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  1. Shelli

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you to Dom! Thanks for dropping by! Keep up the good work!
  2. Thanks Guys! Well it was an awesome week from start to finish! I absolutely loved Switzerland and southern Germany - however I really didn't like the food which may have been a bonus as my band didnt play as nicely as I'd hoped. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't deal with the first bite on the plane on the two flights going over and had several dashes to the loo. That included orange juice and yoghurt. Even once it settled down I couldn't manage a whole meal but that didnt bother me overly. First few days I was there had almost no appetite....so passing up the pastries wasnt hard and I ate lightly at night supported by some full bodied reds for bulk! I did find that a warm drink or soup to start helped though and as it was absolutely FREEZING cold nobody thought that was weird. This experience reaffirmed that i'm very close to the green zone and with the tighter band I was able to go many hours without eating ..in fact I got a bit weak before I got hungry and had to keep a small Swiss chocolate in my bag as a life saver! On the way back things were a lot better with only one upending of the tray table as I took off the loo! Was convinced with eating so much less that I would have a good loss for the week - but, typical, exactly the same as when I left!!!
  3. Shelli

    Beware of Bunnings!

    Yep -that's it all right. Its almost always the first bite for me. I dont find it distressing just damn inconvenient. Fortunately it's never spoiled the rest of a meal - but its a pain - and sausages definitely do it.
  4. Shelli

    Moving on

    Good luck Owen and thanks for the encouragement along the way. I reckon Leo must be wearing smaller shirts too! Hope 2012 is an even better year....
  5. Thanks Beth - really appreciate the advice. Fly out tomorrow evening and I think the excitement has turned into stress as my band is definitely tighter today. Will Shake tomorrow, eat light on the plane and make sure I choose a red over a soft drink! Got my compression socks ( a massive improvement on the sexy white numbers they gave me before my banding op!) Most importantly - have a suitcase that's half empty... Will post how I get on when i get back and try and add to the stock of knowledge!
  6. Hi guys - slowly but surely losing and lost around 26kg in last 8 months and I'm happy with that. (On balance anyway!) I could do with your help on 2 things... I have a trip to Europe for work next week. It is a big deal for me....I am not an accomplished traveler. I have a one hour stop over in Singapore but apart from that its non stop. What can I expect from my band? I am packing some shakes - but there will be a social component to this with dinners, lunches etc...not sure how to handle this or whether my band will react to that amount of time in the air. (My ankles certainly do!) Secondly - I am still having a lot of trouble with that first bite. With 6.25 in a 10ml band I am very close to green zone. But that first bite is a killer and I reckon 3 out of 6 meals I'm losing that first bite. I'd welcome any strategies I can try for this. Thanks for your help you awesome bandit people! Shelli
  7. Shelli

    Taking A Break From BandingTogether!!

    Oh Dom - sad to hear this. Take a break if you feel you need to but come back soon.
  8. Shelli

    Negative self talk.

    Excellent post. I don't take crap from other people (well not usually ) Why should I take it from myself?
  9. Shelli

    I forget to buy food

    Well - I haven't forgotten to buy food because hungry post-teenagers don't let that happen but I have been exhibiting some other strange behaviours. I love cheese - especially Swiss and I'll tell myself all sorts of stories to have some in the house. Well today I stood in the supermarket and argued with my husband that we shouldn't buy a big block that's on special because we didn't need it. And I am buying half the amount of food - not consciously - just doing it. Its like I'm not hungry so I'm not buying much food (which again doesn't suit post teenage hungry students). And the other night when we had take-out curry I heard myself say - lets just get 2 between the 3 of us... And I seem to be able to delay what I want. As we went down the cereal aisle I thought I really love crunchy nut cornflakes and honey puffs and I haven't had either in probably 10 years. Then I thought oh well - maybe when I get to 78 kilos I might have some then - and I was perfectly happy with that! There are a whole bunch of changes going on that just seem to be happening without any input from me! Tell Leo Merry Christmas.
  10. Shelli

    OMG Best ever herbal tea

    Thanks Dorrie - will definitely try that.....!
  11. Shelli

    OMG Best ever herbal tea

    Take a look at his website - its fun - there's a beautiful butterfly in all of us! http://www.drstuarts.com/
  12. Shelli

    OMG Best ever herbal tea

    OMG I am soooo up for that. I am also a licorice fiend. One of my nsv's was to put back the packet of licorice allsorts I snuck into the trolley when I was stocking up for halloween kids. My other craving is ginger - when i cant stand it anymore I buy a couple of pieces of loose crystallised ginger. Never been brave enough to look up the calorie count. I find ginger teas are a bit light on flavour - never heard of a licorice one before. Dr Stuart here I come!
  13. Shelli

    18/11/11 No! Go Home!

    Thats awesome - good job!
  14. Shelli

    Seventh heaven

    Awesome! I've loved following your story over the last 7 months and you've done so well! I especially love how you are LIVING - not hiding any more but really getting out there and loving it!
  15. Shelli

    Sugar in foods and Bananas

    Oooh yeah. I love plain greek yoghurt....just like you say with fruit. Bornhoffen is my favourite - maybe not Greek as its not thick ....I have to watch it though because it really gets my taste buds going and hard to stop. Rule Number 1 - dont eat it straight out of the container!