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  1. Bug queen

    2nd weigh & Fill

    Well had my second weigh and fill today. 12kgs down in 10 weeks. My Dr was thrilled and said I was coming along nicely. Three weeks will be fill number three. Can't wait for some restrictions as I am struggling a bit with the hunger. Great start to the new year and so pleased I didn't gain weight because of Christmas / New year!.
  2. Bug queen

    Post op 'burping'

    Slow down on the eating or sipping in the liquid stages. It will get better believe me.
  3. Bug queen

    The cost of a fill please

    $150 & I get $86 back from Medicare. Seems to be consistent with others round the country. Be nice if it's a bit cheaper, but if knew what I was getting into when I signed up.
  4. Bug queen


    Thanks for your comments everyone.
  5. Bug queen


    Hi again How often do you generally have fills? Is there a standard time frame?. Obviously they are regular at the beginning, but what is the general rule?.
  6. Bug queen

    Mushies - when and what???

    I was two weeks liquid, two weeks baby food & two weeks casseroles, then real food.
  7. Bug queen

    HELP need advice

    I think there are more positive stories out there than horror ones, but like everything in life, we only seem to focus on the negative rather than the positive!. Go tot he Dr, get his advise and go from there. I think it will be all good from there on....
  8. Bug queen


    yes I must admit that coffee has been a "Filler" at times for me. I have been know to down a couple in a day!. Before I had my band, I was a 4 -5 cup a day drinker, but have reduced my intake down to 2 per day, I hope not to get back up that level again!!.
  9. Bug queen

    HELP need advice

    Hi there... I've struggled with weight for over 20 yrs and I took the step this year and got a band. Best thing I have ever done so far. I'm only early days and like you heard some horror stories. But I choose to ignore them and listen to the advise of the dr instead. My suggestion is simply do it for yourself alone and follow the directions of the dr and you should be just fine. It's seems to me that when you step off the rules is when you have the most trouble. The Dr told me four simple rules to follow and if I stuck to them I wouldn't have any problems, I've had a couple of concerns but only cause I am getting use to the new way of eating and drinking. I'm settling down now and my social life is easier etc. Go for it I say,but make sure you have all the info and are happy with your dr, as you will be spending plenty of time with him over the first few months. All the very best with your decision. It is yours alone and only you can control the outcome.
  10. Bug queen


    Thanks so much.....bit better today.
  11. Bug queen


    Can someone please tell me why I am suddenly starving?. I have been ravenous all day. This is the first time since my op. I am a little concerned as I could just eat and eat and I don't want to stretch my pouch from eating too much. Please help.
  12. Bug queen

    First weigh & first fill

    Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate the support. I'm thrilled with the loss so far and am more than happy to take it slow, as this band is such a different way of eating, it is taking some getting use too. But I'm committed to making it work.
  13. Bug queen

    First weigh & first fill

    Hi everyone Just wanted to say that I had my first weigh in with the dr and my first fill a couple of days ago. I lost 9kgs in just over 5 weeks and he did my first fill. Haven't felt much different, so not sure if I should be or not. Anyways next one in January....be interesting to see how I go. Wish me luck! I
  14. Bug queen

    Small town syndrome

    I've just told everyone that I am cutting back. Cut my meals in half and eat a little more regularly. No one yet has been too worried. But time will tell I guess... Good luck, it is hard to remain secret. One day we both might feel the need to share with the world, regardless of the outcome.
  15. Bug queen


    A big thank you to all have provided some advice. I am going to the dr to have it checked out, so fingers crossed it's just something silly and I can be all embarrassed ...lol. Thanks again much appreciated!.