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  1. 103toomuch

    back to the beginning.

    Ok, getting the hang of it once more. 3 kilograms down in less than 2 weeks. I am pleased with this.
  2. 103toomuch

    back to the beginning.

    I weighed in today and I have dropped 1.5kgs in a week. Great start!
  3. 103toomuch

    Got my diagnosis

    Wow I am off to Google! I hope your dx lwads to you feeling well
  4. 103toomuch

    Laparoscopic Removal of AGB 8/7/15

    Talk to me about mushy stage syndrome. I'm interested. I have had lots of trouble.
  5. 103toomuch

    back to the beginning.

    Hi everyone. I have been gone for a while. Had lots of trouble with my band last year and got the bulk of fill removed in November. Well I gained steadily and, dammit, as of last week when I went back to have my band adjusted I am at the same weight I was at pre op! Oh well, I guess I know the band helps!
  6. 103toomuch

    Thinking about making the move from band to sleeve.

    My goal is significantly higher than what my surgeon hoped for. I have maintained 76-78kilograms for about a year now but my surgeon wanted me around 62-65 kilograms. I am happy with myself (I was pre band too to be quite honest) but I struggle with eating and I always have irrespective of the fill I have in it would seem.
  7. I have almost hit my own goal with the band. It took me a long time and I have to be honest and say I never adjusted well to the band and while I am happy with small portions I can't seem to master the super slow eating process and I vomit every single day, seriously! So, do you guys reckon a sleeve might be a better fit for me? I would like to lose a little more (not heaps) but I know I need weight control options for maintenance. Hit me with your experiences and opinions.
  8. 103toomuch

    The Voice 2014.

    I haven't been here for aaaaaages but I saw you pop up and thought, 'hey that's OUR Beth! So I jumped on and it IS you! Beth you looked so beautiful and sang absolutely beautifully. I tip my hat to you for your bravery and talent!
  9. 103toomuch

    My first setback

    Gall bladders are such a pain (excuse the pun). You'll be feeling so much better now and you'll be able to start focusing on your weight loss without distration now. Good luck!
  10. 103toomuch

    How many fills till your GREEN zone.

    I had 6 fills and it was over a very long timeframe.
  11. 103toomuch


    microlax? you should see a doctor about this if it's ongoing.
  12. 103toomuch


    I went with Dr Anderson also but as a private patient. The others are right, if you go public there is a very high chance you'll wait much longer than 12 months. I would get private cover and use the 12 months to prepare for your new lifestyle rather than pay almost $20,000 out of pocket.
  13. 103toomuch

    Seriously considering this!

    have a good long talk with your endochronologist and a bariatric surgeon. Diabetics can benefit in some cases from this surgery (some of them in amazing ways!) but it can make it a more complicated proposition. There are a few members where with diabetes who have just done amazingly well so do some searching and read up on their posts and see what you think.
  14. 103toomuch


    yes, happy Mummy Dad everyone.
  15. 103toomuch

    What do *I* want to wear

    Yeah, even the kids clothes in KMart are VERY short in the body. I always have to buy a size bigger for my kids than I normally would just to get the length.