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  1. LMD

    Melbourne Group

    Hey Bree, im in moonee ponds. lets do coffee
  2. LMD

    Weigh In Wednesday

    75.9, its amazing how much my weight can bounce up and down - getting dizzy but mustnt give up!
  3. LMD

    Lap Band for people with BMI 30-35

    i had a BMI of 32 with no health concerns. it would just take me forever and a day to feel full, and knew that wasnt healthy.
  4. LMD

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    hey Jo, i might be tentative for friday night. dad's birthday tomorrow and he still hasn't let us know what he's doing sorry. if maggie and i join it'll be after 8 so it might just be for a post dinner coffee. have a great night if i cant make it
  5. LMD

    Weigh In Wednesday

    been a while since ive checked in here, im still just banding along haha 76.4, loss of 3.2 since latest top up with the doctor 2 weeks ago
  6. LMD

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    does 7:00pm suit?
  7. LMD

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    oh right, bit of a waste of money/food haha
  8. LMD

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    oh haha nah, i meant reviews from others. ive tried switch a handful of times, but probably not for over a year. a friend of mine has been to cafe greco a lot. these places arent going to wow you but they're ok for a quiet catch up. i couldnt find "the club" ..is it like coffee club or something? http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/1597956/restaurant/Melbourne/Taylor-Lakes/Switch-Lifestyle-Watergardens-Taylors-Lakes http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/1622044/restaurant/Melbourne/Taylor-Lakes/Cafe-Greco-Taylors-Lakes
  9. LMD

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    not fussed. has anyone found reviews?
  10. LMD

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    13th and 20th work well for me
  11. LMD

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    Should be ok, dads birthday that weekend so it just depends when his family dinner is
  12. LMD

    summer work lunches

    so it seems that soups and currys are the standard option for work lunches during winter, but what about the warmer months! everybody instantly thinks salad! but im just not someone who can eat rabbit food for 3 months... so, this is my list of meals i'll be rotating and bringing into work for the next few months. please feel free to add your own delicious meals and help me mix it up - BLAT salad (poached egg optional) - grilled salmon on bed of spinach - minced meat and vegetable lettuce cups - pita bread pizza - zucchini slice - lamb/falafel salad - chilli con carne/taco salad
  13. WOO! goals for jan! - clear out two full wardrobes of clothes i dont wear anymore - folks should be pleased - return to decent eating paterns (protein and soups) - ive been back at the gym for the past month after my 2 month holiday, so now its just returning to bikram yoga - decent sleeping pattern, no late night coffee dates with the girls - avoid slothing around
  14. LMD

    Weigh In Wednesday

    78.3, loss of 1.9. My routine seems to be getting back on track with not snacking at work and gym at night. Still a long way to go before I'm pre-holiday weight
  15. LMD

    Soft Food Stage (Stage 3)

    - sheppards pie - risotto - shredded chicken in gravy and mashed veggies - salmon patties - zuchinni slice - meatballs baked in tomato sauce on polenta - mini conchiglie or macaroni are good pasta options - mexican foods with mince, salsa, avocado and sour cream it's all trial and error, good luck!