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  1. Devious

    Date you are being sleeved

    hi guys i got a vertical gastric sleeve on the 28th of march 2012 lost 11kg to date start mushies 2 days ago
  2. Devious

    Sub forum for sleevers?

    good idea i started comming here when i was intrested in wieght loss but i ended up have vertical gastric sleeve on the 28th of last month
  3. Devious

    hmm wierd idea

    how about a place for people of a more portly nature to link websites or give adresses for places they have found to buy clothes on there trip from xxxxxxxxxxL to L im sure we will all be burning thur them i myself at 264.3 kg @ 212 cms have am extremely hard time looking for clothes in my size there are alot of sites for the ladys but not so many for the gents.
  4. Devious

    Hi from devious

    hey guys was just cruising the web an i stumbled on this site its great ive had my first appointment in newcastle with doctorDr Karihaloo an ive been given 6 months to drop 10% of my bmi (16 kg) an a appointment to see a dieticain im excited an concerned all at once woot. oh yeah btw im 6 foot 10 an 264.3 kg after the banding i will be having a gastric bypass sounds like fun ^^