had the exact questions as you do, firstly take the adjustments really slow as you don't want complications secondly if you have a real emergency RFDS should be able to evac you to Adelaide. Listen to you team and your band and you shouldn't have any problems. Good luck :-)
  2. Tezza

    Darwin Get together

    Sorry going to have to give it a miss due to being grand final day. Let me know when the next one is on. Have a great time. Xx
  3. Tezza

    Darwin doctors and cost??

    The crowd from Adelaide Obesity Clinic comes up and does the surgery and follow ups every 6-8 weeks, they have a fantastic team, a little more expensive than the other Dr in town but all follow up consults including fills for the life of the band are included in the price. They provide excellent flow up including dietitians, psychologists, excercise therapist plus available anytime for help via email, txt, phone, Skype etc. I'm originally from Alice Springs where if I had any problems with the band I had no one in town available. I've had my band two years and yes it's been a slow process but I have found Dr Bessell and his team very helpful and friendly, I would recommend them to anyone. All I can say dont just look at the price but see what services are available if something goes wrong and what team is available to you. Good luck with your decision. Cheers :-)
  4. Tezza

    Darwin Get together

    Who's doing ur fill? Dr Bessell from Adelaide is doing mine and I'm booked in for 11:15, so need some as I got some taken out last time due to being too tight. :-)
  5. Tezza

    Darwin Get together

    I would love to attend this sat but I have an appointment booked in for a fill, what time and where? I'll be around the water front area. Cheers.
  6. Tezza

    New bandit in Darwin

    I've just moved to Darwin from Alice Springs and I would love to catch up with some bandit people. If anyone is going to organize a catch up please keep me in mind. Cheers Tezza.
  7. Tezza

    Surgery with Dr Bessell - Adelaide

    Hi, I had Dr Bessell for my surgery, 2 weeks opti, 2 weeks off work but it depends on your job. I had my surgery at Wakefield, lovely nurses, lovely DR and team. Cheers.
  8. Tezza

    Darwin Meet Up - IT"S GOING TO HAPPEN!

    Hi Guys, I'm from Alice and I'll be in Darwin around that time. Would love to catch up if you don't mind and if I'm free. Cheers.
  9. Tezza

    Alice Springs

    That would be great to catch up, myself and another lady try to catch up every couple of months at Olive, so the more the better. Let us know when your next in town and will try for a catch up. What community you at? Where you getting your band done? Sorry for the delay in getting back as I've been on holidays. Cheers Terri.
  10. Tezza

    Alice Springs

    I know this is short notice but anyone in the Alice Springs area and would live to catch up, please join us at Olive Pink 1230 Sunday 16th oct Cheers
  11. Tezza

    Alice Springs

    Hi Sarah, I have been claiming everything from PATS from day one, it saves so much money with the travel. Where did you have your surgery and who by? Cheers
  12. Tezza

    Had my first official Ralph this morning

    Isn't it funny I had my first one last week but it was a strawberry I didn't chew. My god the saliva was worse than my dog ( he's a bullmastiff ) and when it came up it was a projectile object. Never again do I want to experience that again. Lesson learnt must chew strawberries. Lol î•
  13. Tezza

    help with surgen = live in Darwin NT

    Their us also a Dr from Adelaide Obestiy Clinic that travels to Darwin regulary that does the op. I am from Alice Springs and travel to Adelaide or Darwin to see him for my follow ups. He has a team in Darwin which consists of an exercise therapist and a Dietition. Good luck with your journey.
  14. Tezza

    Any banded in the Alice?

    No Probs, just let me know when you are free and we can arrange a time to catch up. Seems your travelling to Melb to have the surgery are you using PATS to help with your travel costs? Good luck with your op.
  15. Tezza

    Dr Justin Bessell: Adelaide Obesity Surgery

    The staff at Adelaide CLinic and Wakefield are fantastic, I was banded in nov 2010, and have no regrets at all. Keep in mind everytime you go back for a band adjustment you pay nothing!! I suggest you listen to Dr Bessell and his team as they work well together and really know what they are doing. Good Luck