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  1. Good luck Kazbo. We were banded about the same time back in the day, I lasted 3 years with the band & after 18 mths of reflux I had had enough and had it removed. I haven't gone for further surgery (yet), but I'm tossing it up - my main concern being irreversible reflux, so I appreciate your story, but it wish it didn't happen to you. I hope you get some satisfaction with the new doctor with a much better outcome. All the best x Rosie
  2. Rosieroo

    band to sleeve public question

    Hi all, I know this is an old thread, but I have been in a similar position to much of what Julie has experienced. I had a band for three years, the last 18 months of which I had reflux, even when on parietal to reduce it, & fiddling with fill levels regularly- I finished back at exactly the same weight as I started when I went to hospital to have it removed. I also kept it all secret from anyone other than close friends and family- because I hate judgmental people (as illustrated in that quote about Mikey Robinson), being overweight is hard enough on the soul without people who are of a healthy weight passing judgement or advice. When I had it out, I suddenly started to hear about a lot of other people who had troubles with their band, including (alleged) data that over 50% need revisions and one third removal due to problems tolerating or living with a band. So you are not alone in not getting the results you wanted, I am one such person, and I know of plenty more. There may not be much in the chat rooms about it because the lack of success tends to lead to withdrawal from support over time (well, speaking for myself). So now, 3 years after having it removed I am 20kg heavier (was as much as 10 more than that last year), now diagnosed as diabetic and completely over this whole weight management roller coaster. I was at molescan today with a doctor who knows quite a lot about GI medicine, and he asked me whether I had considered a sleeve, & went through his version of the pros and cons of sleeving, which has me thinking a bit more about it. I'd like to hear other people's experience with moving over to sleeve, and also if they recommend a Perth doctor, because I'd like to try someone different if I do move ahead. Best of luck to everyone, Rosie
  3. Rosieroo


    Hi t-Elle, is this still available? Can you tell me what the weight capacity is for users? cheers, Rosanne
  4. Rosieroo

    Perth ladies, formal dress help!!!

    Baci Boutique in Midland supposedly go up to 30, although I have never been in to see what the range is like, maybe give them a ring or see if they have a website.
  5. Rosieroo

    So much spam...

    Having used this site for more than 3 years I appreciate the work that Dave & the moderators do - you all rock. Given that the amount of work it takes is all given voluntarily, out of love for the band and the bandees, I think you provide a valuable service. Any money donated is put towards the servers and IT services necessary to keep this website functioning. I love you all, because I know that without the support of this site and its members I would have had more difficulty living with my band. To the bandits who use this site, don't let a spam ware malfunction taint your opinions - if you look around this is the only site where people are real, and genuinely supportive - and we all wouldn't have it any other way. Good to see Dave, Princess & Nonny - I know you're all there in the background... Good luck with everything you have going on.
  6. Rosieroo

    Fills by GP in Kevin Dolan's rooms

    Just realised how long ago this conversation was started. Sorry to hear that Kristel, maybe give his rooms a ring because 5ml you should be feeling in the 10 ml band post op. (but everyone is different) I would be surprised if he did miss the port, as they know they are on target by the resistance against the needle I think. Good luck, hope you get what you need x
  7. Rosieroo

    Fills by GP in Kevin Dolan's rooms

    Both Catherine & Christine are great, they do everything you would expect and are easy to talk to. And the bonus of not having to wait more than an hour for Kevin. I only went to Kevin when I needed surgical advice or post op purely because of the waiting in the surgery and how long it takes to get an appointment.
  8. Rosieroo

    This is just how I feel.

    Bahahahaha! Sad but true
  9. Rosieroo

    Hello Perth

    Hi Phillip, Good to have you in Perth for a while. It depends on your reasons for wondering about having the band out. If it is because you are concerned if the Thai medical professionals can help you for fill/unfill or in an emergency, then perhaps your specialist could write a letter or give you contacts over there. I had my band out due to ongoing issues (see article "dis-banded" if you are interested). I have found it really hard to keep my portions small since the op and have put on a fair few kilos in a couple of months. Obviously your surgeon is the right person to discuss this with as you have said. It sounds like you've had your hands full for a while, hopefully life will smooth out for you soon. All the best, Rosie.
  10. Rosieroo

    Dr Dolan

    Maybe give the surgery a call. I am pretty sure he does do gastric bypass, but am not 100% sure. He definitely does bands & sleeving. Cheers
  11. Rosieroo

    Swan Park Leisure Centre (Midvale/Midland)

    The complex (& Altone Park) have $30 for 30 days until the 20th of October. It includes fitness classes, aquarobics, pool, spa and some other stuff. This is good value if you are interested in doing something a bit casual to see if you might be interested in some classes. I did deep water aerobics this morning & really enjoyed it. I was a bit worried about being seen in my bathers for the first time in a couple of years (size 26 & self conscious) but it was absolutely fine. All the ladies are really "normal" and friendly, and getting exercise without joint pressure is a great thing, and you do have to work. Normally it is $12 a class, so the $30 deal pays for itself pretty quickly. Just thought someone might be interested to know about it.
  12. Rosieroo

    Port pain after exercise

    There is a certain amount of friction that happens during exercise - after all it is something solid rubbing against your soft insides. I always got discomfort after a long walk or more strenuous exercise, the doc said it was normal, as long as it was only mild discomfort and not actual pain. Meanwhile exercise is a good thing
  13. Rosieroo


    Dammit, that's why they taste so good. Knowledge is power, I used to be a vego and thinking genuinely about where my food came from was what kept me absolutely honest with myself. Unfortunately after seven years I just wanted steak and free range pork so omnivore I reverted to. However palm oil is evil. My confession.. How long have you got? Redskin & Bertie Beetle show bags gone in an afternoon. We won't talk about what I ate on my birthday yesterday...
  14. For me after the surgery nothing was covered by health insurance, and the fills & consults were above Medicare by a fair amount. It depends on the surgeon as to how much. If you know what specialist you want you can say that to your GP, there is no reason that they wouldn't refer you to them, or possibly more than one. I would suggest ringing the practice manager at a surgery or two for advice, they know heaps, and they know what is covered by insurance. All the best, it's time you got in with a specialist. I've been through the reflux thing - it is so crappy and makes you feel rubbish. Take care, Rosie
  15. Rosieroo

    Swan Park Leisure Centre (Midvale/Midland)

    I live in the area, but not keen to join myself. If you want a walking buddy I would be interested though I believe that if you live in the Shire of Swan you get a significant discount on an annual membership there, so make sure you check with them if you are signing up!