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  1. Stripey23

    75 Kilos down

    wow! How incredible, 70 kilos in 12 months! go you..
  2. Stripey23

    New boy

    Good luck - this will be a new you - all new - maybe it wasnt meant to be with that girfriend - new you will one day get the new gf but now concentrate on yourself.
  3. Stripey23

    Lap band, why so many problems

    As is so often the case I totally totally agree with Toquay Kate (and also I love not being mum, wife, worker etc - just myself - and sharing something which almost no-one in my life knows about). I have had some ups and downs with the band but the benefits absolutely outweigh the down sides. In my case I have an immune disease which causes nutsy things to happen (that's the medical term, LOL) and so without that maybe I would have had zero issues. Many overweight people do have some other issues (co-mobidities) or just other factors which could make some dramas more likely but again the benefits may still outweigh (haha) the down sides. It is an adjustment. You do have to eat smaller, slower and cut out some things. I routinely for the longest time (and even, very rarely, do still) have a little vomit or stuck moment so go and make myself vomit. My own fault - accidentally ate too quickly or too big a bite. It isn't like sick person vomiting (for me) it's more "damn, something is stuck, has to come out" and I have even (sorry for explicit content!) spat up something into a serviette or once into a bin and sometimes into a little bag I have in my bag and one in the car. THis was in the first year and only on occasion and as I say not too bad. Many people who eat slowly and not too big bites have had no vomits at all - that may be you - follow the instructions! I told almost no-one and thought "people will notice" - but they haven't. People don't notice if you are eating smaller, less or none - they are concerned with their own lives. If they do notice it is easy enough to say you aren't hungry or are watching your weight. I had the port slip and need replacing once and restitiching twice, I also had to have my gallblader out. Re Port things - very minor and cost nothing (as a followup procedure) and required only short time in hospital and quick recovery - could have been cos I did have some vomits and could have dislodged or could be a bit of a fluke, surgeon said. Gall bladder - probably already teetering on needing to come out prior to lapband - as there were tonnes of stones - and just as well to get it out, sometimes extreme weight loss can aggravate the gallbladder - once again anything related to your original surgery is (usuallly) fixed for no-gap due to being a followup procedure.. Once you get into it - it took me about a year (slow learner!) then you will be able to cautiously have anything to eat really - as you will have learned how to take tiny bites and to take care or modify how you cook and serve it, at first though yes avoid the tricky things as you may, as I did, do some "automatic" eating (when with friends or when doing somehting else simultaneously) and accidentally get things stuck - eg with sausages and with pasta - now if I really really want to I can cautiously have these but find I don't even want to. BEST THING EVER - super, wonderful thing which I still love - YOU ARE NOT VERY HUNGRY VERY OFTEN! hooray. I just do not have the same desire to eat, the appetite is so reduced, I do not feel denied at all. If you do not get hungry then you hopefully won't eat. May get into strife if you eat from habit or stress or whatever (head hunger rather than genuine hunger) but even then the amount you consume will be physically smaller. The only thing stopping me from reaching my goal now I reckon is the exercise - when i was exercising regularly I was going great guns. I have been very ill lately (un band related, lung problem) and have hardly been out of hospital and cant return to gym yet but when I can I will be burning through, I feel so posiitive about it. Have kept off over 35 kilos and though have over 25 to go I feel I will get there. THis is a very long post - sorry - but wanted to share and reassure. Also it is true that not lots of people come and post to say things are fine, people (like me) who have told no-one or almost noone come here when things go wrong or are scared and want to talk/vent so therefore the negative can be overstated but doesnt really represent the true state of affairs (and totally fine successful people who never come back on here as see it is not necessary)'. Good luck. google success stories look at successful posters here and in their blogs and you will see/read some great successes.
  4. Stripey23

    Where to go in Melbourne?

    No help - I have a gap every time, which is a bummer! There is the association of gastric surgeons who provide a list - then you can contact them. I am attaching it for you. http://www.ossanz.co...eon.aspx?VIC=on. SOmeone mentioned Dr Monk -I have seen him too as he is a colleague of my regular doc at his clinic - but at my clinic in Richmond there is a fee, Dr Monk is nice though and quite funny. On another note - WELCOME to Melbourne, i moved here from South Australia too - many years ago - and I don't live that far from Mill Park - I am also in the north of the CBD but being in Preston am about 11 kms from the cbd whereas I think Mill Park is about 16 kms (so you and I are about 5 or 6 kms apart). Let me know if you need any Melb help or tips or wish to meet up! Oh, OMG I just see you are having a baby soon - wow - well please let me know if you need any help - not sure how much support you have in Melb as yet and as I don't work full-time I do have chunks of time free if you need anything. I am a mum too and hey I also had my gallbladder out and am a long-time banded person - still far off goal though. Bye, Karen (Stripey23)
  5. Stripey23

    Happy Birthday Suzie77

    You and I have been on here for ages - veterans! Hope all going well and you have a lovely birthday.
  6. You had a wonderful success with your weight loss, but I remember some worry over the sagging skin. How are you now? Hope you have a wonderful birthday
  7. couldn't resist this pic of my little boy dressed up for a Cub Scouts Melb Cup do....
  8. Stripey23

    Update from Stripey

    Hi there, I haven't been here for ages, so dropping in, reading up and catching up. What happened?: Just before Father's Day I got a sore shoulder, it didnt go away, after my routine blood test (monthly, due to Rheumatoid Arthritis medication) my specialist rang me to say my blood test indicated serious problems ("life threatening") and I had to go into hospital immediately. "For a sore shoulder?" I thought. So first few days in hospital on blessed pain relief, lots of scans, xrays, tests, specialists in and out, they discover a lump on my lung which pressed on something which caused the shoulder tip pain. Bronchoscopy and lung-wash-out, two biopsies and many more tests, scans, blood tests and horrible horrible MRI (twice) all over 13 days and nights and STILL not known. They let me go home for a little break and that coincided with a pre-booked short trip to Qld with my husband and young son, I had to come back early but I still got to get out of hospital and be normal for a bit (though very bloody tired and sore still). Then back in for an operation to remove the lump, 4 more days. The lump did not end up being cancerous, phew, but they dont know what it was exactly and with a little residue left behind, some on my ribs, they are not happy with that. So I keep going back for more tests, scans and so on to make sure it doesnt spread or grow and to continue testing what that stuff was. Probably an infection or maybe a rheumatoid nodule. I am taking 4 antibiotics every day (and have to keep going for 3 more months on them) and they make me feel nauseated and also leave a foul taste in my mouth as though I have been chewing alfoil. But, I am home and I am able - just - to return to work and normal life. My RA is painful though - so difficulty with walking - because I have to stay off my rheumatoid drugs as they are immunosuppressant and we can't have that. Thousands of dollars in medical bills, even after health insurance and medicare + medicines + in my job (work for myself) no sick pay! Although this is a long rave I actually do, despite all this, feel very lucky - lucky that it wasnt cancer, lucky that I have a loving husband and son, lucky witht the friends and neighbours who stepped in to help - espec with my son and lucky that we do have such good medical care and I have the loveliest specialist ever - she came to see me almost every night, 10pm - just to check in - even though she wasnt doing my treatment -she oversaw it. No probs with the band though! Due to being bed bound and so on I havent been exercising but equally my appetite has been low, so I am still hovering around 118 kilos which is worse than my best - before my gall bladder out in Dec 2011 and the port prob I had earlier this year - but still pretty good compared to where I started. I am determined to return to the gym - when allowed - will find out tomorow from my doc - and to try again - as ever (these past 2 years) to just get to 99 kilos and then party!
  9. Stripey23

    Qld holiday

    I have had some shocking health dramas of late (in hospital for weeks) but somehow in the middle I was allowed home and got to go on our planned Qld holiday. I had to take it easy but it was wonderful feeling like a human, like a mum and a wife and not a patient for a change and so that was a lovely break.
  10. This show was SOOOO funny - but also moving, true, sad (a bit) and sooo true and raw. What a voice, what a story and how honest. Please go see it if you can - Zulei is still a nurse in Vic (formerly NSW) but always wanted to sing too. We got a chance to talk with her after the show - she was great. Doesnt matter if you are not a nurse (I am not) we can relate to the tales...
  11. Hi all, just saw an article on this show "Triage" by a Registered Nurse and Cabaret singer (great combo). Two of my friends are nurses, another two are dentists AND i do a lot of work for the Aust Nursing Federation - so though not a nurse I know the lingo and some of the issues. I have noticed a lot of Banding Together members are doctors (hello Dave), nurses, carers and so on so thought I would post this. Not sure if it is going beyond Melbourne. Trying to organise some of my pals for a night out - if any of you go let me know the details so we can give each other a hello (though will have to have a code word and signal..haha...cos even my dearest pals dont know about my lapband). Love to see some of you, Stripey (aka Karen). Triage! A cabaret that explores the sometimes cruel, occasionally exciting, always stressful world of “in your face†emergency medicine, as seen through the eyes of Zulei Khan - Division 1 Registered Nurse and Cabaret Starlet! June 19th to 24th at 8pm (Tue, Wed, Sun) and 9pm (Thu, Fri, Sat). 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne) www.thebutterflyclub.com Tickets $23. 60 minuteshttp://www.thebutter...ings/this-month
  12. Stripey23

    Photo's of me - 35kgs later

    You look great - but you didnt look hideous in the first ones - you have a lovely face and hair - now you do have an extra glow which is lovely.
  13. Stripey23

    Another set-back

    Thanks all. Yes - good idea to resume water stuff. Used to do water therapy with my physio for several years (when RA was very bad) but as I improved I switched to gym for the more aerobic exercise. As I will now do a very modified gym the water exercise should be a nice counterbalance. I still have the exercise details and so on and can do the exercises on my own plus some paddling. GOod suggestion - thanks. Physio and massage (team) in the same centre so that is good too as I will be getting back to more regular visits with each of them. ONE good thing to hear was they my physio told me that my core strenght and my thighs were much much stronger than when he last saw me (over a year ago) and that though I have put some weight back on these past 6 months as he hadnt seen me for over a year the weight loss was quite dramatic in his eyes and he said I looked "vital and determined" which was lovely to hear! I am going out shortly to buy a handsome walking cane (have got an ugly one from years ago in the bad RA days but it is v ugly) for the times when I need it and I will flourish it as a fashion accessory (as well as an aid)
  14. Stripey23

    Another set-back

    My Rheumatoid Arthritis (long term sufferer) has been hard enough to manage (painful joints, impaired immune system etc, lots of meds all with side effects) but now after things have been unusually painful I have been diagnosed as well as the R.A. with having advanced osteo-arthritis. Likely to need a brace - things very sore now. Painful as anythng - even a tiny walk or drive (knees) plus typing too (fingers). xrays show some bad damage. Of course I feel like crap (guilt, shame) cos if I had gotten anywhere near my goal (to get to under 100 kilos) which I was close to some months back before 3 probs with port - surgeries and recuperation time + gall bladder removed recently - then my knees wouldn't carry so much strain. I have been to the physio and got a modified plan as to what things I can do (carefully) at the gym still and an appointment to get some more restriction next week with the obesity surgeon. I have quite OK restriction and hardly eat any bloody thing but could do with maybe a tiny tiny bit more and maybe some OPtifast for the times when I do eat. I figure I have done this before (before port probs etc) so can do it again. Gee I feel ancient though - 45 (and everyone says I look young for my age) with a young son yet I can barely walk around and may be in a brace soon - sheesh. Already reduced my work to 2.5 days a week and dont want to go to any less (as working makes me feel good - like a normal, useful person). Could be worse - my mum diagnosed with breast cancer at this age and dead within 18 months from then so at least my "sentence" is not so drastic as she had. Nothing really anyone can say - just getting this off my chest as almost no-one knows about my lapband and so I can't speak freely and dont like to be depressing around my husband and son (do a lot of silent crying in the shower though!). Thanks for listening/reading...