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    Band Vs Sleeve

    Hey All, I'm new to this forums thing but need some advise / help from people that have been through the weight loss struggle. I have my first appointment with the surgen next week and he told me to do some research on what surgery i would prefer- Banding or Sleeve. I have been looking all over the net to find out which is better, USA seems to think Sleeve but most Aussie say Banding. At first i was thinking Band but i think that was because i didn't know alot about the sleeve now i have a good idea about both i am unsure. I am a good candidate for either type of surgery, the only thing that scares my is the risk of infection as i am very susceptible to infections. The other thing is i am losing the weight to be able to bare children in the future is there a preferance on that side of things? would really like to hear people opions. Thanks