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    Living with someone who has a lapband

    No she's not a member. While I am happy she lost weight one of the only reasons I am skeptical of her getting the lapband is that there was not psychological or education component of her transition to a "skinny" person. She is the same insecure person just in a smaller form. i know that sometimes she does try and trip me up even if she isn't aware of it. For example, other times when I have been trying to lose weight and she knows it she will bring home bagels and things like that because she thought I would enjoy it even though she knows I was trying to abstain.... small things that would trip me up because I didn't have the will to say no.
  2. PloniAlmoni

    Can't get down all optifast drinks...

    Hi I decided to go to a GP to be followed while I am on Optifast. He said it was OK but not ideal for now and if I still couldnt get all three down after another week or two to come back and discuss it. I feel pretty good and had one day that I replaced one of my missing shakes with chicken breast and vegetables..
  3. Hi I only started optifast a few days ago but I can't seem to get all of the drinks/bars down. The first day I had a shake, 1cups of chopped tomatoes, and a cup of clear broth with a cup of chopped carrots. The second day I had a bar, a cup of broccolini, stir fried in a tsp of olive oil, and another cup of clear broth/carrots. ..and so on... I am not particularly hungry and haven't gone through the "ketosis flu" like other people, although I am a little tired, but it can't be healthy to not have all of the meals since 800 cal seems so little as it is. I find because work is pretty hectic that my brain is busy and I just don't think about food. I also think because I don't find the shakes or bars particularly appetizing (even though I don't find them horrible either) that my brain is just shut off to food. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. I know a lot of people are complaining here about family members who aren't supportive of their choices (i.e., to have a lapband) but I am finding that my mother is in a very negative space regarding weight following her own lap-banding. I would have thought that the whole process of losing the weight would have been more sensitive to my struggles. Instead she is extremely intolerant towards myself and other people being overweight. For example: 1. When trying to describe someone to me, she will always mention their weight first. She frequently associates them being overweight with other negative characteristics that has nothing to do with how much their fat cells contains. Or if we are at a meal she will look at their plate and comment on how much they ate. 2. She constantly suggests which shops I should buy clothes in, she always suggests shops that she knows does not hold my size (because I have told her a number of times). 3. Whenever I talk about my weight (which is not that often) she always pushes lap-banding even though I have been very clear that I do not think that it is an option for me. I can't get her to see that the way she is acting is making me feel worse than any magazine or stranger. I would feel that if there was any body in the world that should accept me despite my weight it should be her... in fact I have flat out told her this. I can't help that she received a personality transplant (not for the better) in addition to her lapband and it is making me feel very resentful of her at the moment. I am not sure how to repair our relationship...