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    August 2013 looking for others

    I am seriously considering taking the step, I am in launnie......
  2. tassiebek

    Tassie Bandits - Is Stephen Wilkinson your surgeon?

    My Mum had originally seen Dr Wilkinson; though in the end it go to the point she couldn't keep anything down. One time we had to go back to the office, as she was throwing water up ( actually it just came straight back up, as it had been tightened to the extent nothing could get through). In the end finally convinced her to see Dr Pande (here in launceston), and she developed severe osophegitis as the band was to tight. He was amazed she had survived and was not surprised she had been so ill. So they had to remove all fluid and wait three months for the spasming to settle before starting again. She has just had her third adjustment, and has lost 15kg, she can now eat without throwing up. As long as you are happy and comfortable with your treatment, that is vital.