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  1. Adrenalin Bandit

    Sleeved Tomorrow - Advice Needed !

    This is all fantastic - thanks so much it has been very helpful!!!! Im still awake a bit nervous but feeling better with the info provided here - i think im on the right track. I will see a dietitian as well soon just to be on the safe side Thanks Again - VERY HELPFUL
  2. Adrenalin Bandit

    Sleeved Tomorrow - Advice Needed !

    Hi Everyone, I was banded 2 years and it failed. I am due to have sleeve first thing in the morning. I didn't see a dietitian or psychologist this time round as i feel like I am ready for sleeve and dietitian was not helpful - I have some questions for anyone who is happy to provide some advice. - I broth just what it sounds like - already made chicken brother heated up? - What other liquids did you eat after surgery? ( i have already purchased some soups and zooper doopers as some of you have suggested. Is there anything else anyone can recommend) - What vitamins did you take? (I have been doing a lot of research and i cant decide on any particular one, is there one recommended for sleeving) -How long after surgery did you move to puree foods and could you swallow tablet vitamins at this time? (i think i will be waiting the 4 weeks anyway but im just curious) Thanks for reading my anxious rant - any info appreciated. Im pretty set up at home, I just dont want to be caught out in the first week. Sorry for starting a new topic if these are coverred - im having trouble navigating the site. Thanks
  3. Adrenalin Bandit

    Band is out! Holy S@#! this is real :/

    HI I went well, I have had a lot of pain around the incisions and a bit from being gassy but i absolutely enjoyed actually sitting and eating a meal without the pain and vomiting.\\\ lol. I had my lap band in for 2 years but i knew it wasnt working after 1 and was hell bent of the sleeve. I started at 133kg, went well and lost 23kg - but over the last year got sick of eating like i was and went a bit silly with foods that were crunchy that would go down without any troubles... Im not back to 121 - hoping not to put on too much more than that. Hopefully the Optifast diet will help keep it down lol. I know what you mean about wishing away the time - especially over the christmas new year period - im hoping it helps time go quickly - i have such big plans for next year!! We just have to get past the whole 6-8 weeks of getting used to eating all over again! When are you starting optifast? My doctor wasnt too worried about me doing the diet.
  4. Adrenalin Bandit

    Band is out! Holy S@#! this is real :/

    HIIII!!!! I am having my band out tomorrow and also getting sleeved on the 27th of January!!! Where are you going to what hospital? Ill be in Greenslopes. I wouldnt worry too much about weight gain as im told its expected. Try your hardest to do what you can - remember its christmas time and everyone puts on the holiday kgs. Im hoping it wont be an issue as the band really did teach me to eat slower but im actually looking forward to eating without choking!!
  5. Adrenalin Bandit

    Tomorrows the day

    I hope your surgery went well today!! I am having my band out tomorrow at 0700 - than sleeve in 2 months. I completely understand about those negative thoughts - but you are right, you have taken an extreme measure to help yourself don't listen to the negativity. Im facing a lot of judgmental pricks at the moment who believe having this surgery is nothing more than a cheat like im getting lipo and should be fit the next day. They dont know whats actually involved. If there is negativity in your life cut them off and dont let them in your head space - i look forward to hearing about your progress!!
  6. Adrenalin Bandit

    Big Oz WLS gettogether - Oct 2014

    Registered sounds like fun !!
  7. Adrenalin Bandit

    Miss Muddy - Brisbane

    Hi is any Bandits going in the Miss Muddy comp - a slightly different version to tough Mudder ... ? I'll be there - my name on my shirt is Bandit 133 feel free to some say hi to me or push me face down into the mud lol.
  8. Adrenalin Bandit

    Calling October babies!

    Thanks - my pain has gone down. But my eating on increase. Time for another fill. I'm getting more confident with my band and got checked out with the doc. All things Considerred there's no problems . I'd like to hear some progress from October Babies or if someone could direct me to a page of progress... I'm only down 23kgs would like to see how much everyone else is losing. Thanks
  9. Adrenalin Bandit

    Do u feel hungry all the time?

    I'm hungry... A lot - eat to quickly before I realise I'm full - had 3 fills and still hungry. Went so well for such a long time. I agree it's a mental thing and find myself being able to eat more and more - and crave more sugar. I have gone from 1.25 coke a day with any food I wanted in large quantities to no sugar, no soft drink and heaps of healthy eating - I'm finding the cravings return and that I'm falling into old habits. I know it's a mental game and would really love to hear some advice!! I have been banded since October last year - lost 20kg from 133 to 110 and now feel stuck. If anyone is a shift worker would love to hear your remedies for fighting hunger through long boring nights - also how do you keep a good routine when you weekly routine is 3-4 nights, 4-5 afternoons and 4 mornings... That's my rant - I kniw it's likely a slump but how do I start fresh... Worried to get on scales as I feel like I have put weight in.
  10. Adrenalin Bandit

    Toowoomba and Darling Downs / Ipswich and Lockyer Valley Bandits

    Hey Bubbly Mel I know what you mean about support!! I'm in Ipswich as well. I told everyone what I was doing thinking they would know anyway. Everyone either thinks I'm cheating or feels I should be skinny by now - I have to remind them the device is to help it's not liposuction!! 50% is amazing I lost a bunch in the beginning - now am staggering a bit. Just had my second fill no problems really wanna have my third already!!
  11. Adrenalin Bandit

    Calling October babies!

    Hi everyone, I was Banded 15th October and didn't get a first fill until 9weeks later. I'm due to see the doctor next week about my second fill and I'm looking forward to it. I have some trouble navigating this site and was wandering if other bandits could tell me if what I'm feeling is normal. I still seem to be able to eat pretty normal. In comparison to what I used to eat it is significantly less however still a generous amount. I get small consistent pain into the lower left side (I assume is the band) and a sharper stabbing pain on the right hand side. Is this the reaction of food getting stuck? Even though there is pain I still feel hungry. I have not been sick and in general have had a great run with my lap band. The pain is starting to worry me a little - how can I tell if there is something wrong? I have previously tried to tell my doctor about my issues however I get the same reaction "let it settle and see how you go". Any advice is appreciated
  12. Adrenalin Bandit

    Is a slipped band fixable

    How can you tell it slipped? Is there obvious signs?
  13. Adrenalin Bandit

    Toowoomba and Darling Downs / Ipswich and Lockyer Valley Bandits

    Hi - I'm in Ipswich would like to hear where everyone up to how your all going I was Banded October 15