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  1. ashwee

    Number 2's

    Yup I was so regular before surgery and now at nearly 9 months post op im starting to be "normal". I put it down to diet/lifestyle etc, i find i eat more fibre and im more regular etc, surgeon explained this anyway. May need to up you fibre intake, do you have benefibre or fibrous foods alot etc? Maybe speak to your surgeon/GP+, 1x week isnt ideal, maybe every 3 days may be seen as okay but if its a week + there may be issues. I get really bad "poop" pains, like almost equivalent to a period pain that im doubled over and thats when i know i need to go, has happened a few times driving to work and it must be the body waking in the morning and going through the motions as everything is processed from breakfast etc. I actually had it today that i had that bloated yuck feeling (also due period next week and have found i get pains approx 4-5 days before though now), anyway i had that yucky "poop" pain feeling and even though it was a tiny nugget it felt a mountain (sorry bit to much info) but i put it down to what rumple just said, less food = less toxin/waste to excrete etc but your bowel dont know that!
  2. ashwee

    Feeling miserable......help!

    I would also recommend to those who have never had a surgery before, like myself never had a GA, and i came home and had the Niagara falls of a period and thought i had internal damage! Morfette i understand your period pain, the sudden W/L will make your rags do all crazy shit. I had a period for 2 weeks straight, i got the week before i was due and was "normal", then the actual week i was due i was int he worst pain as i swear my cervix had nothing to flush haha. As most surgeons are male in weightloss surgery, they know nothing of this pain and torture or tell you of this and it may happen after a GA! I reckon i had a good 6-8 weeks to feel normal and get my head around it all, had 4 weeks off work for the sake of it and then took another 4 roughly to get into headspace and work routing again etc.
  3. ashwee

    swallowing issues

    I struggled with this for a while, till maybe 4 months post op getting my head around it all. Your tum is tiny, it will fill quickly and water may sit for a while and give you that full feeling for an hour or so etc and then food on top will just sit and have no time to pass through. Also you dont want to wash the food through your system before it has time to breakdown and give you nutrients etc. You do learn to quickly acclimatize to the drink 30/45mins before and after etc
  4. ashwee

    2014 Sleevers

    Nearly 9 months post op, around the 36kg-ish mark down, sitting at 70kg's, so close to 69kg i could grab it! 10kgs to go till goal weight and am at a stall, have to finally admit i need to actually start exercising to move the weight and to make my hips smaller i feel. Im sitting in size 10,12,14 pants depending on style but i still feel "wide". Some size 12 pants are tight but will fit in a few months once i drop some more weight etc
  5. ashwee

    Doing syndrome

    Have had it a few times early out, worst experience and im so glad i was at home when this happened btw! Ate few too many rows of Cadbury chocolate as brain was telling me it was normal even though tummy was a bit meh to it. Well, 1 hour later, that so called "fart" feeling was a little bit more and i didnt make it to the toilet in time, i had to jump in the shower ASAP! A physical and mental shit at the same time is not pleasant!!! LOL. So lesson learnt, be cautious of what may cause it for you, and of course you aint gonna know until you have it. I can eat now and no problem, so sometimes i question whether if you havent had for a while and your body goes into a bit of "shock" of having to process again. I had a similar experience on the weekend with a 1/4 ice coffee, as i havent had in a month or so. Everyone is different.
  6. ashwee

    Any insight

    Maybe dehydrated? Are you having hydrolyte or something similar, i had not a nausea but off feeling from about 6 -8 weeks post op and i realized low BP and not very hydrated etc
  7. ashwee

    Bye Bye Band - Hello Sleeve!

    I freaked at the idea of eating out also etc and once you get your head around it and figure out your body/eating plan it literally feels like nothing has changed, only the portion sizes. You acclimatize very well and quickly depending on your head space/lifestyle etc! Ive been out numerous times and now its no issue asking for a smaller portion, people are very accommodating if you ask for one serve of fish instead of 2 etc. I must admit, i semi did have that thought over and over for a few months that i felt "hollow" where my stomach had been removed and now, i would never ever look back. Ive had patients and patients parents (adult and children dental clinic i work in) comment on my weightloss and how well im looking, even the colour is coming back to me. Im naturally very pale anyway so i think i just look almost ghost white most days, but now ive figured out my eating pattern (about every 2-3 hours roughly depending on what im eating in the day) im definitely feeling and looking better.
  8. ashwee

    Bye Bye Band - Hello Sleeve!

    My surgeon personally will no longer do bands anymore, only sleeve's as it has a better long term outcome he feel's. Lots of support on this site for ya
  9. ashwee

    How much can you eat?

    When you eat soft and liquid there isnt as much substance as solid food which is why you feel like you can eat alot etc haha its more a head game of thinking "right, thats the serving and i should feel satisfied" and not over do it etc
  10. ashwee

    2014 Sleevers

    yeah most def it is hard to try and switch off that panic button of over eating/stretching etc. surgeon recommends 3 meals and a snack, but as long as its a healthy option all good i say
  11. ashwee

    Good 'problems' to have!

    Just ensure its a medical grade 4 laser as these are the ones that will have the best result etc. I had my upper lip done when i was in year 10 at high school, so around 15 etc and now 25 i really only need to go back to get a few "touch ups" for a few that arent as obvious but have come back. Currently having underarms done, going for my 6 month review in 2 weeks and its amazing to not have to think about waxing etc. For the first time got a bikini as i can now see down there etc haha and im going to start swimming soon LOL
  12. ashwee

    2014 Sleevers

    Breakfast - toast with vegemite (1/2 to 3/4 a piece if wholemeal or a whole slice if white) Morning Tea - 1/4 to 1/2 slice apple, or small yogurt, fruit Lunch - leftovers, or crackers, toasted sandwich (1/2) Afternoon Tea -- if needed ill try and curb the need for sweet with some nuts etc Tea - always try and have meat/protein first and vege/salad, rarely have carbs, may have occasionally bit of rice (like once every few weeks if we have) Some nights i crave a dessert, some nights i dont. I will have an lemonade iceblock to curb craving as its normally something water can suppress
  13. ashwee

    How much can you eat?

    It does depend on food sizing, as kazbo mentioned a small apple i can maybe handle or 1/2 of it. A large apple is generally a 1/4, and it its really how you feel on the day etc, sometimes you can handle it sometimes you cant. Dont worry Nyla and Kazbo i feel the same with over eating, i had 2 wagon wheels after tea tonight Ive semi stalled also, but im hovering so close to 69kgs i could grab it and taste it and have only 10kgs to surgeon goal weight, not too bad for being 9 months post op etc. Surgeon reckons the last 10kgs or so is the hardest, as all sleevers say, and predicts approx 1 year to loose, but if i actually exercised i may move it quicker and tone. Still dropping approx 500g to a 1kg a week/fortnight depending on how active i am.
  14. You will find as swelling decreases over time that you will be able to handle more. Liquid is also less dense than food etc so you will find it goes through you quicker and not sit so much etc. I think thats a perfect amount, especially as we were drilled in hospital 100mL's in the hour etc I freaked alot over it too, and then i eventually realized i needed to chillax and just go with the flow of it, your body will tell you if its not working etc. Slow and steady as you get your head around it all, its all a new learning game the first few months out. Im 9 months now and have only just gotten my head around it all in the last few months etc.
  15. ashwee

    Bye Bye Band - Hello Sleeve!

    NB you will find Kazbo's story filtered throughout this sleeve area, she was a band to sleever and there are a few others lurking around waiting to have band out etc so there is support here to guide you through. I do not condone the band at all but applaud you for making a decision to change if you felt the tool wasnt working for you. My mum has a friend who has been banded 10+ years and has had similar problems, she has a very tight band apparently and can barely eat a 1/4 piece of chicken for example before chucking. My mum advised her about the sleeve but she feels its too invasive. Each to their own decision i guess.