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    Doctors in western suburbs

    So I've emailed quite a few drs and no one has gotten back to me in over a month, any recommendations ? I'm looking at having a sleeve
  2. Bojarkus

    Anyone used peoplecare?

    Ok so called peoplecare, I'm covered as a private patient in a public hospital. Anyone know a dr in Melbourne that does this?
  3. Hi I currently have basic hospital with peoplecare, according to a comparison website it covers obesity surgery. I was planning on increasing my cover but won't bother if this is sufficient. I'm just in the planning process so waiting to meet a dr. I'm looking at a sleeve. Thanks x
  4. HI, Im new to the forum. i have been thinking about weightloss surgery for sometime. my BMI is 48 and so from what i have read a sleeve would be a better option. I have basic hospital with people care which doesn't state obesity surgery as restricted but it doesn't say its covered either. I've called and no one seems to know without an item number. anyone know the item number ? Also i currently live in point cook and would like advice on a surgeon this side of town as they all seem to be based in the S.E suburbs. TIA